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Have you heard a flipping album? Or you have been long for one? You know how amazing it is? Never mind, just read me to learn how the steps to make a flipping album.

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Album to flipping book

  1. 1. Amazing Album to Flipping Bookby
  2. 2. nt n teco What is Album to FLipping Book? How to make a flipping album? Screenshot of Album to Flipping Book
  3. 3. What is Album to Flipping Book?In fact, flipping book has been veryfamiliar to us. Maybe you are begin tosigh that flipping book is just so-so andwe need more amazing and powerfulsoftware to attract our attention. I betyou will be very interested in Album toFlipping Book, which will bring yousurprise!
  4. 4. Album to Flipping Book is one kind ofsoftware to convert your photos to aflipping e-album. Before converting, youcan decorate your photos with differentmaterials and various backgrounds.You can make one for your wedding,your babys birthday or your wonderfulparty, etc.
  5. 5. How to make a Flipping Album? Firstly, download the software at When you open it, you will go to aninterface in which you can add "new page"; In the new page you can set thebackground, add your photo, then decorateit with clip, frame, set the outline, even add text on it. Then save this page.Do the next pages similarly.
  6. 6. Click "publish" you will get an interface to set the template and theme.Lastly, click "Convert to Flipping Book" and click "convert" on anther page to start. Only seconds you will have a flipping album.
  7. 7. Screenshot of Album to Flipping book
  8. 8. Thanks!