Time to-migrate-ent-legacy-app-modernisation


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Time to Migrate Enterprise Legacy Application Modernisation

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Time to-migrate-ent-legacy-app-modernisation

  1. 1. Time to MigrateEnterprise Legacy Application Modernisation www.zsl.com
  2. 2. Key SpeakersSrinivasan Raghanathan Kamlesh ShahPractice Lead, Zylog Systems Ltd Program Manager, Zylog Systems Ltd Kamlesh is an experienced IT professional with 25 years of delivering business benefits through effective project & programme management. Prior to working with Zylog, Kamlesh held various management roles with the insurance and finance industries, to include Coverpoint, Santander, CitiGroup, and NRG. Kamlesh is highly experienced in managing stakeholders, internal/outsourced teams and third party suppliers/integrators. During his tenure with Zylog since 2008, Kamlesh has led major application migration projects which he drives through Zylog’s global development and delivery centres. www.zsl.com
  3. 3. Agenda• Introducing Zylog Systems Ltd• Industry Trends on Modernisation – CIO Agenda – Modernisation – How end of life Product support is affecting Enterprises – Why Modernise – Business Value• Zylog’s Approach to Legacy Modernisation – Tools Set (demo the tools and reports) – Methodology• Case Study www.zsl.com
  4. 4. Zylog – 15 years of Evolution 2008 - 20115 companies acquired 2009-10 2010-11 2008-9 $219m $400m $151m Turnover Turnover Turnover 2007-8 $153m Turnover 4,000+ people 2006-7 $93m Turnover 2007 2004 Zylog IPO through Zylog – Growing & Zylog Europe BSE/NSE Profitable, incorporated 1996 Routes to market: Opened ODC – Chennai - Direct - Serving Enterprises Opened USA office - Indirect partnering with other IT services companies www.zsl.com
  5. 5. Worldwide Office LocationsZylog (Europe) Limited is based in Mansell Street, Aldgate 4000+ Developers (Java, .NET + Legacy, OpenSource) www.zsl.com
  6. 6. Partial List of Direct Customers www.zsl.com
  7. 7. Technology Partners IBM Microsoft Oracle400+ Software Developer Certifications www.zsl.com
  8. 8. Core Competencies www.zsl.com
  9. 9. Industry Trends www.zsl.com
  10. 10. CIO Agenda• Gartner predicts that by the end of 2010 more than 1/3 of application projects will arise as a result of tackling outdated technology and skills• The scale of obsolescence in the set of portfolios is a major problem in its own right – compounded by the lack of integrated planning capability within many IT teams• IT modernisation cannot be addressed as a short-term panic-response project – As it is large and complex and requires the wholehearted commitment from IT management team and many of the business clients as well• Gartner said modernisation is needed as IT systems and services are too slow to respond in a fast enough manner, compounded by a market that is becoming increasingly more crowded and complex www.zsl.com
  11. 11. CIO Agenda• Furthermore, IT departments historically tried to squeeze as much value as possible from older systems even if they fail to deliver modern standards of functionality• Other recent Gartner research highlighted the fact that CIOs are struggling to drive their businesses forward – Due to lack of control as a result of too many people being involved in the decision making process CIOs clearly have a role to play in redressing the balance. "The scale andcomplexity of the issues means that IT modernisation is a CIO agenda item and will remain a CIO agenda item for the near future www.zsl.com
  12. 12. How End of Life(EoL) Product impacts you • Overdependences increases maintenance cost • Continue investing into the product* • Frequent investments into upgrades • Architectural inflexibility* • Cannot adapt to business changes. • Too slow when compared to business competitors* www.zsl.com
  13. 13. General Application Options(New build) (Refurbish) (Extend)- Brand new custom app - Partial SDLC -Least Effort- Full SDLC - Less Effort -No escape from- Use of best available - Faster legacy codeArchitecture & - Restricted Scope - new code + Old codetechnology --Brand new app - Poor roadmap -Nuts to Wing Nuts -Add new features & functionalities www.zsl.com
  14. 14. The problems with COTS Packages Highly Invasive to Av ERP system costs business operation £0.5m to licence Highly invasive to IT Av ERP system costs £0.5 procedures to implement Causes organizations to Av ERP system costs £5m /bend’ to suit the package to maintain over its lifetime Benefits lower than Benefits lower than expected expected Costs higher than Future flexibility is limited expected by the ERP vendor www.zsl.com
  15. 15. Why ModerniseProtects the investment made in the legacyapplication (Business Logic)Delivers a brand new application (no legacy code)Provides flexible, capable, new-technology platformLow Risk (Re-implementing existing app)Minimizes business disruptionUncertain Product Roadmap www.zsl.com
  16. 16. Why Modernise-Migrate Innovation Risk CostNo Change Low High HighNew COTS Med/High High HighModernise/Extend High Low Low/MedModernise/Migrate High Med Med www.zsl.com
  17. 17. Business Value Language Component Extensibility Productivity Re-UseROI Cost Development Hours Risk www.zsl.com
  18. 18. Zylog approach to Enterprise Application Modernisation www.zsl.com
  19. 19. Business ObjectiveThe expansion in app usagein new countries will make abig contribution to Europeanoperations (€m)Not ideal to roll out a 20+ PByear old application AppEasier and better to roll out anew web application.
  20. 20. Modernization Process www.zsl.com
  21. 21. Application Modernization Framework Transfor Set-Up Legacy Target System Intermediate Object m System Model Java Stage 5 - ModernizeStage 1 - Assessment Visual Basic Templates As-is To-Be C# Transformation Platform Stage 4 – Re- Oracle Forms Preparation To-Be System Oracle Pro*C Stage 2 - Stage 3 - System Legacy Design Design Target Factor Power Builder Database Architecture Parser Progress 4GL JEE Infomix 4GL .NET Tooling Foxpro ADF Workbench Language Rational Design & Delphi SOA Development Tools Access / VBA RIA Eclipse Visual Studio www.zsl.com
  22. 22. Rewrite vs. Migration – SDLC Comparison Migration Using Rewrite Manual Migration Smartprise Requirement J2EE .NET Analysis Application study Application study Application study High Level Design High Level/ Low Level Design Low Level Design GUI Design GUI Design Construction Migration Migration Migration Testing Testing Testing Testing User Acceptance User Acceptance User Acceptance User Acceptance www.zsl.com
  23. 23. Migration Toolset Tools Benefits Key Deliverables Tool-based analysis provides accurate estimates for planning.  Business Process PB-Code AnalyzerTM Tool-base migration increases Document accuracy, reduces human errors, PB-EstimatorTM  Application Inventory speeds up migration and PowerMigratorTM checklist consistency.  System Design Document Application bottlenecks  Architecture Design identified, upfront – unused Document codes / Level of inheritance fine  Project Plan tuned. This helps reduce future maintenance cost
  24. 24. PowerMigrator - Automated Estimation Effort Estimation and Proposal Generator 1 3 Zylog App Assessment Workshop Report Application Run Object or Code Analyzer WindowsClient DataWindows 2 Global Variables Code Analyzer Functions PowerMigratorTM Events PowerBuilder Menus Object & Application Structures Code Analyzer Generate User Objects Report .txt file, .psr files 5 4 Estimation Report Effort Estimator Mail toZylog Zylog Summary Report PowerMigratorTM Generate Automatic Effort Effort Detail Report Estimator Tool Estimation 6 Produce estimation
  25. 25. Automated Source Analyzes Report
  26. 26. Analyzer & Estimation Report
  27. 27. Collecting Source Application & Configuring1. Collect source application code dependent resource files2. Simulate environment similar to client environment3. Organize dependent resources4. Configure source application in Dev/Test environment5. Analyze application for issues6. Document the application stock7. Confirm the results with client
  28. 28. PowerMigrator Overview Receive Source Code Development Deployment Code Presentation .NET/J2EE Servers Logic ASP.Net/Winform JSP JSF/JSP # %Business Logic X+2-Tier PBApplication PowerMigrator Migration VB.Net/C#.Net Database Java Logic Database
  29. 29. Modernization Input - Output www.zsl.com
  30. 30. Team Formation & Balance Customer Site London (Zylog) Global Delivery Centre (Zylog) www.zsl.com
  31. 31. Engagement Models(Enterprise Customer – engagement) POC No POC www.zsl.com
  32. 32. In Summary: Reliable Predictable Repeatable Futuristic www.zsl.com
  33. 33. Why Zylog’s Modernisation Services? Saves 30-50% of time and effort involved in rewrite Re-usability of 50-60% of your legacy application codes andreducing up to 30% of your capital investments on new technologies Automated migration processes with minimal human intervention- minimal or no errorsBPM enablement for automated business processes-more business flexibility and agility and optimized resource capitalization SOA technologies bringing in line the business and IT with greater interoperability and seamless interaction Cloud enablement expertise TCO is slashed by 40% and ROI is doubled within a short span www.zsl.com
  34. 34. Point of Sales(PoS) Modernisation (PowerBuilder to JEE Environment)
  35. 35. About Client• Rent-to-own retailers of electricals, white goods and furniture• 180 stores – 21 new last year• 146,000 customers• Revenue of £170m (up 16.9%)• 13.9% like-for-like revenue growth• Strategy for growth – 450 possible new sites have been identified
  36. 36. Business Problem• Current store systems would constrain the Client growth to 200 stores as the overnight process would fail• Store system runs on isolated local store servers which are expensive and prone to Store system constraint at 200 stores failure Store 1 Store 3 Overnight (Projected max store growth figures) Store 2 replication Store 4 etc... to Head Office There was no replacement “off the shelf” system available that• Other issues with the old system: could support the unique Customer’s – Drive inefficient store processes business model – Costly to open new stores due to infrastructure requirements
  37. 37. Project Opportunity• The core objective of project was to transform Web Web the point of sale (POS) system into a Store 3 Store 1 centralised and easy to use system that will support future store growth Web Web• The project also allows the opportunity to... Real time web Store 2 Store 4 etc... interface to – Improve the efficiency of existing in-store Head Office processes – Support future flexibility of the business Store servers to be (future enhancements) removed and recycled – Improve usability and reduce training requirements – Improve reliability and reduce the support Project provided the unique and maintenance costs opportunity to overhaul the core store system which supports 80% of store processes
  38. 38. Approach 11 months Dec ‘08 Jan‘09 Nov ‘09 • Detailed analysis of the legacy system • Rigorous integration • Required upgrade• Analysis and • Significant enhancements built on legacy and performance to company wide prioritisation of all functions to simplify user training testing web training portal business and IT requirements but maximise in-store benefits • Application and • Staff from 180 initiatives • The system was defined and built module- infrastructure stores fully trained• IT strategy by-module to allow live testing throughout the suitable for rapid on new system supported by the whole business project store growth • Underpinned by infrastructure upgrade
  39. 39. Results Old System New System Web Web Store 1 Store 3 Store 3 Store 1 Web Web Overnight Real time Store 2 replication web Store 4 etc... Store 2 Store 4 etc... to Head interface to Office Head Office• Decentralised system limits store growth • Centralised web system enables store growth• Inflexible functionality inhibits future development • User friendly screen design• Complex to use and train new users • Flexible to business needs and cheaper to support
  40. 40. Business BenefitsGrowth Benefits Business Case• Project was required for Client to grow beyond 200 stores as current system constraints were a “show Benefit stopper”• The success of Project means that Client can continue to grow stores without minimal investment in POS systems• Additional revenue from new stores would increase Payback in £7m+ NPV Benefits turnover by £200m per year by 2013 under 1 year• This benefit is not directly measurable and was not Year 5 included in the business case Year 4 Year 3 Year 2Efficiency and Cost Benefits Year 1• Improved system infrastructure and centralisation of the system will save £5m in license and support costs over the next 5 years Time• Store efficiency benefits * will allow store staff to spend Costs more time serving customers, improving debt management and driving increased sales – this will £1.4m increase profit by £7m over 5 years * estimated by study of time and motion in-store
  41. 41. Store FeedbackStore feedback has been hugely positive and proven benefits in-store: “New system has made the end to end sign up process so much quicker – 50 mins down to as little as 30!” “Navigation of the system is very user friendly - this will makes much easier for new users “ “Great for searching stock, by region and nationwide” “Customer transfers are a lot easier – this will save a lot of time” “The system automatically moves through the process in steps, great!”(all from everyday store users)
  42. 42. Thank you www.zsl.com
  43. 43. Contact Us ZSL Inc 85 Lincoln HwyEdison, NJ 08820 7325499770info@zslinc.com www.zsl.com