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Analytics and Business Intelligence on Cloud

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Learn abc-again-bi-on-cloud

  1. 1. Learn ABC Again – Analytics and Business Intelligence on Cloud
  2. 2. Overview• 15+ years Global Technology Integrator & Business Solutions Provider, Headquartered in Edison, NJ• State-of-the-art Technology Research & Development Centers in US, Canada and India• 4000 employees with offices in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle-East and India• Dedicated R&D Division to Offer Value Added R&D Services & Product Development Services to the ISVs and SPs• Emerging Technologies Specialization with the leading technology vendors alignment• Pioneer in Industry Solutions Development (Insurance, Finance, E-Governance, Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical & Telecom)• Award Winning & Proven Partnership Program “Get IT Together” Partnership for ISVs, VARs, SPs and SIs• ISO and CMM Certified Solution Provider
  3. 3. BI Evolution In 80’s with rise of data warehouses give birth to the Business Intelligence 1.0 with the few BI Tools.devices. In 90’s with WEB data grows rapidly enable market with more Bi Tools.
  4. 4. BI Evolution As data become everywhere.devices. BI Tools created more access which interns created multiple version of Solutions. In mid-2000s with More Bi Tool, More BI functionality ,Offline & Online and Market consolidation we got new and advanced But it’s still didnt work something was broken. > Business people were still confused. > Business people still couldn’t give answer to
  5. 5. BI Evolutiondevices. It was time for BI to collaborate, search and communicate. To drive innovation. To have intrusive and timeless access of data ANY WHERE ANY TIME. CLOUD
  6. 6. Business Intelligence on Clouddevices. Business Intelligence on Cloud is the new way to do with Business Intelligence and Analytical Reports and Dashboards, rather implementing expensive and complex software on-premise.
  7. 7. Analytics and Business Intelligence Trends User-Centric and Collaborative:Analytics & BI + Social Media = Improves Decision Making devices. Intelligence from Social Media: Businesses started looking for data from Social Media to discover new ideas and gain competitive edge Visualizations: Now business users expect to see their data in high quality visualization and real-time interactive charts and bars. Mobile Analytics & Intelligence
  8. 8. Analytics and Business Intelligence Trends  Predictive Analytics: Ability to predict the future through deep analysis ofdevices. historical trends and hidden relationships within organizational data.  Agile Business Intelligence: Technology that allows the Business Users to work with the Intelligence data more often and adjust the changing needs…. Cloud Business Intelligence:Technology that allows the Business users to develop,publish and consume the Business Intelligence AnalyticalReports on cloud without worried about infrastructure,software and hardware!
  9. 9. Analytics and Business Intelligence on Cloud - ChallengesSecurity Concerns Web based flexibility Moving Data Integration Complex Pricing
  10. 10. Analytics and Business Intelligence on Cloud - BenefitsScalable CostEasy Implementation Instances Accessibility
  11. 11. SmartPrise BI Suite
  12. 12. SmartPrise BI - Architecture
  13. 13. SmartPrise BI - BenefitsSingle Interface for all Reports.Role Based Security ModelAccessibilityInteractive & Real timeStructure or Un-Structured Data access
  14. 14. SmartPrise BI Suite
  15. 15. SmartPrise BI Suite
  16. 16. SmartPrise BI Suite
  17. 17. SmartPrise BI Suite
  18. 18. Question & Answers Thank You www.zslinc.com
  19. 19. Contact US Headquarters 85 Lincoln Hwy Edison, NJ – 08820 Ph: 732-549-9770 Fax : 732-767-6644 www.zslinc.comYuva RajHead – IDEA Lab (R&D Division)info@zslinc.com