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Darcy's resume


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Darcy's resume

  1. 1. Zhang Shengheng Darcy
  2. 2. • Age: 20 • Hometown: Linqing Liaocheng Shangdong province
  3. 3. • America pocket billiard I began to play this game as soon as I entered Whut. It is really enjoyable. Jog I enjoy the peace and quiet when I am jogging.
  4. 4. • Tomato • Eggplant • Beef
  5. 5. • Harry Potter • This person from the book which named after him impressed me with his passion to magic , courage to face the dark magician and loyalty to his friends and teachers. • My father • Using his strength to support the whole family. I appreciate my father forever.
  6. 6. Programming Language C • The only one I learned is C .And to be honest , I am not good at it. However, I will keep moving to handle this.
  7. 7. END