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Powerpoint presentations


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Powerpoint is a powerful tool if you use it in a correct way. Lot's of the presentations are boring and miss the target because of common Powerpoint presentation mistakes. This presentation is about this common mistakes. You can improve your presentations just avoid them.

Powerpoint presentations

  1. 1. PowerPoint PresentationsDangerous power that you have
  2. 2. PowerPoint is a powerful tool…
  3. 3. BUTLike the advertisement…
  4. 4. Power is nothing without control!
  5. 5. Most presentations prepared with PowerPointhas everything for your audience to run away
  6. 6. mistakes with Powerpoint
  7. 7. Write everything to slides, do not have any space.Write, write and write. Try to use long and invertedsentences. Do not hesitate to write again sameideas.And start to read slowly. Read all sentences withsame and stable voice. Read and read and read…Then go to the next slide. And continue to read. Usesmaller font sizes. It’s gives you an advantage to write more and more…
  8. 8. If whole idea is written here why should i listen you?
  9. 9. • Use • Unfortunately• Bullet points • human brain• In this way • does not• You can • work like this• Give more • How many bullet point• Messages • you remember • in this slide? • And how many of them • you will still remember • after two more slides?
  10. 10. «Bullet points» Has a potential to be bullets kill your audience…
  11. 11. ColourFull Backgrounds and Font Types To show your «Colorfull» personality…..Give an award to your audience who can read this…
  12. 12. Use cliparts for each slide…(Path: Insertclipart)
  13. 13. This is my favorite. Can fit every presentation, every slide (!) …And your audiencepreference…
  14. 14. If you use a picture, no need torelated to your idea!(No problem if your pictures have low resolutions)
  15. 15. Let’s take a look our top mistakes list Write everything Use more and more bullet points Be extremely colourfull Use cliparts Use non releated and low resolution pictures
  16. 16. knockout Your audience
  17. 17. PowerPoint is a powerful tool…
  18. 18. If you can use itEFFECTIVELY
  19. 19. Just don’t do this mistakesYou can improve your presentation skills
  20. 20. If you use the right way PowerPoint can be your most EFFECTIVE tool. For more
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