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Italy slide


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Italy slide

  1. 1. Italy By Zayne Reardon - Ball Take a tour of Italy
  2. 2. Where do you want to go ? geography religion Geography 2 economy Geography 3 Flag and map food sports people People 2 Click here to exit
  3. 3. Back Geography The climate in Italy is warm in the north. But in the winter temps can reach below freezing. Occasionally with some rain fall. But very dry heat in the south
  4. 4. Back Geography 2 •Mount Blanc or Monte Bianco 4,810 meters or 5781 feet above sea level. •The longest river in Italy is called the Po stretching about 652 kilometers. •Although Italy is only made up of two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia. This is the Po river.
  5. 5. Back Geography 3 •Italy is one giant peninsula •It is surrounded by water on three sides •Italy has mainly two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennines.
  6. 6. Back people The people include many different cultures in Italy Religion In 2007 the population of Italy was 58,147,733 The people include small clusters of German, French and Slovene
  7. 7. Back People 2 • A large portion of Italian people are Roman Catholics. • Some of the people are very well educated and some are simple farmers. • The people in Italy work hard and get a lot of extra time after.
  8. 8. Back Religion • The Italian people have a very artistic heritage. • Christianity was the rule ink Italy. • Christianity was the idea of religious freedom.
  9. 9. Back Economy • Sense world war two the economy has changed dramatically. • It started as agriculturally based. • Now it is ranked fifth in the world in the industrial state.
  10. 10. Back Food •Food is a big part of Italian culture. •The north and the south of Italy differ in taste. •The south has spicy cuisine the north does not.
  11. 11. Major disasters of Italy Back • Italy has risked lots of major disasters by reducing farmland. • Animals and plants are disappearing and risking extinction. • In the past there have been earthquakes more than 5 on the rector scale.
  12. 12. Back Holidays •In Italy there are different holidays then we have in America . •Some they have there are the same we have here. •Like Easter , Christmas, and New Years but they have two days for Easter Sunday and Monday .
  13. 13. Back Culture • In the Italian culture the people wear masks to hide their identity. • The Italian culture is bold rich and colorful. • Italy is the cornerstone of the western culture.
  14. 14. Back Sports • Soccer is the main sport in Italy. • But they also play basketball. • They like cycling as well. Soccer Cycling Rugby Basketball
  15. 15. Soccer in Italy • Although soccer is played in Italy a lot it is not there only sport. • It is still the most played sport in italy. • Italy now is working on a world cup. Back
  16. 16. Rugby in Italy • In Italy they play a version of football called rugby. • Rugby is a sport known all over the world franc Ireland and Scotland also play the sport. • Rugby in Italy is a big sport next to soccer.
  17. 17. Basketball in Italy • Many sports fans are shocked that basketball is so popular in Italy. • The game has quickly been taken over to Europe and become popular. • Most of this was only amateur basketball.
  18. 18. Cycling in Italy • Cycling goes back in history for Italy. • It has been in in the Italian life for a long time. • Cycling is not leaving Italy for a long time.
  19. 19. Tennis in Italy • 30 years have passed since the last big win for Italy. • It has been some ruff years for Italy in tennis. • I think Italy can come back.
  20. 20. Customs • Italians are not big breakfast eaters. • The biggest meal of the day is lunch, followed by the siesta. • They will have a snack after the meals like in the summer they will have ice-cream.
  21. 21. Back Flag and Map • This is the Italian flag and map • The map of italy looks like a boot. • That is haw it is recognized
  22. 22. Bibliography • •