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The Cheapest Railway Traffic in Beijing北京最便宜的火车 You may see many ordinary and real people and real events from the presentation.

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  • I agree with Ren that it is so cheap to travel in China.
    Do you have also a cheap offer for flying, pls?!?
    If you have it, next weekend, all the slide share members will be in Beijing!
    Hugs and thx for this reality and informational presentation!
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  • Thanks for sharing this great presentation Pei. Have wonderful weekend...
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  • Nice and wonderful presentation.I like this.Thanks to share for entertainment.
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  • Interesting journey. I didn’t know where Chengde was. I looked it up on the map. It’s about 200 km (straight line) northeast of Beijing. It is amazingly cheap!!! Thanks....
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Cheapest railwaytraffic

  1. 1. 北京最便宜的火车The Cheapest Railway Traffic in Beijing
  2. 2. 站 6417 承 德次 行列 程车 251 是 公北 里京 行最 驶便 六宜 个的 半火 小车 时。 票从 价北 京 17 到 元终 。点Rout 6417 is the cheapest railway traffic in Beijing. It takes a 17 Yuan (equivalent to 2.67USD ) expense and six and half a hours for a trip from Beijing to the destination stationChengde, 251km apart from Beijing.
  3. 3. The poster at a platform of Beijing station indicates the 6417 train will leave for Chengde at 16:22.
  4. 4. An unhurried passenger 不 着 急 的 旅 客
  5. 5. L列车正离开北京Leaving Beijing, the capital of China
  6. 6. 有 的 是 座“A lot of vacant seat here”
  7. 7. 这位列车员已在6417次列车上干了三十多年,行将退休。The train attendant has worked at 6417 train for more than thirty years, he is going to retire.
  8. 8. Smoking is prohibited in the wagon,no one stops him. 车厢是禁烟的,没人干涉
  9. 9. 随便睡Sleep down sleep if you like
  10. 10. 烧 煤 的 锅 炉Coal-heating boiler is used to prepare drinking water for passengers
  11. 11. Free boiled drinking water service is rare in passenger train in now-a-days. 列车上送白开水现今已很少见。
  12. 12. Free transport, if you can take it on board 只要你能拿上车就能免费运输
  13. 13. 最便宜的火车票 The cheapest train ticket of route 6417 traffic-fromBeijing to her nearest station, price 1.5 Yuan (equivalent to 0.24USD).
  14. 14. 两 车 交 会The 6417 train meets a modern train at Tongzhou station
  15. 15. 车长很悠闲A leisured conductor
  16. 16. 列车在个叫狗尾巴草的小站停40分钟,有人下车看看。摄影 爱好者也可以在车外面拍照。The train stops at a small station named Guoweibacao ( means Dog tail grass)station for 40 minutes. A passenger leaves the wagon to see around. Photographfans may take their picture outside.
  17. 17. 他们看上去像农民, 在狗尾巴草站等得不 耐烦了。They seemed farmers, waiting impatiently at Gouweibacad station
  18. 18. 在狗尾巴草站车里的烟民大抽其烟Heavy smokers in the train at Guoweibacao station
  19. 19. 熟睡客不在乎车要停多久Sound sleepers, they don’t mind how long the train would stop.
  20. 20. 一名德国游客看上去很欣赏这次出行,他说有时慢车比子弹头快车更舒适。A German tourist seemed as if he fairly enjoyed his trip. He said sometimes a slow train might be more suitable than a bullet train.
  21. 21. What is he reading? A bible.居然有人在车上读圣经。
  22. 22. 看,孩子后脑勺的发型! “是上海世博会的会徽” “Look, the hair pattern on the back of the boy’s head!” “It’s a logo of World EXPO, Shanghai.”
  23. 23. 浪漫的旅程A romantic journey
  24. 24. 承德到了Chengde arrived
  25. 25. 谢谢欣赏 Thanks For Enjoying Chengde railway StationImages collected from internet图片摘自互联网 编辑Edited by zqPei