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NodeGrid Service Processor


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NodeGrid Service Processor™ is the ultimate IPMI, BMC and IoT Management solution providing secure, hyperscale remote access to management ports of network capable IT devices, regardless of vendor.

NodeGrid SP provides fast, secure, and reliable In-Band and Out-of-Band access to the management port of IT devices, including servers, network, storage, power and IoT sensor devices. NodeGrid is the ideal environment to manage OpenBMC devices of the Open Compute Project (Service Processor). With Network Security in mind, the NodeGrid Service Processor features an HTML5 viewer (for SoL and Native KVM), Virtual Media Support, IPSec, VLAN segmentation, Monitoring, Firewall, User Access Rights, Alert notifications, Actionable data and more.

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NodeGrid Service Processor

  1. 1. Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc. NODEGRID SERVICE PROCESSOR
  2. 2. OUT OF BAND MANAGEMENT NEEDS  Need for remote access into the devices running IPMI  Ability to run x86_64bit Tools in any environment  Ability to collapse multiple boxes into a Single OOB Management BOX supporting IPMI, Power, Networking, Storage Why ZPE ?  Open Infrastructure Management TM  Best Technology Team on OOB Networking - developing product for last 3 years  Engineering talent behind multiple Enterprise HW and SW for over 10+ years  Solution Focus is Software with a X86 based Platform  Supports Zero-Touch Provisioning, Puppet/Chef, Dockers, VMs, Yocto, x86-64bit Linux, SDK  Scale! Ability to cluster ‘000s of Nodes into a Single Console with Management Overlay  Chosen by ALL $100B+ Market Cap Web Scale Companies as their de-facto OOB Management product Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  3. 3. NODEGRID SERVICE PROCESSOR • Open Infrastructure Architecture based on Intel X86_64 CPU and Linux OS • Vendor-Neutral Access Normalization and Control Service Processors Servers, PDUs, Network Sensors (IoT) • HTML5 viewer (No Java) for IPMI SoL/KVM, WEB & Console. Virtual Media • Horizontal & Vertical Scaling and Auto-discovery Configuration Zero-Touch Provisioning, PXE Boot Recovery, System Configuration Checksum™ Cloud Clustering for scalable SSO (Single Sign-On) Orchestration Integration: Puppet, Chef and NodeGrid Manager • Policy-based Authentication, Authorization and Auditing Online and off-line secure data/event logging for Regulatory Compliance Customizable, multiple access levels and user-group roles with AD/LDAP • Automatic Event Tracking and Actionable Data Notification of fault conditions & Alerts. Detect patterns and take actions with custom scripts • High Density, Flexible HW Configuration and Multi-vendor devices 48x 1Gb + 4x 10Gb ETH; Intel CPU, Broadcom Helix 4 switching silicon USB port support: Wi-Fi, Cellular Modem 4G/LTE, Storage, Serial Console, Analog Modem Power: Cyclades/Avocent, Raritan/Legrand, ServerTech, Emerson, APC/Schneider, Eaton Modern 64-bit Linux with direct shell access, HTML5 web portal and command line (CLI) for scripting Docker-optimized Micro-services for quick and flexible application integration Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  4. 4. Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc. Designed for: Network Admins, Sys Admins, IT Admins, Security Managers, Data Center, Lab & Colo Managers, DevOps, Engineers
  5. 5. Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc. NODEGRID SERVICE PROCESSOR Designed for Network Admins, Sys Admins, IT Admins, Security Managers, Data Center, Lab & Colo Managers, DevOps, Engineers
  6. 6. KEY HARDWARE FEATURES  48x 1Gb, 4x 10Gb network ports on 1U rack-mountable appliance  High performance port login: <1 sec on SSH, <3 sec on Telnet  1,000 simultaneous sessions  Flexible USB support: Wi-Fi, Cellular Modem 4G/LTE, Storage, Serial Console Intel CPU, Broadcom’s Helix 4 switching silicon Failover to 4G/LTE USB modem of your choice 1+1 redundant and hot swappable AC PSU 2+1 redundant and hot swappable FANs 32GB Flash storage for data logging and custom code Dual 1Gb Ethernet ports  Routing with Multiple Routing Table capability  Interface Bonding for Failover / Throughput  Bridge Mode for Cascading Network Devices  Failover to 4G/LTE USB modem 1 management port, 1 console port, 1 USB 2.0 port Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  7. 7. NODEGRID OS - SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE EXTENSIBLE INTERFACE New communication modules can be easily added to the abstraction layer SNMP Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  8. 8. KEY SOFTWARE FEATURES Secure in-band and out-of-band access to serial devices via web, command line (CLI) and Linux shell Modern 64-bit Linux Kernel - web, command line (CLI) and Linux shell Zero Touch Provisioning: Firmware, Configuration Backup & Restore, CLI commands HTML5 viewer (No Java) for IPMI SoL and KVM, WEB, Console. Virtual Media Service Processor Servers: iDRAC/Dell, ILO/HP, CIMC USC/Cisco, ILOM/Oracle, IMM/IBM, IPMI Vendor-neutral power management: Cyclades/Avocent, Raritan/Legrand, ServerTech, APC/Schneider Fine Grain Security: Policy-based authorization and authentication via AD/LDAP Data logging, Event notification and Alarms. Actionable data and custom scripts via Linux shell access Auto-discovery of attached serial devices HTTPS, SSH, optional HTTP and Telnet Yocto/Ubuntu software development kit (SDK) for easily inventing new innovative DIY features DeviceURL™ bookmarks and NodeIQ™ natural language search for managed devices Licensed Features for Additional Value:  Docker-optimized for quick, flexible application integration, without impeding core functionality  Port clustering of attached serial ports devices Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  9. 9. SECURITY FEATURES X.509 SSH certificate support, 4096-bit encryption keys Selectable Cryptographic protocols for SSH and HTTPS (TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, TLSv1) Selectable cypher suite levels: high, medium, low, custom SSL VPN – Client and Server IPsec with support for multi site Local, AD/LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos authentication Local, backup-user authentication support User-access lists per port Group/role-based authorization: AD/LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+ Fine Grain authorization for port access, power access, appliance privilege Firewall - IP packet and security filtering, IP forwarding support configurable MD5 / SHA System Configuration Checksum™ System event syslog Custom security with secure default settings Strong password enforcement Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  10. 10.  Direct access by port name, TCP port, device name and IPv4/IPv6 address  Port sharing with configurable sharing notification  Command line interface (CLI) or HTML5 port viewer  Port custom field support and natural language search, port icon configuration  Service Processor port clustering across multiple serial console servers  Compatible pin-outs for multiple vendors’ serial ports  DeviceURL™ bookmarks  Break-over SSH support  Embedded power control ROBUST PORT ACCESS Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  11. 11. ROBUST PORT ACCESS – Web Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  12. 12. BENEFITS Minimizes MTTR, downtime and expenses with secure, centralized remote device access and control Increases site reliability with open industry standard hardware, and simplified easy-to-use software Remote vendor-neutral power control embedded on session (hot keys) or via web (buttons) Avoid travel and access your device anytime and anywhere over the network Increase productivity by accessing all your devices from a clustered system for a complete asset view Increase security with encrypted, logged access to devices Self-healing system based on actionable data and triggers Extended automation and custom scripts based on actionable real-time data and alert triggers Search for any device information, including custom fields, to quickly access your device Easy integration with 3rd party management tools via APIs and CLI Add further value with licensed features like Docker, Clustering and Managed Devices Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.
  13. 13. LICENSES & SERVICES TECHNICAL SUPPORT LICENSE • One year limited hardware warranty - 8x5 technical support (includes support, patches, upgrades) • Upgrade to Silver and Gold technical support available FEATURE LICENSE • Managed Devices over IP • Cloud Clustering • Docker support PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • Remote and on-site collaborative consulting Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc. Ordering Details Base Model • NSP-P48-M1F – NSP 48 Gb, 4 10Gb SFP+, Single AC Power, 4-Cores, 8GB Mem, 32GB MSATA, 2 Fans Front to Back, 1 USB • NSP-P48-M1B – NSP 48 Gb, 4 10Gb SFP+, Single AC Power, 4-Cores, 8GB Mem, 32GB MSATA, 2 Fans Back to Front, 1 USB Accessories • NSP-PSU – 150W 100-240VAC Redundant Power Supply • NSP-F2B – Front-to-Back fan • NSP-B2F – Back-to-Front fan
  14. 14. ZPE SYSTEMS, INC. Address: 46757 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 United States Toll Free: +1 844 497 3797 Sales Inquiries Support Inquires Information Inquires CONTACT INFO NodeGrid Service Processor Schedule a demo Company Info – ZPE Systems, Inc.