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My cells powerpoint


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description of cells

Published in: Education
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My cells powerpoint

  1. 1. The Human Cells • There are varieties of cells and their names are: cell membranes, cellular organisation and cell size. The cell size means the size of your cell and the cell membranes are the boundary of the cells.
  2. 2. Picture of the human cells • If you look at the human cells you will obviously need to look through a microscope also you will need a lamp as well with a bright bulb that shines on to the reflection of the mirror.
  3. 3. Talking about animal cells • Animal’s cells are different to human cells because humans have billions and billions of cells and animals only have one cell. • Animal cells are also different to human cells because the human cells contain oxygen and blood and animal cells only contain blood because they inhale their oxygen from plants.
  4. 4. Pictures that compare human cells and animal cells HUMAN CELLS ANIMAL’S CELL
  5. 5. Information on what cells are • A cell is a structure as well as functional unit of lifeEvery living thing has cells: bacteria, , fungi, plants, and animals are the main group of living things. Some things are made up of just one cell is (e.g. bacteria ), but animals, including human beings, are multi-cellular. An adult human body has been put together of about 100,00,00 cells.