Case Study: Athens


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Case Study: Athens

  1. 1. ATHENSKatsiapi XanthiMytilinaiou AnnaXanthopoulou ZoePalli EfiTzioumaris Georgios
  2. 2. Record of Occurring Problems in AthensMobility Increased traffic Limited efficiency of public transport system Limited development of cycling infrastructure Insufficient parking spaces Relatively low quality of road infrastructure
  3. 3. GovernanceHigh levels of state bureaucracyLimited expansion of public wifi-hotspotsInsufficient computerization of state and municipal services
  4. 4. PeopleConsiderable generation gap regarding digital literacyIncreased immigration of high-level educated workforce due to the occuringeconomic crisisEconomy Considerable levels of negative advertisement in foreign pressa) negative investing climate. b) Increased corporate taxation, recurring salary andpension cuts Limited quality of tourism services especially in relation with competitiveneighboring countries Low quality of transport infrastructure (harbors, airports, railway connections,highways). High levels of national black economy affect considerably Athens’ economicgrowth.
  5. 5. Environment•Insufficient development of green zones and parks•High building factor•Considerable levels of pollution
  6. 6. LivingIncreased levels of criminalityIncreased numbers of illegal immigrantsGhettoisation of certain parts of the historic centreLimited development of the 2004 Olympic infrastructureIncreased levels of racism.Considerable popularity and influence of the far-right, neo-nazi party:Golden Dawn
  7. 7. LINKS AND EVIDENCE
  8. 8. Branding Athens up today• There has not been a complete city branding strategy specifically regarding the City ofAthens. There has been a brand attachment to the national branding campaigns producedfor tourism advertisement purposes. Main pillars were antiquity, tourism stereotypes,sentimentalismMain Campaigns:1)«Live your myth in Greece» (2004-2005)2) «Explore your senses» (2006-2007)3) «Greece: the true experience» (2008)4) «Greece 5000 years old: A Masterpiece you can afford» (2009)5)«kalimera» (2009¬2010)6) «You in Greece» (2010-2011).
  10. 10. Towards smarter AthensΣύμθωνο Δημάπσων – Σςμμεηοσή Πολλών Δήμων ηος Ν. Αηηικήρ με ζκοπό νααςξηθεί η ενεπγειακή απόδοζη και η σπήζη ανανεώζιμων πηγών«Athens Again» - Collaboration towards urban development and economicrevitalization of the centre of Athens 120 m euros (EU funding)“Rethink Athens” A project for urban regeneration funded by the OnassisFoundationIncreased numbers of cultural events.Volunteering citizen initiatives e.g. ΑtenistasCollaboration between Ministry of Enviroment, Energy & Climate Change andSchool of Fine Arts“Solidarity Hangers”: A project for the collection of clothes and food
  11. 11. LINKS AND EVIDENCE opentourism-atenistas.html
  12. 12. Five up and running Major Projects1. Regeneration of the historic centre of Athens.2. Construction of the Cultural Park by the Stavros Niarchos foundation3. Redevelopment of Athens sea front from Faliro Delta to Peace andFriendship Stadium4. Development of a large proportions park at the former Hellenic airtport.5. Double restructure project (Construction of a new stadium forPanathinaikos FC in Votanikos area and demolition of the old stadium inAmpelokipoi and its replacement with a park)
  13. 13. LINKS AND EVIDENCE
  14. 14. Competitions of innovations and start-upsGreek Innovation Expo 16-19/5/2013Startup Live Athens event considering sustainable entrepreneurship(7-9/06/2013)Startupbootcamp - enpowering start-up entrepreneurshipExpansion of Athens-based tech start-ups to the global market1) Taxibeat και ηο Taxiplon2) social media: Pinnatta3) Smart solutions enterprises (workable)
  15. 15. Entrepreneurship competition by Athens University ofEconomics and BusinessWin projects:1) Wave n Savealarm system for health issues.2) e-agricommercewebsite connecting producers of farm and dairy products3) Greece Insidersplatform connecting foreign tourists and locals. (service sector)
  16. 16. Διαγωνισμός ENNOVATION τμήματος ΔΕΤ
  17. 17. LINKS AND EVIDENCE
  18. 18. Culture organizations and initiatives European Museum Day Green cultural routes 2013 7 days of life in Tositsa, 2011 European days of cultural heritance Technopolis Municipal cultural centre Museums and art galleries Cinema clubs Network of Museums and cultural organizations
  19. 19. After all, is Athens up to a point already Smart?•Under development apps regarding Taxis and Public Transportation systems•Lots of apps with maps and e-guides•Expanding networks of cycling routes•High rankings in education indices for Athens’ Universities•Promotion and expansion of e-governance services•Proactive Athens-based private foundations eg Onassis Foundation, StavrosNiarchos Foundation etc• Lots of NGOs actions regarding culture and environment
  20. 20. Ε P I C Project
  21. 21. In addition:•Mediterranean climate•Strategic geographical position•Numerous sites with antiquities, culturalorganizations, galleries etc•State of the art by modern standardsinternational airport•Multicultural character•Multifaceted city•Vibrant and diverse entertainment opportunities
  22. 22. So, is it Athens a boring not so clever city….Or not, at all?What if there will be a brand new… Brand?To be continued…