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Landmark international hotels company profile final


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Landmark international hotels company profile final

  1. 1. LandmarkInternational Hotels
  2. 2. LandmarkInternational Hotels1- Overview• President & CEO’s Message• Profile• Properties2- Management Services• General Management• Operational Management System• Finance & Administration• Management Information System• Technical & Maintenance System• Food & Beverage• Sales & Marketing• Rooms Division• Hotel Supplies Division3- Consultancy• Hospitality Consultancy• Project Management• Corporate Services• Development• Management Assistance• Training• Additional Consulting Services4- Brands• Landmark Hotels, Conferences, Resorts, Villas• Landmark Boutique• Landmark Express5- Contact Details
  3. 3. LandmarkInternational HotelsPresident & CEO’s MessageWe, at LIH, measure our performance not by the excellence of our methods butby the level of customer satisfaction we achieve.LIH is proud of managing some of the most novel and guest-centric propertiesaround the region. We are constantly diversifying our property portfolio acrossthe Middle East.Driven by our philosophy of service excellence, we are consistent in challengingthe norms of the industry and setting the trend in hospitality.As we expand our operations and form solid new partnerships, we are alwaysdeveloping and enhancing the scope and quality of our services.Firas Mneimneh
  4. 4. LandmarkInternational HotelsProfileOur CompanyWe, at Landmark International Hotels Company arespecialized in providing hotel owners with world-class services. We offer our clients Managementservices, franchising options, technical support, andconsultancy services.Our ApproachOur franchises aim to provide a contemporary imagethat brings forth the local flavor in a cheerful style.In order to supply our clients with optimal results,we incorporate the industry’s best practices in ourmanagement methods and we tailor them to thespecific needs of each client.Our TeamOur professional team is well versed in the hotel andtourism industry and has ample experience in themarkets of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.Our MissionTo excel in meeting the requirements of our clientsthrough committing to the highest levels of service.Our EthosAdhere to the principles of sustainability by enrichingour community and living up to our social andenvironmental responsibilities.Landmark International Hotels Company is involvedin the specific needs of its clients and is focused onhelping them achieve optimal results.
  5. 5. LandmarkInternational HotelsPropertiesVEER Boutique Hotel &Resort (Managed by LIH)Overlooking the Mediterranean Seaand the mountain of Zouk Mikael,VEER is set to change the concept ofBoutique Hotels & Resorts in Lebanon, giving it anew dimension beach connoisseurs will appreciate.VEERs avant-garde concept of metal structurecombined with dark glass reflects a timelessspirit. VEER encompasses a restaurant offeringMediterranean cuisine, a glass enclosed meetingspace, 4 poolside villas (each with its private Jacuzziand a private aquarium pool), 4 underwater cabanas,9 beachside apartments, and 21 rooms.MANAGED BY
  6. 6. LandmarkInternational HotelsLIH Hotel and Conference Center(Opening in 2014) Baghdad - IraqConsists of 280 rooms, 5 food & beverage outlets,shopping mall, conference center that canaccommodate up to 600 pax, tennis courts, and otherluxurious amenities.
  7. 7. LandmarkInternational HotelsLIH Boutique Hotel Suleimania(Opening in 2014)LIH Express Suleimania(Opening end 2013)A 125-room property encompassing bars, restaurantsand other facilities.LIH Villas Suleimania(Opening mid 2013)A property of 45 villas serviced with 2 restaurants inaddition to other facilities.
  8. 8. LandmarkInternational HotelsGeneral ManagementWe extend our clients with a wholesome approachtowards management of assets and properties inorder to maximize profitability.We understand the nature and mechanics of investingin hotels and we realize the value that we can add tothis investment through efficient management.The general management services we offer includeresources and capabilities tailored to the particularrequirements of each hotel.• Management of Construction• Operational Hotel Management• Quality Control• Resort & Hotel Renovation Project Management• Take-over project coordination• Hygiene Supervision• Specialized Recruitment• Procurement
  9. 9. LandmarkInternational HotelsOperational Management SystemA comprehensive process to guide and direct theproject from concept to execution.This system covers every step from pre-opening stageto sustainable operation.• Ensure consistent quality• Uphold brand image• Set the best standards across the hotel• Align employees’ contribution• Maintain highest levels of service
  10. 10. LandmarkInternational HotelsFinance & AdministrationProvide a superior level of efficiency across theoperation through a range of services.• Accounting and Reporting• Budgeting• Auditing• Feasibitity Studies and Forecasts• Financial Consultancies• Insurance Policies Assessment• Cost Controls• Investment Assessment
  11. 11. LandmarkInternational HotelsManagement Information SystemManagement information systems are the backboneof business processes. Therefore, we expertlyinject their usage into every aspect of operations,from decision-making to competitive strategies. Inessence, we aim to integrate computer systems withthe aims of the establishment.• Supervise implementation of computer hardwareand software• Computer training• Industry-specific IT Solutions• Systems for property management• Development of required programs
  12. 12. LandmarkInternational HotelsTechnical & Maintenance SystemThis system is a vital aspect for operation whereby specific aspects contribute to a reliable provision of qualityservice to the guest in a cost-efficient way.• Green Energy Solutions• Preventive Maintenance Programs• Interior Design & Decoration• Safety (Fire Prevention)• Management of Engineering Services• Equipment Procurement
  13. 13. LandmarkInternational HotelsFood & BeverageThese services include providing development ofculinary department, expertise in kitchen planning,managing operational procedures and programs ofwide array of Food and Beverage services across thehotel’s facilities.• Kitchen design and service circulations• Quality & Cost Control• Restaurant‘s design• Management of F&B Facilities• Implementing HACCP & ISO 22000
  14. 14. LandmarkInternational HotelsSales & MarketingThis area of the operation is of particular importanceas it plays a key role in generating revenue bothlocally and internationally. Every investment madeby this department is done after ample research andstudy to ensure the best ROI.• Provision of Market Intelligence• Research & Strategic Planning• Marketing Communication Planning• Competition Analysis
  15. 15. LandmarkInternational HotelsRooms DivisionAs competition grows in this diversified industry,guests expect and demand an approach to servicethat focused and discreet. Knowing that, wedeveloped our approach to creating and enhancingthe main guest facilities to provide a distinct personaltouch.• Revenue Management• Management of Reservations• Management of Front Office• Management of Health Clubs & RecreationFacilities• Management of All Housekeeping Services
  16. 16. LandmarkInternational HotelsHotel Supplies DivisionThis division caters for all hotel supply items,including:Housekeeping LinenPillow Cases, Blankets, Mattress Pads, Bedspreads,Sheets, PillowsBathroom Supplies and AmenitiesSoaps, Hotel Towels, Bath Rugs, Tissues, ShowerCurtains, Bath Towels, Bathroom Slippers, ToiletRolls, ToiletriesBathroom EquipmentMirrors, Grab Rail, Baskets, Towel Rack, MagnifyingMirror, Extending Mirror, Toilet Roll Holder, Towel RailFood & BeverageTablecloths, Napkins, Placemats, Table Skirting, Tabletoppers, Aprons, Chair Covers, Table Pads, Valances,Lace Skirting, Two Tier Table Skirting, Table Runners,Doily›s, Coasters, Stirrers, Acrylic Glass CoversCustomized ItemsCotton Pads, Washing Suds, Shower Cap, Coat Bag,Shoe Mitt, Pens, Comb, Bathroom Slippers, CottonBuds, Shaving Kit, Vanity Kit, Sewing Kit, NewspaperBag, Soap, Laundry Bag,Other ItemsAlarm Clocks, Tea Tray, Hangers
  17. 17. LandmarkInternational HotelsHospitality ConsultancyOur management methods also include consultancyservices whereby clients can avail from a wide rangeof services.• Research Services• Capital Advisory Services• Property Acquisitions• Capital Management• Contract Management• Franchise Management• Franchise Relations• Financial Consulting• Technical Support• Management of HR
  18. 18. LandmarkInternational HotelsProject ManagementAny project we undertake will certainly require designand/or planning. This includes the different functionsof the interior spaces and, as such, requires planningfor the right equipment as well as people. Providingthe right balance between architectural design andequipment planning will assure that areas functionadequately.• Financial impact and evaluation• Accommodation facilities’ Evaluation• Feasibility studies & IRR (Internal Rate of Return)• Study of income & ROI• Asset assessment• Business research & evaluation• Strategic advice• Quality material & design• Compatibility with building codes &architecture
  19. 19. LandmarkInternational HotelsCorporate ServicesThese services support consolidations, relocations,acquisitions, and subleases. They include but are notlimited to:• Business plan analysis• Studied selection of site• Comparative property analysis• Cost Control, Budgeting & Financial PerformanceReview• Review of pre-opening budget• Evaluation of HR• Market analysis• Market Evaluation• Assessment of Marketing Plan
  20. 20. LandmarkInternational HotelsDevelopmentWe provide reviews of hotels’ portfolios in themost detailed form. This approach is particularlyvital to both seller and buyer in major transactions.Supported by the right experience, and right database,we are able to take action efficiently and promptlyto provide necessary information on the futureperformance as well as the competitive environment.• Market Analysis and Feasibility Study• Project Development Consultancy• Investment Recommendations• Concept Development• Hotel Site Analysis• Supply & Demand Analysis• Competitive Positioning• Estimates of Future Performance
  21. 21. LandmarkInternational HotelsManagement AssistanceThrough applying the industry’s best practices andstandard operating procedures, the management isable to reflect international standards of service.• Support brand positioning• Direct leaders to operate successfully• Understand impact of branding• Understand roles of different disciplines• Plan property-specific activities• Identify the right policies & procedures
  22. 22. LandmarkInternational HotelsTrainingGeneral Training Courses• Reach Beyond Guest service• Fire Fighting• Germ Buster• Male/ Female Grooming• Table Etiquette• Basics Computer skills• Understanding Hotel Figurers• Handling phone call• The 25 Golden Rules• 100 Hotel Terminologies• Business Etiquette“Providing well-structured learning experiences,career development programs, and operationaltraining to employees in order to improve andmaintain job performance.”Evaluation & Certification• Performance Evaluation• Verbal Examinations• Follow-up Questions 30 Days After Course• Competition Papers• Centralized System for CertificationDepartment Specific Training Courses• Kitchen Personal Hygiene• Risky Food & Food Safety• Contamination & Bacteria• Good Manufacturing Practices• Cleaning and Disinfecting
  23. 23. LandmarkInternational HotelsAdditional Consulting ServicesProspective hotel developers, both new andexisting owners, can avail from our professionalguidance including scopes customized for specificrequirements. Our experts provide help andassistance tailored to each client’s needs.• Franchise Selection• Hotel Management Company Selection• Management Contract Strategies• Hotel Operator Evaluation• Lease Reviews & Negotiation• Assessment of Financial Statements• Operational Review & Recommendations
  24. 24. LandmarkInternational HotelsBrandsThe idea behind our hotel franchise is to give everysingle property a familiar feel. As such, people willassociate the brand with the qualities they know andexpect from it.Landmark International Hotels Company offers threeunique brands, each catering to different needs.Although each brand projects its own identity,modern style is a constant theme across them all. Weacquired the right to the official manuals, governingall areas of operation, in order to ensure consistencythroughout the franchises.
  25. 25. LandmarkInternational HotelsLandmark Hotels. Conferences. ResortsOur luxurious hotels constitute first class facilitiescapable of offering stylish solutions for business andleisure travelers.
  26. 26. LandmarkInternational HotelsLandmark BoutiqueThese hotels are classy with an atmosphere ofdiscreet charm. They mainly appeal to, and cater for,middle of the range guests.
  27. 27. LandmarkInternational HotelsLandmark ExpressThis brand caters for the budget end of the market. Itprovides a fresh ambience with plenty of comfort andminimal trimmings.
  28. 28. LandmarkInternational HotelsContact DetailsJordanDeir Ghbar, Al Qabeela Street, Dellah Building, Tower E, 10thFloor.Mobile: +962 799 663344Telephone: +962 6 592 4403LebanonP.O.Box 90-1185 Zouk Mikael, Kaslik, LebanonTelephone: +961 9 22 26 23Fax: +961 9 22 56