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LABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE               ©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
DOCUMENT PURPOSE AND SCOPE                                          seamlessly to create a scalable, high-performanceThis ...
FIGURE 1: LABVANTAGE Internet Architecture    APPLICATION SERVER                                    APPLICATION SERVER    ...
FIGURE 2: Meta Data Driven Internet Architecture                                                                          ...
Figure 3: LABVANTAGE Clustering Technologyconfigured and customized via extensions to the data                Scalability ...
Figure 4: Benchmark of LABVANTAGE’s Clustering PerformanceClustering also maximizes LABVANTAGE’s reliability              ...
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Architecture1101 jy21cyl

  1. 1. LABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE ©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. DOCUMENT PURPOSE AND SCOPE seamlessly to create a scalable, high-performanceThis document provides an overview of the environment. This environment allows multipleLABVANTAGE architecture, and describes the application servers to perform in a cluster, with theapproach to enabling Internet/Intranet access. It is load balanced across each server. LABVANTAGE alsowritten for the audience who is familiar with basic leverages standard corporate infrastructures by enablingInternet and architecture concepts and is intended to the open flow of information between internal andprovide the reader with a general understanding of the external systems, and by enabling the integration of 3rdLABVANTAGE architecture. party applications.LABVANTAGE ARCHITECTURE OVERVIEW End User Client(s)LABVANTAGE has as its foundation a zero footprint LABVANTAGE supports access from any Internet/architecture that has been developed by LABVANTAGE Intranet devices running Microsoft® Internet Explorerfor almost a decade. This scalable architecture provides 7.0+ on a PC-based operating system. This zeroLABVANTAGE users, both internal and external to installation browser/server architecture greatly simplifiesthe laboratory, with the ability to access all authorized enterprise application deployment and administrationfunctionality within LABVANTAGE from virtually any with no plug-ins, downloads or applets required on theInternet or Intranet access device. end-user client.Figure 1 illustrates the components of LABVANTAGE’s Application Serverarchitecture -- end user client(s), application server(s), The application server hosts the business layer of theweb server(s), database server(s), and reporting LABVANTAGE architecture. Business layer objects areserver(s). The various layers interact and connect written as standard Java EE (formerly J2EE) EnterpriseLABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE 1 of 5©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1101JY21CYL
  3. 3. FIGURE 1: LABVANTAGE Internet Architecture APPLICATION SERVER APPLICATION SERVER WEB SERVER ▪▪ Clusterable ▪▪ Sybase® EA Server 5.5 ▪▪ Clusterable ▪▪ Java EE Compliant Application Server ▪▪ BEA WebLogic® 10.2 MP2 ▪▪ Request Management ▪▪ Load Balancing ▪▪ IBM WebSphere® ▪▪ Business Link Integration ▪▪ Fault Tolerant ▪▪ Redhat JBoss™ ▪▪ Java EE Compliant ▪▪ Fail Over Application Server ▪▪ Transaction Management 4.3.0.GA CP06 REPORT SERVER ▪▪ Workflow Management Business Objects™ XI R2 ▪▪ User Interface Processor ▪▪ Process Scheduling ▪▪ Business Rules Engine ▪▪ Security Management ▪▪ Data Definition Management ▪▪ JDBC Manager WEB BROWSER Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0+ DATABASE SERVER BROWSER CLIENTS Oracle® 10g R2/11g R1 ▪▪ HTML/JavaScript Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 ▪▪ Thin Client PC ▪▪ External System- XML ▪▪ PDA/TabletsJava Beans (EJB) and manage all requests for data and the appropriate service. Services may be authenticationservices. Using industry standard Java EE development requests, web pages, attachment downloads, reportstechniques, LABVANTAGE can be operated on the or other atomic operations, such as AsynchronousSybase® EA Server 5.5, IBM WebSphere® 10.2, the JavaScript and XML (AJAX) requests.BEA WebLogic®, and the Redhat JBoss™Application Server 4.3.0.GA CP06. Pure HTML LABVANTAGE web pages are generated using Java Server Pages (JSPs). LABVANTAGE customWeb Server tags and Java APIs facilitate the generation processEnd-user clients communicate with the web server using by communicating directly with the LABVANTAGEstandard HTTP requests via a request controller servlet, application server.which manages all requests by redirecting control toLABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE 2 of 5©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1101JY21CYL
  4. 4. FIGURE 2: Meta Data Driven Internet Architecture INTERPRETS META DATA & DEFINES META DATA EXECUTES BUSINESS RULES APPLICATION DESIGNER BROWSER APPLICATION visualization. Powered by JasperReports, a 100% JavaDatabase Server solution and shipped with the iReport Designer™ tool,The LABVANTAGE database is the repository for all LABVANTAGE enables fast design and deploymentLABVANTAGE information, including application data, of both operational and management reports such as:web-page metadata, and end user data. LABVANTAGE Certificates of Analysis, Stability Study Reports, Samplecan be operated on Oracle® 10g R2 & 11g R1 and Pick Lists, Work Lists, and more. With LABVANTAGE,Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 databases. no additional report server is required.The LABVANTAGE Evergreen Solution Designer LABVANTAGE also interfaces with Business Objects™(Evergreen™) configuration tool provides an XI R2 for the analysis and reporting of data. In thisenvironment to rapidly create lab- and user-specific option, the BO Report Server hosts the BO software,configurations without custom software application as well as associated data and programs. For moreprogramming. The Evergreen metadata is used to drive information about how LABVANTAGE enables decisionthe generation of LABVANTAGE web pages at runtime. support, please download the Reporting & AnalyticsWhen Evergreen saves an application object, it saves Brochure.this definition to the Evergreen metadata repositorywithin the Database server (see figure 2). Extensibility and Integration Although LABVANTAGE is a robust, pre-configuredReport Server(s) (Optional) solution out-of-the-box, as configurable-off-the-shelfLABVANTAGE provides on-demand reporting and data (COTS) software, it is extensible and may be bothLABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE 3 of 5©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1101JY21CYL
  5. 5. Figure 3: LABVANTAGE Clustering Technologyconfigured and customized via extensions to the data Scalability & Redundancymodel, user interfaces, authentications, and business LABVANTAGE’s scalability can be enhanced throughrules. LABVANTAGE’s extensibility may be achieved clustering of the application servers (see Figure 3).through: A cluster is a group of application servers that work together as a single logical server to manage client▪▪ Configuring the user interface through Evergreen, requests. With clustering, more and more users can be which also permits tailored presentations to meet a supported without any fall off in performance. laboratory’s or end user’s unique needs;▪▪ Extending the LABVANTAGE data model via the Clustering utilizes load balancing, a process that routes Data Definition Toolkit incorporated into Evergreen, client requests to the “best” (“best” is determined by the permitting configurable database objects to meet application server’s specific load balancing algorithms) specific requirements; server within the cluster. With load balancing, overall▪▪ Authenticating users and securing access to both throughput is scaled out by multiplying the number of the application and repository data, by integrating users typically supported by a single server by the total with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP1) number of nodes in the cluster. LABVANTAGE achieves systems; HTTP load balancing by running a cluster of servers,▪▪ Integrate to other systems or applications (e.g. whether for small clusters (up to 8 nodes) utilizing authentication and business rules) or write custom Microsoft’s Network Load Balancing (NLB) technology add-on (i.e., actions) by leveraging LABVANTAGE’s or larger clusters utilizing hardware alternatives for load rich Java APIs accessible via Web Services. balancing.LABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE 4 of 5©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1101JY21CYL
  6. 6. Figure 4: Benchmark of LABVANTAGE’s Clustering PerformanceClustering also maximizes LABVANTAGE’s reliability or thick-clients for international users. Put simply,by eliminating a single point of failure. If one or more LABVANTAGE’s M18N functionality enables it to be end-servers fail, the cluster automatically, routes future client user specific, rather than server or client specific. Thisrequest to other servers within the cluster, providing greatly increases the speed and reduces the cost of avirtually no break in service. global LIMS deployment.For more information regarding LABVANTAGE’s For more information regarding LABVANTAGE’s M18Nscalability and performance, please download the capability, please download the M18N White Paper.LABVANTAGE Performance White Paper. SummaryMultinationalization LABVANTAGE’s architecture provides a powerful, low-LABVANTAGE is the only zero footprint LIMS cost, low-maintenance framework for today’s competitivethat incorporates complete multinationalization laboratory environment, particularly when compared to(M18N) capabilities. This capability, coupled with web-enabled or web-based implementations, which carryLABVANTAGE’s zero-footprint architecture, enables a higher cost of deploying applications to a large end-an organization to deploy a central application server user base. By leveraging standard Internet technologies,(or cluster) to support languages, time zones, number if provides easy access to disparate data using commonformats, and date conventions across multiple locales, Web browser software. The architecture is scalable,eliminating the need to provide multiple servers highly reliable and secure.WWW.LABVANTAGE.COM©2011 LabVantage Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.For information regarding this and other LabVantage products, please contact LabVantage Solutions, Inc.:The information contained in this document is proprietary and confidential to LabVantage Solutions, Inc. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronicor mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose, without the express written permission of LabVantage Solutions, Inc.This document is subject to change without notice, and LabVantage does not warrant that the material contained in this document is error-free. If you find any problems with this document, please reportthem to LabVantage in writing. LabVantage®, Evergreen Studio™, Evergreen™, LabVantage Solutions Matrix™ and the LabVantage solution icon are trademarks of LabVantage Solutions, Inc. All othertrademarks are property of their respective owners.This document may contain statements concerning possible functionality for LabVantage software products and technology. LabVantage disclaims any express or implied commitment to deliverfunctionality or software unless or until generally commercially available. Any statements of possible future direction are for information purposes only, and LabVantage makes no express or impliedcommitments or representations concerning the timing and content of any future functionality or releases.LABVANTAGE® ARCHITECTURE 5 of 5©2011 LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1101JY21CYL