Power Point Passe 2009 S S


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PowerPoint reform and appropriate design and use.

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Power Point Passe 2009 S S

  1. 1. Certain materials are included under the fair use exemption of the U. S. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the fair use multimedia guidelinesand are restricted from further use. x
  2. 2. “Sometimes the best presentation is... no presentation. Ditch the slides completely. Put the projector in the closet, roll the screen back up, and turn the XXXX lights back on!.” -Dan Russell and Kathy Sierra Creating Passionate Users
  3. 3. Hmmm,… I think I’ll use PowerPoint…
  4. 4. Organize material Present information or instruction Create tutorials, reviews, or quizzes Reinforce Learning
  5. 5. Display student work Active Learning Classroom Management Story Telling
  6. 6. In 60 minutes… History of the World (Part 1) PowerPoint Reform Classroom Ideas History of the World (Part 2) Resources
  7. 7. In the beginning…
  8. 8. Cave Paintings
  9. 9. Hieroglyphics
  10. 10. Tapestries
  11. 11. Chalk Board
  12. 12. The Modern Age
  13. 13. 1987
  14. 14. 1990 1992
  15. 15. 1997 2000 1994 1994
  16. 16. 2003 2007
  17. 17. 2009 - Internet
  18. 18. PowerPoint Reform
  19. 19. Begin with a script
  20. 20. One idea per slide
  21. 21. Choose a font that is easy to read All CAPS Script Fun Theme Stick with one or two types of fonts. Use a font size of at least 22 points 40 points 22 points 12 points
  22. 22. Backgrounds: Choose Colors Carefully
  23. 23. Backgrounds: Choose Colors Carefully Use high-contrast colors White/light text looks sharp! Especially good for “low light” presentations
  24. 24. “Be careful not to put too much text on one slide. It’s so annoying to see a presentation with tons and tons and tons of text. It’s like, you know, you are supposed to focus on the presenter, you know, and if there’s so much text I just get bored and my mind wanders. You know what I mean? Do you really want to read all this stuff? I would just skip over it and move on to the next slide.” This quote is by Martha Lipold, the 7th Grade Science Teacher at Lakeview Academy.
  25. 25. One idea per slide Phrases not paragraphs Ban bullets!
  26. 26. Show Me! Ditch Design Templates Create your own look Ban clipart
  27. 27. Animations, transitions should contribute to your presentation …not BE the presentation
  28. 28. “Put each slide on trial for its life. Ask it to defend itself. Show no mercy.” -Dan Russell and Kathy Sierra Creating Passionate Users
  29. 29. Think outside the box!
  30. 30. Did you know? Memories
  31. 31. Classroom Ideas
  32. 32. Story Telling Informational How-to/Step-by-Step Electronic Portfolio Interactive – Action Buttons Classroom Management Games
  33. 33. Thought of the Day Periodic Table Spelling Practice Virtual Field Trip Addition All About Animals
  34. 34. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? The Big Wheel Willington Stakes Hidden Picture Hollywood Squares Jeopardy!
  35. 35. Seasonal Timer Digital Clock Hour Glass
  36. 36. “Where video and PowerPoint meet on the web” One of many Zoho online tools. Create, upload and share presentations. Has a unique “remote” feature.
  37. 37. Resources
  38. 38. The PowerPoint Collection Internet4Classrooms Curriculum Collection PowerPoint Resources PowerPoint in the Classroom Pete’s PowerPoint Station
  39. 39. Parade of Games in PowerPoint Emerging Tech Games PowerPoint Games PointMan Games Timers
  40. 40. A+ PowerPoint Rubric Rubric for Basic PowerPoint TechTrekers Rubric Builder Georgia Technology Fair Rubric
  41. 41. Extreme PowerPoint Makeover Technology for Teachers: PowerPoint Tutorial
  42. 42. More Image Websites!
  43. 43. Back