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Meet and Maintain Buddies in 10 Easy Ways


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Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. With their warm and heart-warming behaviour, their concern and care for you, you would feel like you are the luckiest person in the world.

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Meet and Maintain Buddies in 10 Easy Ways

  1. 1. MEET AND MAINTAIN BUDDIES IN 10 EASY WAYS Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. With their warm and heart-warming behaviour, their concern and care for you, you would feel like you are the luckiest person in the world. There are bosom friends, close friends, late night friends, just friends, and what not. But sometimes, life is not that easy, you have to move away from their due to unforeseen circumstances. How would you feel? A new place, possibly a new language, a new area, new neighbours, new colleagues or classmates, everything is brand new. Your wish for a brand new close friend, is hanging in the air, because you can’t get the exact idea of where to start. You wish to talk to the person or your colleague sitting next to you but you cannot figure out on what topic you will talk, and the worst part is you are not able to just speak at random. These phases will occur when you try to find a new best friend. Some people are born connected. They can easily mingle in the crowds, can converse easily with their colleagues and in no time become the popular girl or boy in the group. On the other hand, some are extremely introvert types. They are reticent and shy in nature though they want to be friends with people. These are some of the tips that you may follow to have new connections and good friends. Here’s what you can do. • Try focusing on who you really are, and what you want in other person to be your friend. This is the first step of your journey. Either, you want to be with the peers resembling to your taste, age or fashion. You will be really comfortable with them. Or, you want a new genre of people who differ from you, but still can make you feel “in” by their unique ability to present out their views to you. • Constantly keep in mind that a person's name is one of the most vital and the most gorgeous word one can hear. Speaking the person's name to them a few times or keeping in mind the name on a paper can help you bear in mind the name. Welcoming a person by name is vital. • Try the naming technique. Nothing sounds better then calling a person by his/her name. Rather than calling him by addresses like, Mister or miss, or lady or gentlemen, or even excuse me, just say “Hello Gilbert hope you are doing fine “, or
  2. 2. “it was nice meeting you Kate.” People would automatically warm up to you by the address you gave. If you cannot remember the name write it down in pen and paper. Just try it out and see the welcoming response because it’s an essential part of building the bond and trust between two persons. • If you are new to the place, find a venue where you can communicate with people. Visit places like shopping malls, gymnasium, theater, or restaurants, or the best option is book store or a library. If you go to a gymnasium, there would be oodles of people, exercising like you. So it would be easy to ask to someone whom you find a bit comfortable. Start with hello, I am finding some trouble with the equipments would you please help me? This is very normal. But you don’t always have to ask for help. This was situational example. You can start moderately by asking the person that can you join him/her as you don’t know about the place, or asking him about the places to visit. But be careful, until you become close, do not reveal too much about yourself. Just keep a normal conversation. • Make sure that you are not interrupting the conversation. You might talk with a group, but don’t just butt in and start talking about your problem. Wait for them to respond. • Wear a genuine smile when you talk. Do not show your teeth much; it’s a sign of ill manners. Listen to them attentively and respond after understanding to what they have to say. Get along with their moods, so that their approach to you would be clearer. Do not wear a fake or a plastic smile; people are smart enough to guess. Perk up your mood and join the crowd. • Be confident and be smart. However do not sound so arrogant that the other will spill his/her drink on your face. Have a satisfaction of the information gained from the other person. And before leaving thank him.
  3. 3. • Maintaining eye contacting is one crucial factor in field of communication. So, while talking with the person, look him in the face and talk. Do not look here and there and everywhere. Looking at the person will make him feel that you want to understand them. Listen attentively, and respond to the questions with a positive attitude with intrinsic good manners. You can ask questions regarding their topic which would please them. Take a usual theme regarding, restaurants, food and drinking, or entertainment. Discussing Sports is a good way to go, or talk about pets, or beauty products. Make a flow with your words so that their interest would also be raised in your topic. Just be yourself then. You can laugh all you want or smile, or make moderate jokes. Being original really helps. If the people will understand what you are, and have no objection to that, they will certainly accept you. Now you just have to march on and get some buddies by your shoulder. • Social networking is a universal mode of communication and making friends. Social media sites like Zorpia, Facebook and others help the person to find a partner of his own interests and choice. They can easily communicate on line and share their likes and dislikes, and gradually after knowing each other for a period time they can become good friends and share personal spaces too. • These on line networking sites are attractive, but there are certain safety measures that you have to take before chatting with an unknown person. People that you find in sites like Zorpia Facebook or Twitter can be false some times. There are recorded cases of frauds happening. So unless, you are thoroughly acquainted with your on line friend, do not give away your personal details like your picture, your home address or your cell phone number. It is positively a dangerous territory. If you find that person suspicious just stop talking to him/her. Virtual warmness is not an option to physical friendship. Also, one thing to remember is while you chat on line; do not forget your old pals, your real world friends, with whom you share your life. Make new friends but stay in a safety zone.