KAMATIS: Getting what you want in life


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This is the first speech that I wrote many years ago. I hope you will find this life changing for you as how it

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KAMATIS: Getting what you want in life

  1. 1. KAMATIS Speech: the Epilogue My earnest greetings to the young and vigorous Campus Administrator, Dr.AntonioA. Remojo; to the ever-compassionate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Mrs. Cecily S.Bugais; to the decisive Director of Administration and Finance, Mr. Feliciano C. Hampac;dear faculty and staff; supportive parents; beautiful and gorgeous students; ladies andgentlemen- a pleasant evening to all. Good evening! It is indeed my great honor and privilege to be part of this memorable occasion inthe social climate of your college life. I can still remember when I stood here a year ago,delivering my welcome speech during our JS Prom and ring hop ceremony with thesenior students now. And now I can hardly imagine, that once again in my life, I amattending a JS Prom, I am holding this podium- but now, it is just with a different purpose. When Ma’am Saludsod asked me to be here tonight, I was really hesitant to sayYES. But then, I realized that this could be my opportunity to share with you somenuggets of wisdom and inspire you in my simple and humble way as how other peoplehad inspired me. If I could ask some minutes of your life, I would do it right, so that you may lend meyour ear, because it is through listening that one understands, it is through understandingthat one finds a reason to do things, and it by doing that one attains SUCCESS. But how do people really achieve it? Is there a shortcut? A perfect formula?.. WhileI was pondering, I’ve come up with this seven-letter-word which had helped me toachieve mine. It starts with letter K which stands for know what you want to become andbecome it. If you will be given a band paper and some materials to draw your successon it. How are you going to draw your success? What are the colors that you want touse? What are the details that you want to include? What do you think its end result?According to Stephen Covey in order to achieve what we want we need to begin with anend in mind. We need to visualize what we want. Making your life and your story ofsuccess is just like making those decisions. It is but your first step of crossing bridges tothe limelight of triumph.
  2. 2. The next letter is letter A for acknowledge and appreciate your blessings . Iremember Celine Dion, one of the greatest singers who said, “Some people haveeverything; they have nothing.” When I heard about this, this lingered into my mind. Itmade me realized that life is not just all about what we have, but how are we going tomake the most of what we have to be the best person we can ever become. Learn tocount your blessings! Your blessings or your gifts were like your computer in making aprogram; your lesson plan or syllabus in teaching, your capital in having a business andyour seeds in planting. They are your materials in drawing. They are God-given gifts notto keep but to utilize for the realization of your plans. The more gratitude you feel, themore optimism, relaxation, and overall happiness you experience. Be always grateful forwhat you have because a grateful heart is always inspired. When you feel exhausted forthe many requirements that you have and subjects you want to study for your exams andyou feel like giving up, it will be your motivation to hang on while others give up and fall.When you are thankful, you are inviting more blessings to come and that means havingmore opportunities to achieve your goal. Having more materials to make your art. The third letter is letter M which reminds me to master self-discipline . Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to motivate oneself in spite of a negative emotionalstate. It is the structured thought that controls our body. One of the things that I’velearned from great men is that their first victory is over themselves. Do not choose to justkeep on floating like a dry leaf which fell into a river, which is just taken by the current ofthe water. Learn to navigate your life according to your own will. God gave you theblessing of freedom to do so, but it could be a curse if it is taken for granted and not usedproperly. Then letter A which tells me to Be an achiever. Always do your best! Achieversare not literally just those people who won the game but also those who tried and did theirvery best. When you did your best but your best wasn’t good enough, it merely means itis not your time yet. But in your simple way, you know you achieve something. Alwaysremember the little and big achievements that you had because they will always remindyou of the sweet taste of success! Another letter is letter T, which stands for take risks. Ships in harbor are safe,but that is not what ships are built for. A man cannot discover new oceans unless he hasthe courage to loose sight of the shore. I remember the Roman poet named Virgil who
  3. 3. once wrote, “Fortune favors the bold.” In school, sometimes we don’t study very hardbecause we are afraid of disappointment that no matter how hard we try we can’t make itperfect or someone will always be better than us. If you don’t dare to do it, you will justforever wonder of how far you can go and be disappointed for the simple reason that youdidn’t even try. If you didn’t take the risk of not being able to pay your tuition fee, of notbeing able to pass the exam or to comply your requirements, of not finishing even asemester, etc. Do you think you will be called as junior and senior students now?Therefore, we have to learn to take the risks of those circumstances and decisions whichare worth of every effort we make. And let’s have letter I which means improve yourself . Some people think thatlife is a race and success means who is first, who is the greatest, the number one. Butthat is not even half of it. I like the new advertisement of Lucky Me, because that is true.The only person that you have to beat is only your old self. Improving one self meanspersistence, hard work and patience. Can you still recall the first time you held akeyboard? Your hands even shook, and maybe you were only using your one finger intyping. But that changes through time and practice. That is the time when you defeat yourold self. Always dare to improve yourself because you are not born to remain as children. And the last letter is S which stands for share your dreams to God . Talk toHim! Tell Him your aspirations, your dreams, your vision of the picture you want to drawand your plans to achieve it. Consider His guidance in what color you want to use. On thedetails you want to include. I really want to share with you this verse which had influencedmy life in many ways: Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your planswill succeed.” It is the time that you already did your best that you realized that you can’tjust do it on your own. When you humble yourself to God and trust Him to bring the bestin whatever task you do, you will gain inner peace and confidence knowing that His waysand plans to your life are the best. There you go! It is KAMATIS! You know the first time I thought about theacronym, I laughed out loud. But when I went into its meaning, somehow, there is a truthin it. That we have to know what we want by having the beginning with the end in mind.We have to acknowledge and appreciate our blessings through making the most of whatwe have. That we need to master self-discipline in order to become the person wechoose to be. To be an achiever by always doing our best. To take risks so that we’ll
  4. 4. know how far we can go. To improve our self by not just getting older but getting betterevery time; and the last is to share it to God because God knows best. It may not edibleor something that we can eat, but it is do-able, it is something that we are capable ofdoing. It may not be a perfect formula or a shortcut for your victory but it is something thatyou need to consider in making your own testimony of success. I just hope that you’ll giveit a fair try. If I could add more words, may you always keep on believing to yourself that youare capable in turning your dream to its reality. Because if you believe that you can, thenyou can. But if you believe that you cannot, then you are right. You were like inside to a one way tunnel and you only have two options: it is eitherto be coward and retreat or to be brave and persevere. May you always fix your eyes atthe end of the tunnel, to that little light you see so that you will never lose your way. Moreover, may we always be grateful to our dear alma mater, the Southern LeyteState University- Hinunangan Campus which serves as our material; and its people, thefaculty and the staff, who serve as our mentors in making our own craft. Allow me also to quote these words from former U.S. President TheodoreRoosevelt, “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even thoughcheckered by failure, than to remain with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much norsuffer much because they live into the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. Weneed to step out of the gray twilight into the bright sunshine so that we can all see thedawn of a new day. You know, looking at you right now, I can tell with frankness and sincerity that I amproud of you. Somehow you already have started to fill your band paper with details ofsuccess. You already have gained the skills which will eventually help you come up to thewonderful portrait you are making- to your masterpiece! Finally, I’ll wrap my speech with these words: May you will not succumb or give into life’s trials and challenges. Think yourself like an iron, put into a fire of adversity, andformed to its perfection by a hammer of time. Always remember that everything that youhave and every circumstance that you experience only have one single end- that is yourinevitable success!
  5. 5. Thank you and God bless!!