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A Beginner's Guide to WordPress - WordCamp New York City 2012

Get to know how WordPress works: from posts and pages to themes, widgets, and plug-ins.

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A Beginner's Guide to WordPress - WordCamp New York City 2012

  1. 1. WordCamp New York City 2012A Beginner’s Guideto WordPresswith Kathryn Presner June 2012 #wcnyc
  2. 2. Kathryn PresnerZoonini Web Services
  3. 3. What We’ll CoverWelcomeIntro to WordPressIntro to the Admin PanelResourcesClosingQuestions
  4. 4. Intro to WordPress
  5. 5. Diving into WordPress What is WordPress? vs. What is it used for?
  6. 6. Blog
  7. 7. CMS+Blog
  8. 8. CMS
  9. 9. Photo Portfolio
  10. 10. Video Portfolio
  11. 11. Interactive
  12. 12. Some WordPress Basics Structure Presentation Markup Language ➜Database vs. filesPHP vs. HTML Dynamic Functions ScriptingDo I need to know Language ➜PHP? Data Database ➜
  13. 13. Posts vs. PagesPage
  14. 14. Posts vs. PagesPost
  15. 15. Posts vs. PagesPosts
  16. 16. Introduction to Themes A WP Theme is a collection of Template files - (X)HTML + PHP + CSS The CSS (aka stylesheet) usually controls the layout and design Only two template files are required: index.php, style.css Some are optional: sidebar.php, comments.php, etc.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Get Started WithBlank ThemesStarkers Blank Theme Boilerplate
  19. 19. Get Started WithA Pre-made Directory Magazine - Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition
  20. 20. Introduction to Plugins What is a plug-in? Where do you get plug-ins?
  21. 21. Managing Plug-ins
  22. 22. Introduction to Widgets What is a widget? What is a widget-ready theme?
  23. 23. Intro to the Admin Panel
  24. 24. The Admin Panel Let’s go spelunking!
  25. 25. WordPress Resources
  26. 26. (of course!)The Codex Forum
  27. 27. Cheat SheetsWordPress Template Tags Reference Guide Cheat Sheet for WordPress 3.0-Ready Cheat Sheets Cheat sheets need to be current
  28. 28. Theme Development ToolsTheme Test Drive Plugin Theme Development Checklist & Sample Data Digging Into WordPress and In-Person Classes
  29. 29. WordPress InspirationWe Love WP Float Showcase
  30. 30. Recommended Plugins WordPress SEO by DirtySuds - Embed Yoast or All in One YouTube SEO Pack Bad Behavior FeedBurner WordPress Database FeedSmith Extend Backup Subscribe to Secure WordPress Comments Reloaded WordPress File Obfuscate Email Monitor Plus Contact Form 7
  31. 31. Closing
  32. 32. What Next? Questions?Get the presentation at Slideshare links Twitter @zoonini to Shannon Smith at Cafe Noir Design for work on the originalversion of this presentation: