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Iphone: top 10 Mobile Apps of 2015


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iPhone is one of the latest trends in the industry. Yes it is true that there are many new apps that are being introduced in this system. Let us today have a discussion about some of them. Zoom Web Media bring you top 10 iphone apps of 2015. These are as follows ...

Asana – this is one app which is loved by the Productivity enthusiasts, since this is one such tool that will help you get any kind of teamwork done more effectively.
Adobe Photoshop Express – A novel and free photo-editing application for iPhone and iOS devices. This is indeed a powerhouse of a mobile app that can even handle noise pollution.
BillGuard – this is one of the most important apps for the iPhone device which is supposed to connect you to your credit card statements and flags merchants.
Box – an important and authentic cloud-based file-syncing and storage programs. With this recent app you can simply access to the most of the recent files from any one of your devices.
Converter plus – this is an All-in-one calculation app that is supposed to deliver on nearly everything, beginning from currency conversions to even loan-interest figures.
Digg – This is a new app which brings you all the online news and the content to read in a convenient place. This as well contains an RSS feed reader.
Dropbox – This is one service and productivity tool that simply lets you store all your files in the cloud and access all of them from anywhere.
Easily Do – this is an app that is basically said to work as a personal assistance as well as an automation machine. You can simply connect this to a variety of online services.
ESPN Score Centre – this is one of the most important app that will let you check the game quickly and more discreetly when necessary. You can simply pull all the game data with this.
Evernote – this is one of the straightforward note-making app outrivals most competing all the apps thanks to its strong search capabilities and organization.

Thank you for reading. Zoom Web Media will bring more news regarding web and technology in near future.

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Iphone: top 10 Mobile Apps of 2015

  1. 1. Watch top10 Iphone Apps of 2015
  2. 2. Asana
  3. 3. Adobe Photoshop Express
  4. 4. BillGuard
  5. 5. BOX
  6. 6. Converter Plus
  7. 7. Digg
  8. 8. DROP BOX
  9. 9. EasilyDo
  10. 10. ESPN Score Center
  11. 11. EVERNOTE
  12. 12. Thank you for watching zoom web media