Zoomstra for CLICKBANK vendors


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Zoomstra Workbooks are an innovative way to present How-to information to your audience. This presentation provides a basic introduction to Zoomstra and shows and example company using Zoomstra Workbooks to sell a digital retail product.

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Zoomstra for CLICKBANK vendors

  1. Zoomstra forClickBank Vendors
  2. Zoomstra lets you offer an innovative subscription based digital product called a zWorkbook.
  3. Zoomstra zWorkbooks• Step-by-step action guides presented through the Zoomstra Cloud Reader+.• Authors can combine text, web content, downloadable files and smart checklists into a subscription / membership based offering. 10 Weeks to becoming an expert hiker
  4. Zoomstra zWorkbook Overview Zoomstra lets the user track their progress by simply clicking on checkboxes Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3  Watch this video  Read this information Do these 5 things Lorem Ipsum dolor sit  Fill in Google Places Info amet, consectetuer  Add map to your website adipiscingelit. Duis tellus  Sign up for About.us  Task #4 Lorem Ipsum dolor sit  Task #5 amet, consectetuerAdd background info, adipiscingelit. Duis tellusInstructions or files to download. Embed a video from Text page written with our Smart checklist can includeYouTube with additional blog style editor – may links to examples or externalcontext or instructions. include formatting, links, sites, downloadable files, embedded HTML objects embedded videos, embedded and more. HTML objects.
  5. The Zoomstra.com Platformhttp://yoursite.zoomstra.com Zoomstra Management Center Zoomstra Cloud Reader+  zWorkbook Builder  Secure login or self-  zWorkbook Library registration options Manager  Available zWorkbook  Zoomstra Cloud Reader+ listing (defined by vendor) User Manager  Active zWorkbook listing  zWorkbook Use Reporting  Interactive zWorkbook  Zoomstra subscription experience with progress administration tracking Professionally hosted & managed on Heroku Platform as a Service - a Salesforce.com company
  6. Example Zoomstra Cloud Reader+You can brand your ZoomstraCloud Reader+ with a logoand header background colorof your choice. Your users can access all of the zWorkbooks you have authorized them to access from a single interface.
  7. Example zWorkbook Table of ContentsWithout anyprogramming you canprovide your users with abeautiful step-by-stepaction guide completewith progress tracking.
  8. Example zWorkbook LessonNotice how the “smartchecklist” can bring togetherinformation, links to othersites and even embed avideo right there where theuser needs it.
  9. Supported Business Models• Time limited subscription • Each Zoomstra Workbook can have a pre-determined life span from the day of creation enabling a time-based digital product. For example - 1 year subscription to “How to start a business”.• Monthly subscription • Zoomstra Workbooks can be used as a recurring revenue offering – you provide ongoing access in exchange for a monthly fee. Excellent for long term how-to programs like “12 months to a fitter you” or subscription to your monthly business guide (where you add a new guide every month).
  10. Zoomstra Pricing• Subscription is metered by the total number of “Active” workbooks you have in circulation.• Our professional edition is $499/month for up to 5,000 active zWorkbooks• Custom pricing is available for higher volume subscriptions.
  11. Try it FREE for 30 days• Visit http://www.zoomstra.com to signup• No credit card needed to start the trial