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  1. 1. Tim DiScipio Founder ePals [email_address] Safe Collaborative Technology In The Globally Connected Social Classroom
  2. 2. Internet’s largest and fastest growing K-12 social learning network ( reaching 29M teachers / students in 200 countries and territories) Leading provider of safe, policy-managed collaborative K12 technology, Web 2.0 workspace tools, distributed learning platform in the cloud……..within a single and shared work environment
  3. 3. Allows students and their teachers to locate, connect with and work collaboratively on projects with another class down the street and around the world. Enterprise-grade, cloud based school email with integrated Microsoft. G ives students, parents, teachers and administrators a secure way to communicate online, offers instant translation in 35 languages, and allows administrators to establish school-safe usage policies. A safe enterprise-grade, eRATE eligible virtual workspace and email with collaborative tools, schoolwork / doc storage, access to high-quality content, digital storage areas and Global Community. ePals Products $4 student 365
  4. 4. International Baccalaureate - LearningSpace for 700,000 global IB students / teachers / alumni mentors New York City DOE - selected ePals SchoolMail with LearningSpace access to power 2 Million students and parents Notable Recent ePals Deployments
  5. 5. Public/Private Partnerships
  6. 6. ePals + Microsoft <ul><li>ePals with integrated Live@edu and Office programs (Word, Powerpoint etc…) / Web Apps </li></ul><ul><li>Planned development </li></ul><ul><ul><li>integration of Outlook Live calendar </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Office Web Apps integration planned for Q2 2011 </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. LearningSpace A safe and protected virtual workspace designed for K12 ePals, Inc. Confidential
  8. 8. <ul><li>ePals LearningSpace </li></ul><ul><li>A safe K-12 virtual workspace where tools and docs resides in one safe online space with authorized classmates / teachers / mentors </li></ul><ul><li>Tools - email, blogs, wikis, shared portfolios </li></ul><ul><li>Schoolwork / documents - Word, Powerpoints, files </li></ul><ul><li>& rich media </li></ul><ul><li>Contact Groups - Teachers and classmates </li></ul><ul><li>Shared environment with project and document access </li></ul><ul><li>Open architecture / 3 rd Party Apps (skype, moodle etc..) </li></ul>
  9. 9. Teachers and students create profiles seen only by their classroom and school community
  10. 13. Mr. Li’s Classroom Mrs. Torres’ Classroom Invite other classrooms into your projects Invite Collaborative Project Accepted
  11. 14. International Baccalaureate LearningSpace Platform Personal profile page Create your bio. Establish authorized classroom school connections (classmates, teachers). Create your toolkit
  12. 15. Features and functionality Managed groups View your own groups Browse other user created or managed groups by category and sub-category. Request to join any group .
  13. 16. Features and functionality Home page of an IB managed group
  14. 17. Blogs Only group owners and managers can create group blog posts. All group members can comment, post and rate.
  15. 18. Wikis All group members can add and edit wiki pages. The contents of wiki page can be filtered. The wiki page can be linked to another as a sub category. Group members can rate and comment on wiki pages.
  16. 19. Media Showcase and File areas allow uploading, showcasing, searching and sharing of rich media (photos, video, docs) or work.
  17. 20. School Groups Platform Demonstration
  18. 21. “ The amount of writing that our fourth graders are doing in LearningSpace has increased 9 – 10 times over the last year” “ The quality of work has increased because they now see and comment on each others work.” - ePals LearningSpace Teacher in Hauppauge, NY
  19. 22. Shakespeare On Snow Days An entire classroom students in Hauppauge, NY logged into their ePals LearningSpace on an emergency snow day to complete their Shakespeare project. The teacher never asked them to, she never participated, she just watched the teamwork, self-directed learning and critical thinking all happening virtually – on a snow day off!
  20. 23. Cloud Benefits To Districts Anytime , Anywhere Learning 24/7 Cost Minimal IT Staff No On-Premise Infrastructure Can Scale, Deploy and Upgrade Faster
  21. 24. The Past Decade Set-up of “One-off” products / services (teachers, admin, students). Separate Username / Passwords No integration or Single Sign-On “ Web-Sprawl” Anxiety
  22. 25. Today School tech teams now expected to managed the “ Web Sprawl” mess Eve of Transformation – Totally Digital Work Flow and Teaching / Learning Consolidation of Services To Integrated Platform Cloud Digital Transition Must Be Mandated and Utilize Initial USDOE Funding
  23. 26. District Ed-Tech Trends Policy-Managed, Open Arch, All-In-One Solutions Integrated and Complimentary (Communication tools, student work, projects, data, parents) Mandatory Teacher-Student Cloud Based Deployment Use Shift In School / District Tech Team Staff Roles to Platform / ToolConfiguration, Safety & Usage Policy Assessment And Ability To Articulate Cloud Service Access / Benefit Training / PD Deployment Planning Ability Providing Accurate Cost-Savings Analysis (i.e. “Free is not always free”)
  24. 27. What Is Your K-12 Cloud Provider Business Model?   Free-Only Services = No Business Model or K12 Design and Support Approach Fee-Based Services = K-12 Curricular Approach, Interface And Support  
  25. 28. ePals Is A “Free-ium” Model (Free + Premium $)   FREE - Global Community / Social Learning Network & SchoolMail (basic) Premium / Subscription - LearningSpace & SchoolMail365 ($4/year); eRATE eligible
  26. 29. Edu Providers Think and Design Around: * K-12 Requirements / Anticipated Configuration * Teacher-Student-Parent Functionality & Access * Tech Support (phone / web-based) * Curricular Integration Training w/Case Studies * Build From In-Classroom Experience * Policies, Roles and Permissions
  27. 30. Is The Cloud Service Safe, Protected and Policy-Managed To Meet District Usage and Safety Policies? Google, Facebook, Twitter breach most district policies and open up liability risks vs. edu designed services. Non-Edu services can create more teacher work and don’t always provide an “on-task” student environment
  28. 31. Edu Companies ($) – Policy Managed; eRATE / grant eligible, curricular functionality and support General Market Tools (free) – No Safety Controls; User profiling/data capture; advertising Goodwill Vs. “A Good Headache”
  29. 32. Australian Ed-Tech At A Glance Country-wide One-to-One Laptop Deployment (All Students: Grades 7-12) Workspace & Collaborative Accounts All Schools Connected with Cisco-Tanberg Video-Conferencing Mandatory Use! Australian Government Contracting ePals To Connect and Create Global Curricular Project-Sharing Bridges To Asian Schools Enhancing Long-Term Economic Commerce And Cross-Cultural Potential