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Test lessons 5 & 6 church history i


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Test lessons 5 & 6 church history i

  1. 1. Test Lessons 5 & 6 Church History I 1. What is the meaning of monasticism? 2. What was a Hermit? 3. What century did the monastic life really take off? 4. What was Benedict famous for? 5. What are the pros and cons to Benedict Rules? 6. What caused the split between the East and the West? 7. Why was the Church called Orthodox? 8. What was Constantine famous for? 9. What did Justinian do that caused problems between East and West? 10. What was the conflict over Icons? 11. What is the definition of a Monk? 12. What are the three rules of a Monks life? 13. Why was it difficult for a woman to become a monk? 14. Why Constantinople was called New Rome? 15. What about Eastern Orthodox reminds us of Charismatic’s Churches today?