Church history ii final exam


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Church history ii final exam

  1. 1. Church History IIFinal Exam 1. Who was John Locke? And what did he do that was so important? 2. What is another name for the Age of Reason? 3. What was the Renaissance? Who was the key figure? 4. Who was Blasie Pascal? And what significant thing did he do? 5. Whose ideas ruled Christianity for 1,200 years? 6. What group was considered to be the Radicals? 7. Why was Christianity put on trial? 8. What was called “a blight” “factionalism” and a “caste system? 9. How did denominations come to be the primary expression of Christianity? 10. According to the book what were the years of the Reformation? 11. According to the book what were the years of The Age of Reason and Revivals? 12. What was the most famous sermon delivered by Edwards? 13. What was so significant about Isaac Backus? 14. What was formed in 1769? Who were the key leaders? 15. What were some of the key points in the Revivalist’s message? How does that same message ring true today? 16. What group was considered to be the Radicals? 17. Why was Christianity put on trial? 18. Where did the “reasonable men” and the revivalists find common ground? 19. What was the key point of James Bryce message to America? 20. What did the Reformation do? 21. Name two things the Thirty Year War accomplished? 22. What did the Great Awakening prove? 23. What were the Puritans plans? 24. What did the twentieth century Americans prized themselves on? 25. What is the twofold mission of the Evangelicals? 26. What was most dominant point of the Age of Reason? Which two brothers saw it through? 27. Where was the general headquarters of the evangelicals? 28. Who was called the “nightingale of the House of Commons? And why? 29. What was the most significant merger of churches outside the U.S? 30. What have evangelicals always expressed was the most significant? 31. What is the Lausanne Congress? 32. Who was Ralph Reed? And what is he famous for? 33. What is the reality of self doctrins? 34. What was growing faster than the church in the 1980’s and 90’s? 35. What significant thing happen in the lives of people after World War II? 36. What Impact did television have on the early church? 37. What divided a nation? 38. Who was the founder of the Religious Right? 39. What did the Equal Rights Amendment do? Who did it really help? 40. What caused the rise of the Mega Church? 41. Who were the series of civil wars fought between? And why? 42. When did the thirty year war start? And what was it about? 43. What was the significance of the Peace of Augsburg? 44. How many men wrote effectively on deism? And who were they? 45. What three groups were dominating during the Age of Reformation?