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SD card recovery user guide


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Recover your sd card easily , follow this step by step user guide.

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SD card recovery user guide

  1. 1. Quick User Guide User Guide How to Recover SD Card
  2. 2. User Guide Step 1 - Download and Install Software  Installation File Size – 4,752 KB  Hard Disk: 33 MB of free space  Easy un-install from Control Panel
  3. 3. User Guide Step 2 - Select Recovery Option For files recovery(undelete) select “Recover Files”. For corrupted SD card select “Search Drive”.
  4. 4. User Guide Step 3 - Select Recovery Option 1. Select folder destination. 2. Select scan type: “Normal scan” for files deleted recently, select “Advanced Scan” if you cannot find the files.
  5. 5. User Guide Step 4 - Scan Process Please wait while the software scan for lost files.
  6. 6. User Guide Step 5 - File Preview Check files available for recovery
  7. 7. User Guide Step 5 - Purchase a license