Pictures of Kittens: and What You Can Learn from Them


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Kitten pictures are all over the internet. But can we learn key online marketing skills from them? Here are our ideas to benefit you.

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Pictures of Kittens: and What You Can Learn from Them

  1. Pictures Of Kittens:and What You Can LearnFrom ThemHere’s what we think you can learnabout online marketing from cutepictures of kittens
  2. In 1999, the internet was just for playing Quake. In2002, it was just for porn. In 2012, it’s only used forpictures of kittens.Everyone has got involved. Who doesn’t quickly whipout their smartphone to film every move their catmakes? We are slaves to the four-legged furballs. Butcan we learn anything from the internet popularity ofour adorable pets?Is there something behind the fur that we can takeaway and apply to online marketing?Here are our thoughts at Zoober.
  3. Kitty Lesson #1* Kitten pictures with captions are sweet and simple, and are never confusing — they are easy to understand* There is no overload of information for the audience* All online content should be like this - prospective clients are more likely to remember what you’re trying to sell with short, snappy text
  4. Kitty Lesson #2* Cats are cute, colourful and charming - they have a universal appeal* Make sure your content follows the same approach* Keep your campaign attractive and intriguing - images draw in the eye and break up lines of copy, keeping a potential customer interested
  5. Kitty Lesson #3* Pictures of cats are just so easy to share - there are entire websites devoted to our fluffy four-legged friends* You always remember a good kitten picture and therefore are more likely to show it to others* Similarly, your content should be memorable and easy shareable. Never forget the power of using social media for marketing!
  6. Kitty Lesson #4* How many pictures are there are of cats in funky costumes? Absolutely loads* Kitten pictures relate to us and remind us of people, places and everything else * Be creative with your content - lightly referring to pop culture or current affairs will keep your content seeming modern and up-to-date
  7. Kitty Lesson #5* Some cats have risen to internet stardom through continual sharing of their hilarious pics* The original ‘I Can Has Cheezburger?’ happy cat is a furry face recognised across the world* Realise the potential of an original campaign - an good idea with creative copy and eye-catching images could go far
  8. 6 Ways to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn Want to improve your social mediamarketing skills? Download our eGuide: 6 ways to generate leads using LinkedIn