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Understanding Wine Increases Internet Sales


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Understanding Wine Increases Internet Sales. Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting shares the similarities between being a sommelier with measuring Internet sales success for auto dealers.

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Understanding Wine Increases Internet Sales

  1. 1. Wine 101:DealerKnows: FundamentalsUnderstanding WineIncreasesYour Internet Sales
  2. 2. Who’s DealerKnows?DealerKnows: Joe Webb
  3. 3. DealerKnows: FundamentalsIt takes more than grapes.UnderstandingTrainingPracticePassion
  4. 4. DealerKnows: Lead ManagementThree variables:Wine Growing=Managing Leads
  5. 5. Terroir.DealerKnows: Lead ManagementKnow your environment.
  6. 6. DealerKnows: Lead ManagementGrapes and grape skins.A Mix of Varietals:LeadsTechnologyWebsitesOnline Content
  7. 7. DealerKnows: Lead ManagementBarrels or tanks.Where PeopleandProcesses Ferment
  8. 8. Barrels or tanks.DealerKnows: Lead ManagementWhere People and Processes Ferment
  9. 9. Don’t stop when you’ve made thewine. Vintages can turn out bad.
  10. 10. What’s important?DealerKnows: Lead ManagementLead Management
  11. 11. Comments are not conversations.DealerKnows: Social MediaSocial Media has aplace at yourdealership…Intoxication.
  12. 12. What are your digital priorities?Nothing.DealerKnows: Sourcing
  13. 13. Become a Somelier.DealerKnows: Quality Control
  14. 14. Buying.DealerKnows: Quality ControlSometimes you need a professional.5 Ways a Sommelier Inspects Wine
  15. 15. DealerKnows: ProcessRead, Deconstruct, andAddress the LeadColor.It’s not all Red and White
  16. 16. Aroma.DealerKnows: ProcessBreathe in theironline presenceand preparethe response.
  17. 17. Taste.DealerKnows: ProcessPartake the lead and Respond
  18. 18. Balance/Texture.Using multiple mediums?Eliciting positive responses?Follow-up strategy?Multiple topics?Overcoming objections?Building value?Confirming appointments?DealerKnows: Process
  19. 19. •Delicate A term used similar to charm but more often relates to the more subtlenotes of a wine.•Depth A term used to denote a wine with several layers of flavor. An aspect ofcomplexity.•Dirty A wine with off flavors and aromas that most likely resulted from poorhygiene•Dried up A wine that has lost some of its freshness or fruitiness due to extendedaging.•Dry A wine that is lacking the perception of sweetness.•Earthy This can mean a wine with aromas and flavor reminiscent of earth, suchas the•Easy A term that can be synonymous with "approachable" but more commonlyrefers to a wine that is siEdgy A•Elegant A term to describe a wine that possess finesse with subtle flavors thatare in balance.•Expansive A wine that is considered "big" but still accessible.•Expressive A wine with clearly projected aromas and flavors.•Fallen over A wine that, at a relatively young age, has already gone past itspeak (or optimal) drinking period and is•Farmyard A generally more positive term than "Barnyard" used to describe theearthy and vegetal undertones that•Fat A wine that is full in body and has a sense of viscosity. A wine with too muchfat that is not balanced by aciditys sa DealerKnows: ProcessFinish.Reporting:Does your lead managementdeliver the desired result?
  20. 20. Mystery Shop and Follow-Up Goals.1. Mystery Shop2. Auto-response3. Timing4. Email Strategy5. Sell Yourself6. MeasureDealerKnows: Follow-Up
  21. 21. Mystery Shop.DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  22. 22. Auto: 83.64%1 min. (median)Email provided multiple optio20%32.7%Auto-response usage:Auto-response time:Auto-response reliance:Default auto-responseusage:Auto-response.DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  23. 23. Auto-responders:Elicit ContactorBuild ValueIf they don’t, TURN THEM OFF!DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  24. 24. Called Before Emailing: 14.55%Email provided price: 38.18%Email provided multiple pricingoptions: 9.09%Email use:Only Called:Only Emailed:Included a personalpicture:DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  25. 25. Called Before Emailing: 34.55%Email provided price: 45.45%Email provided multiple pricingoptions: 7.27%Called Before Emailing:Email provided price:Email provided multiplepricing options:Email use:DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  26. 26. Email Philosophy.Provide MSRPCompetitive Price (Showing the savings)Alternate Vehicles (models as low as…/comparable used)Link to Inventory (for new)Link to “Get Pre-Approved Here” (for used)Set up for the Calllater: send a personal video message or photoDealerKnows: Follow-Up
  27. 27. Process methodology.1stEmail: Give them what they askedfor with additional options2ndEmail: Sell yourself right awaywith personal picture/videomessage3rdEmail: Sell your process4thEmail: Sell your dealership5thEmail: Sell your brandIn all future contact, make sure to ask questions andoffer them something special or interactiveDealerKnows: Follow-Up
  28. 28. Mystery shop results:DealerKnows: Follow-UpCalled Before Emailing: 36.36%38.18%Email provided 3pr38.2:14.55%Email provided multiple pricingoptions:One hour email response:Email Reliance:Phone Reliance:
  29. 29. Inspect what you expect.DealerKnows: Follow-UpMonitorPoliceMeasure
  30. 30. DealerKnows: ThanksJoe WebbPresident and FounderDealerKnows ConsultingDealerKnows.comVirtualDealerTraining.com847-456-5130Twitter/zonewebbLinkedIn/josephwebb