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Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting and Timmy James of AutoMot

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  1. 1. Merchandizzle Text Twitter: #DD11 #Merchandizzle Merchandizzle: Presentation
  2. 2. Who is DealerKnows?Merchandizzle: Joe Webb
  3. 3. Who’s this other guy?Merchandizzle: Timmy James
  4. 4. Three quick questions. Single point or dealer group? Pictures taken in-house or outsourced? When is the initial advertisement with photo(s) created?Merchandizzle: Audience Participation
  5. 5. The big question: Who has sold a car to a customer who is more than 100 miles away?Merchandizzle: Audience Participation
  6. 6. Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  7. 7. Who should take the pictures? Hired Gun?Your Gang? Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  8. 8. Almost anyone can hold a camera. Local high school Honor student Accountability Multiple tasks College scholarshipMerchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  9. 9. Sales Breakdown of Online Inventory Photos Included with Inventory Tool Inventory Tool Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  10. 10. Timing is everything.Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  11. 11. Merchandizzle: You’re Doing it Wrong
  12. 12. Where to shoot.The Stockyard The Studio vs. Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  13. 13. In the stockyard.We w ill brig hten Su nShineC hevy Make sure you’readvertising your brand Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  14. 14. In the studio.Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  15. 15. Doing it a lil’ bit country... In front of dealer signage Walk around Natural lighting On the lot “Point and click” cameraMerchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  16. 16. ...doing it a lil’ bit rock & roll (or rap, yo). High-resolution camera Muslins Studio lights (with soft boxes) Painted floor/ceiling Logos Turntable Merchandizzle: Taking Pictures
  17. 17. They’re not buying the steak... Photos Descriptions PriceMerchandizzle: What Sells
  18. 18. ...they’re buying the sizzle.Merchandizzle: What Sells
  19. 19. Merchandizzle: Photos
  20. 20. Digging deeper.20 Dealers from aroundthe country6,139 Vehicles61,434 PhotosReal Transaction Data Merchandizzle: Study
  21. 21. Distribution. >25 Pictures (18%)Mediocrity (30%) Less than 10 pictures: <10 Pictures 52.03%(52%) Merchandizzle: Study
  22. 22. What we found. Going fromless than 10 pictures to more than 25 pictures increased leads and views by more than 30% Merchandizzle: Study
  23. 23. It gets better. Going fromless than 10 pictures to more than 25 pictures increased inventory turn by 25% Merchandizzle: Study
  24. 24. What others have found:Having just 11 pictures can increase page views by 175% and contacts by 127% versus having no pictures at all Merchandizzle: Photos
  25. 25. How many?Good Better BestCreate ad the day the vehicle Create the ad the day the Create the ad at the auction:is “for sale” on the lot at a vehicle “arrives” on the lot:minimum: • At least 1 photo • Replace with more later • Custom vehicle description• 20 to 25 photos • Detail When it arrives on lot:• Auto-vehicle descriptions • 25 to 35 photos • Detail• Stitched photo video • Custom vehicle descriptions • 35 to 45 photos• Distribute/display same • Live video walk-a-rounds • Historical data description• day • Distribute/display same • Live video walk-around • day • Distribute/display same • day hint: more than six Merchandizzle: Photos
  26. 26. the good Merchandizzle: Photos
  27. 27. Wash methe bad Merchandizzle: Photos
  28. 28. thebadthe ugly Merchandizzle: Photos
  29. 29. Get creative.Hey, this thing has OnStarand a sunroof! Merchandizzle: Photos
  30. 30. What to take when you’re taking pictures:1. Passenger side, front ¾ shot 17. Driver’s side interior shot of second row2. Full front-on shot 18. Trunk shot3. Driver’s side, front ¾ shot 19. Wheel shot4. Internet Team holding their direct dial 20. “Penny test” on tire phone number and names 21. Passenger side interior shot5. Passenger side shot (right pointing) 22. Climate/radio/center stack shot6. Primary option/feature shot (e.g., 23. Center console shot (when available) sunroof, leather, heated seats…) with 24. Backseat shot taken from front seat text 25. Engine shot (if clean)7. Back-end shot 26. Driver’s side shot8. Dashboard shot 27. Driver’s side, rear ¾ shot9. Dealership showroom (with customers 28. Passenger side, rear ¾ shot being greeted) 29. Driver’s side power seat controls shot (if10. Picture of dealership exterior available)11. Full inventory picture 30. Passenger side power seat controls12. Secondary options/features shot with shot (if available) text 31. Driver’s side interior door13. Badge shot 32. Close-ups of controls (automatic/14. Additional option/features manual transmission, power windows/15. Odometer/dash close-up locks) start with options16. Driver’s side interior shot 33. Staff picture Merchandizzle: Photos
  31. 31. One of these angles isn’t like the other... hint: this one Merchandizzle: Photos
  32. 32. Being different.Merchandizzle: Photos
  33. 33. Wrong picture overkill. Do you see some redundancy here?Merchandizzle: Photos
  34. 34. It’s not just for used. Which one answers a question?vs. Which is less tangible? Merchandizzle: Photos
  35. 35. craigslistMerchandizzle: Listings
  36. 36. List on third party sites. Calls to34% more contacts action galore:Merchandizzle: Listings
  37. 37. Maximize real estate on your site.Value adderon vehiclepicture Dealer brand DETAILED PRICE Third-party validation Calls to action: Merchandizzle: Listings
  38. 38. Standard features:Unless it’s an El Camino,the majority of cars have these things standard Merchandizzle: Vehicle Descriptions
  39. 39. Automated descriptions.Merchandizzle: Vehicle Descriptions
  40. 40. How we do it. Paint a picture Appeal to competitive nature Use descriptive words Only discuss options GET CREATIVE read: Vehicle Descriptions
  41. 41. How you can do it. Shout-out to Mohegan Lake Audi Vehicle Descriptions
  42. 42. How not to do it.Accord EX-L 2.4 . Be a VIP without a VIP price! Can you say, Ride in Style?!Set down the mouse because this beautiful 2008 Honda Accord is the luxurycar youve been longing for. It is nicely equipped with features such as AccordEX-L 2.4 and 2.4L I4 DOHC i-VTEC 16V. Welcome to the A-list. Arrive in stylewith the Accords bold lines and stunning good looks. Fashionably late has a ?new meaning. Edmunds.Com said, "...The Honda Accord offers an appealingcombination of spaciousness, a relatively upscale feel and a reputation forreliability..." J.D. Power and Associates gave the 2008 Accord 4 out of 5 PowerCircles for Overall Initial Quality Design. All Honda Certified Used Cars undergoa comprehensive 150-point inspection and come with a 12mo/12,000 milelimited warranty and a 7yr/100k mile powertrain warranty. It’s a Honda, not an Aston Martin! Merchandizzle: Vehicle Descriptions
  43. 43. Save yourself (and the customer) the hassle. Take out “call for price.” Merchandizzle: Vehicle Pricing
  44. 44. A competitive price increased page views by 191% and contacts by 263%
  45. 45. Merchandising increases visibility. Use inventory to boost SEO Crafting display-advertising content Properly name image files Properly name video filesMerchandizzle: Vehicle Pricing
  46. 46. It’s all about conversion. Where’s the beef?Merchandizzle: Marketing
  47. 47. Merchandizzle: Social Media
  48. 48. What not to, shocking Merchandizzle: Social Media
  49. 49. What not to do.Merchandizzle: Social Media
  50. 50. What you CAN do.Dealerships utilizing Facebook inventory tabs have seen 10% of their fans utilize the application each month Merchandizzle: Social Media
  51. 51. Merchandizzle: Video
  52. 52. Every car doesn’t need to be on YouTube... Merchandizzle: Video
  53. 53. ...but some do.Consumer expectationsMinimal investmentSecondary SEO benefitsSolidifies customerengagement Merchandizzle: Video
  54. 54. Video basics.Text to speechHuman speechLive walk-around Merchandizzle: Video
  55. 55. The testimonial description.Merchandizzle: Video
  56. 56. Merchandizzle: Next
  57. 57. Time to go mobile. 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 88% of adults prefer text messaging over other forms of communication It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text messageMerchandizzle: Digital Assets
  58. 58. Quick Response. 4 million people scanned QR codes in the month of June Nearly 37% of users were in the coveted 25 to 34 age bracket More than one-third of them had a household income of at least $100,000Plus: 57% of Facebook and Twitter users haver scanned QR codes,usage is up 810% from last year, and it’s FREE! FREE Merchandizzle: Digital Assets
  59. 59. Frame it up.Merchandizzle: Digital Assets
  60. 60. Get ready for Q&A.Merchandizzle: “...I’m a let you finish.”
  61. 61. Merchandizzle: Lil’ bit country , lil’ bit rock & roll
  62. 62. Joe Webb Founder and PresidentDealerKnows ConsultingDealerKnows.comVirtualDealerTraining.com847-456-5130Twitter/zonewebbLinkedIn/josephwebb Tim James AutoMotive Merchandising Online 515-556-1465 Twitter/timmydjames Merchandizzle: Fin fin