An Introduction to Reflexology


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Through the application of pressure to the foot, a reduction of stress and pain will be experienced in specific parts of the body.

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An Introduction to Reflexology

  1. 1. An Introduction toAn Introduction toReflexologyReflexology
  2. 2. Reflexology, also known asReflexology, also known aszone therapy is an ancientzone therapy is an ancientholistic healing technique.holistic healing technique.
  3. 3. The theory behind this alternativeThe theory behind this alternativemedicine is that through themedicine is that through theapplication of pressure to the foot,application of pressure to the foot,the practitioner may effect specificthe practitioner may effect specificreflex zones in the body, producingreflex zones in the body, producinga reduction of stress and pain.a reduction of stress and pain.
  4. 4. While much of reflexology as yet toWhile much of reflexology as yet tobe scientifically validated, individualsbe scientifically validated, individualswho have received treatments swearwho have received treatments swearby it, and insist that reflexology isby it, and insist that reflexology isresponsible for reducing imbalancesresponsible for reducing imbalancesand blockages resulting from chronicand blockages resulting from chronicillness.illness.
  5. 5. It is believed by practitioners ofIt is believed by practitioners ofreflexology (zone therapy) footreflexology (zone therapy) footmassage that through the use ofmassage that through the use ofpressure to various parts of the foot,pressure to various parts of the foot,the related areas of the body, will bethe related areas of the body, will bestimulated, anesthetized healed, andstimulated, anesthetized healed, andfavored with increased blood flow.favored with increased blood flow.
  6. 6. Patients who have undergonePatients who have undergonereflexology say they prefer thesereflexology say they prefer theseholistic massages to other formsholistic massages to other formsof more invasive treatments.of more invasive treatments.
  7. 7. Reflexology is safe, non-invasive andReflexology is safe, non-invasive andwell reputed to effectively relievewell reputed to effectively relieveand lower elements associated withand lower elements associated withdisease.disease.
  8. 8. Reflexology is based on principlesReflexology is based on principlesthat are not involved in traditionalthat are not involved in traditionalmedicine. Although it has beenmedicine. Although it has beenaround since the days of Earlyaround since the days of EarlyChina and Egypt, there is nothingChina and Egypt, there is nothingproven that zone therapyproven that zone therapytreatments actually heal diseasestreatments actually heal diseases
  9. 9. Consequently, reflexologists willConsequently, reflexologists willinform their patients to continue anyinform their patients to continue anyother treatments you receive as aother treatments you receive as apatient and use reflexology footpatient and use reflexology footmassages as a supplemental form ofmassages as a supplemental form oftreatment rather than an alternativetreatment rather than an alternativesolutionsolution
  10. 10. Combining zone therapy treatmentsCombining zone therapy treatmentswith medicinal treatments andwith medicinal treatments andtherapy may relieve pain andtherapy may relieve pain andpromote a quicker healing process.promote a quicker healing process.
  11. 11. For those who undergo reflexologyFor those who undergo reflexologytreatment, youll find that yourtreatment, youll find that yoursession will result in the circulationsession will result in the circulationof energy to the various cells ofof energy to the various cells ofyour body. Increased blood flowyour body. Increased blood floweliminates any "blockage" toeliminates any "blockage" tospecific organsspecific organs
  12. 12. It is thought that these blockagesIt is thought that these blockagesare the source of pain and suffering.are the source of pain and suffering.
  13. 13. Although the application of zoneAlthough the application of zonetherapy will ultimately result in atherapy will ultimately result in asubstantial reduction of pain and thesubstantial reduction of pain and theresultant feeling of comfort andresultant feeling of comfort andrelaxation, one should expect arelaxation, one should expect acertain amount of discomfortcertain amount of discomfortinitially.initially.
  14. 14. Once the detoxification processOnce the detoxification processstarts during the reflexologystarts during the reflexologytreatment, a patient can expecttreatment, a patient can expectslight discomfort, a feeling ofslight discomfort, a feeling ofnausea, emotional ups and downs,nausea, emotional ups and downs,changes in your body temperature,changes in your body temperature,dizziness, mood swings, anddizziness, mood swings, anddrowsiness just to name a few.drowsiness just to name a few.
  15. 15. While these symptoms are notWhile these symptoms are notappealing, the resulting effectsappealing, the resulting effectsinclude relaxation, stress reduction,include relaxation, stress reduction,relief of pain in various regions ofrelief of pain in various regions ofthe body, increase energy andthe body, increase energy andstamina and productivity.stamina and productivity.
  16. 16. Zone therapy foot massagesZone therapy foot massagesshould be received frequently toshould be received frequently tomaintain blood flow and reducemaintain blood flow and reducepotential blockages throughoutpotential blockages throughoutthe body.the body.
  17. 17. As an alternative to frequent visits toAs an alternative to frequent visits toa reflexologists, specialized sandalsa reflexologists, specialized sandalshave been created specifically forhave been created specifically forreflexology.reflexology.
  18. 18. The "fingers" of these reflexologyThe "fingers" of these reflexologysandals by the Japanese companysandals by the Japanese companyKenkoh, replicate the actions of aKenkoh, replicate the actions of areflexologists and can effectivelyreflexologists and can effectivelycontinue the process between sessions.continue the process between sessions.
  19. 19. You can find these sandalsYou can find these sandalsonline at at