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First timesex englishbiodeluna-2011

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First timesex englishbiodeluna-2011

  1. 1. First-Time Regrets: Zoes StoryBy Zoe, 18, ContributorDuring the summer of 2001, I was hanging out with an old friend from middle school. Kathy was 16 and a year older thanme, and she had a car, which made hanging out with her that much better. Kathy had transferred schools in 7th grade, so I hadnt seen her for a few years. By that summer, she had made a lot of newfriends. Most of them hung out every weekend getting drunk and passing out. I didnt think much of it at the time.At the beginning of the summer, Kathy introduced me to some of her new friends. I got along with them pretty well,especially this guy named Trevor. Im not sure exactly what attracted me to him, but it didnt really matter. I liked him.Trevor and I made out drunk at parties a few times. Wed actually never kissed or made out sober—not even once. At thattime of my life, I found myself drunk almost every weekend, making out with random people, flashing entire households ofpeople. I was out of control.One weekend, four of us decided it would be fun to go camping and, of course, bring alcohol. The four of us consisted ofTrevor; Trevors best friend, Mike; Mikes girlfriend, Leah; and me. I told my dad that I was going to my moms house forthe weekend (my parents are divorced).My mom said it was fine if I went, as long as I was "safe," this included safe as in common sense and safe as in safe sex.Even though I was a virgin, my mom handed me a condom. I rolled my eyes, because I had no intention of losing myvirginity. I remember her saying, "What? I just dont want you to become a statistic." I shoved the condom in my backpocket and proceeded on the trip.We drove to a very secluded camping place. It was already dark by the time we arrived, so naturally we started a campfire.At this point, Trevor and Mike had already started mixing drinks: hard-alcohol drinks. I was pretty gone after one.Trevor and I followed our usual course and began to make out, which eventually led to claiming one of the two tents as ourown. (Originally one tent was for the girls and one tent was for the guys.) We talked or mumbled briefly about having sex.We were both so drunk we thought it was a good idea.We started taking off our clothes and he began kissing my neck. He then lay on top of me and inserted himself into me. Itwas the most painful experience I had had in a really long time. No spit, no lubricant, no nothing. This was his second timehaving sex, so I let him lead.Eventually I got used to it and forgot about the pain. At one point, the condom slipped off him and I flipped out, because Iwas really paranoid about getting pregnant, so I made him stop. I was really tired, so I started to go to sleep. Next thing Irealized, we were having sex again. Again, I flipped out, because we werent using a condom.The next morning, I woke up next to him feeling very confused. We didnt talk about it at all that day or on the ride home.We actually havent ever talked about it. He acts as if we never even slept together.I liked Trevor, but I wouldve never had sex with him if I had been sober. I felt and still feel very used and disappointed. Iam so lucky that I didnt get pregnant or a sexually transmitted infection, because making choices like the ones I did oftencome with consequences.If youre going to drink or have sex for the first time, do it responsibly, because you could end up making a choice ormistake that could change your life forever. I wish I had never lost my virginity the way I did, but you learn from both yourown and others mistakes. National correspondent Zoe, 18, lives in Vancouver, Washington. Text from-
  2. 2. Make a list with the words from the text that you do not know.Sum up the text in about 5 lines.Find a synonym for:To haves sex -To get pregnant-Condom-What is Zoe´s conclusion after this experience?Make a sentence with each of these words in order to clarify its meaning. If you don ot knowtheir exact meaning use a dictionary. • Sex- • Sexuality- • Gender- • Love-Comment these quotes from only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.~Alfred KinseyWhy should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldnt!~George Bernard ShawDont knock masturbation, its sex with someone I love.~Woody AllenLiterature is mostly about having sex and not much about having children; life is the other way around.~David Lodge