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How to protect your loved ones - Secure ehealth services


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How to integrate different devices and services that work together to achieve better health for everyone.

Published in: Healthcare
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How to protect your loved ones - Secure ehealth services

  1. 1. How to protect your loved Ones Secure IoT end-to-end solutions and services
  2. 2. Read further only if you value your health.
  3. 3. Preventing is better than treating, Hippocrates of Kos (460 - 377 BC)
  4. 4. Everything at hand what you need
  5. 5. Keep the control to know when to take action.
  6. 6. Ignorance costs Money or Life
  7. 7. Collect the data all the time; Get them analyzed; Share them securely.
  8. 8. Quality of Life Quality of Life
  9. 9. Affordable
  10. 10. Natural selection cares about who take care.
  11. 11. The Concept Capitalising current customer basis
  12. 12. Devices approved by authorities
  13. 13. Complete ecosystem around the devices
  15. 15. Happy marriage of technology and security •Battle-tested, highly secure platform •Easy to extend and to further develop •Fast prototyping: 2 weeks •Integration-friendly interface to any Apps •Passwordless authentication for extreme security •Enterprise open source with 24/7 support •No locked-in with one vendor
  16. 16. •Replaces the traditional username / password •Initial connection must be authorized by the owner •Authorization can be managed and revoked easily from mobile devices •No extra security threat for lost password Secure access control for convenience
  17. 17. From idea to launch in weeks •Prototyping: 3-4 weeks •Deploying: 6-7 weeks •Interfacing: depends •Go live: in 8 weeks
  18. 18. Value for money •Business needs “fast to market” •Short ROI period (starting from 6 weeks) •Lienar growth hand in hand with linear costs •Same IT stack may host hundreds of apps and devices
  19. 19. Summary •Competitors moving ahead with monoliths •Proven way to quick and high ROI •Be secure, be flexible, so you’ll be alright •Fast to market •Battle-tested technologies
  20. 20. And the bonus
  21. 21. White label solutions •Customer can create end user products •Customer can be fast to market •Easy extensible solution kit •Product development support •Unique flexibility by internationally proven use cases
  22. 22. Let’s Build Your Scalable Smart Business Together.