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Memetics - a brand new method to discover true CX


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How to use memetics to track CX - a 20 min presentation

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Memetics - a brand new method to discover true CX

  1. 1. DARWIN’S MARKETING EVOLUTION Memetics a brand new method to discover true CX
  2. 2. internet memes
  4. 4. 20th century: messages on posters
  5. 5. 21st century: messages INTO heads
  6. 6. two great discoveries of biology Mendel: the mechanics of inheritance is based on discrete entities (genes) Darwin: species are created from one to another (evolution) Darwin and Mendel together have discovered a lot more, than just the logic of biology
  7. 7. the Mendel theory: replicators The logic of biology: Life is generated from things that can not live on their own, but when creating certain groups, together they generate living beings (genes) My dog’s eyes are brown - so does mine – it is caused by the same gene ...and now when genes created certain living beings with huge brain, within which billions of thoughts exist, new replicators have emerged: • money (a certain type – the capital) • memes („genes” of the human thoughts)
  8. 8. structures of life a strong logical isomorphism among the different forms of life Biology Psychology Economics the replicator gene meme capital the beings beings cogn. schemata enterprises the products symptoms of life thoughts products Because of the same logic of the structures, knowledge acquired at one domain can be transferred to other domains
  9. 9. fundamentals of memetics meme = cognitive element that might be copied; they generate thoughts replication = multiplication; viral spreading memes compete  successful memes spread (identifiable success criterias)
  10. 10. the memetic level ThelevelofthoughtsMemeticlevel 10
  11. 11. not every thought is a meme typically non-memes: • basic emotions • attitudes • instincts • self-defence mechanisms • basic psychological functions • economic environment these determine the „life conditions” for the memes or memplexes These are the “environmental conditions” that memetic marketing has to accomodate.
  12. 12. what is memetic research? • We search meme beings • What is alive + and what could be living? • Memes are with us, if we search them or not, and determine our life • Memes spread, even if they are true or not • The result is the real CX Memetics shows how a brand and it’s market, or a product and it’s customers do NOT fit
  13. 13. examples for memes and non- memes smart drugs ‘getuppa’ müszi connecting people war on terror a meme not a meme not a meme a meme a meme
  14. 14. the use of memetics in CX • Find out what the real CX is • Find out what customers are sharing about their CX • Define what can you influence in CX (and what not) • Identify what could cause positive sharing Goal: Customers talk about their positive CX Method: Create memes that will spread, memes that will generate positive thoughts
  15. 15. the Twitter CX 2 memetic clusters, on top of everything: 1. Addictivity. About 20% of all memes were about the fact that Twitter is addictive. 2. Facebook. Another 15% of the memes were comparing Twitter to Facebook. After separating these, the dimensions of Twitter were easily identifiable
  16. 16. memetic dimensions of Twitter One and Other end Name of dimension Explain power Bad thing Good thing Judging 22,6% Needless Useful Necessity 17,0% Hatred Love Emotions 16,6% Liar True Truthful 8,4% On Facebook you lie to those you know, while on Twitter you tell the truth to unknown
  17. 17. meaning of the dimensions Name of dimension Meaning of the memes on one end Meaning of the memes on other end Judging Diverts from everyday life Perfect for info sharing Necessity Filled with nonsense stuff Useful to manage relationships Emotions More and more difficult My home when I am not at home Truthful No „twitter-ethics” I can be true as true can be Twitter becoming more Facebook-like would be disastrous
  18. 18. Darwin’s major references
  19. 19. Darwin’s services  Memetic brand experience  Memetic product/service strategy  Employee experience memetics  Local CX, local embedding
  20. 20. The memes thank you for your attention! Zoltán BRANDT managing partner