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  1. 1. 01: INTRODUCTION / CURRICULUM VITAE I own this. Don’t rip it off. © RJ Thompson Two-Thousand Ten / MMXRobert J. Thompson | 300 Heinz Street, #C109 | Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | 412.779.7665 | | RJTHOMPSON THE WORKS OF
  2. 2. Book 01 | Curriculum Vitae Book 10 | Easy Meals in MinutesBook 02 | Y-PA Magazine Book 11 | AIGA Designer DialoguesBook 03 | Underground Cafe Book 12 | Thompson Design MethodologyBook 04 | California University of Pennsylvania Book 13 | Visual Methodology GenerationBook 05 | Fostercat Book 14 | Persad CenterBook 06 | Book Cover Redesigns Book 15 | Gallery EspressoBook 07 | 52 for 51 Book 16 | Bishop Leonard - Saint Mary of the Mount AcademyBook 08 | Heinz Ketchup Typeface Book 17 | La Roche CollegeBook 09 | Emily Kathryn Fields Book 18 | Nancy’s Gourmet Foods
  3. 3. RJTHOMPSON INTRODUCTION[ INTRODUCTION ]Oh, hi there.W hat you are about to browse through is my design portfolio. It is very much a statement of mycapabilities. That’s about it. Oh, and that’s me to the right working through the creative process.Cheers,RJ
  4. 4. RJTHOMPSON STATEMENT OF INTENT[ STATEMENT OF INTENT ] I encourage students to start at the core of any project, to strike at the very heart of a project’s problems. Identifying necessities that must be found in the solutions. Conceptualizing. When I envision myself as an educator, I imagine that my greatest reward will be encouraging and purpose. Students must identify problems and enabling students to take initiative with their construct several solutions. Designers are cre- There are some students who have developed graphic design talents and further develop thosethe basis behind design, education, community, and commerce. ative problem solvers, and there is more than one their own creative processes, but the process skills to become as good as they can be. This is way to solve a problem; therefore, I encourage described above is simple and universally sound: how I will make a difference. students to develop several solutions. To reach it can be applied to any situation where thought,Confidence. Compassion. Growth. Educators potentially can motivate students to teach others. negative—confront designers. Positive choices in these solutions, however, I suggest that students creativity and effort are required. Graphic design Confidence. Compassion. Growth. Thesemust possess these skills and must have This important process begins with educators design projects are based upon strategy, research, work smarter, not harder. Read. Research. is a creative, problem-solving field; therefore, my elements are essential to fulfilling the interwovenconfidence in their abilities to impart these skills to and filters into their classrooms. When professors appropriateness, and visual necessity. Negatives From the research, collect and employ language. main objective is to develop problem-solving processes of learning and teaching. Every teachingtheir students. Furthermore, educators must teach create effective learning environments, students’ might include: insufficient strategy, insubstantial Words identify certain criteria designers seek to skills that are straightforward yet sufficiently moment provides opportunity for learning; andcompassionately, while still remaining motivated and educators’ goals are jointly focused and tightly research, a lack of appropriateness, an absence of include in their projects. Words also create the flexible to conform to any unique circumstance. this begins in the classroom with the the areas of personal self-improvement and aligned to work in harmony for the shared benefit visual strategy, and, unfortunately, students simply descriptive and visual associations that drive This is where it all begins. When I was a student, This is how good design educators instill aprofessional development. Good design educators of all involved. It is this passion that my professors not taking chances. All student designers make designs. Using language as a base, I encourage I thought that learners should be challenged to sense of creative courage in their students. Mylive and breathe their discipline, and effective imparted to me, and the lesson improved not just negative choices. It is the nature of students to design students to sketch their ideas. Regardless become more than what they are. I believe in the professors taught me this educators transmit that enthusiasm to my skills but my fellow students’ skills, as well. make negative choices; however, through the of how they ultimately render those ideas, the transformative power of education. Professorstheir students. One’s students must witness in learning, they become better able to improve fact that students put their thoughts on paper must challenge their students in an effort to This is how I teach others.their professors a passion and energy for design. Design educators also must communicate clearly, their designs and gain focus, thus transforming is sufficient, as they have switched their line of enhance students’ skills and enable them toIf students do not perceive this passionate honestly and constructively—nurturing the negatives into positives. thinking to a more visual approach. This is how become as creative as they can be. Creativity is //commitment, they will come to understand that learning process, giving it direction and focus. I begin every design project. Identifying all the expected in an industry that demands talent. Discussing a senior student’s design projects at La Roche College Portfolio Show, April 2010.their professors do not expect them to excel. A Knowing the measures of the industry, design Taking chances requires a measure of intellectualquality design professor leads by example. To educators must impart trust and instill ideas within curiosity and courage. Without which no onedo less would be to limit students’ ambition and their students in order to inspire them to become would make mistakes, and humanity would denystunt their growth in enhancing their craft and immersed in this discipline. Through immersion, itself the opportunity to learn from its importantimproving their industriousness. students’ growth arrives at the forefront: growth in failures. As a design educator, I would encourage their educational responsibilities; growth in their my students to learn and to explore. It is throughProfessors having compassion for students’ ambitions; and growth in who they are and in who this exploration that students make mistakes andneeds helps to facilitate a fertile classroom they shall become. gain valuable first-hand experience pertaining toenvironment that allows for effective teaching what works and what does not. Wanting one’sand learning. Students learn and retain best Courage has its place in our nation’s classrooms; students to make mistakes requires a courageouswhen professors possess the ability to focus their therefore, design educators must be brave so educator; nevertheless, that courage revealsstudents and immerse them in their lectures that they can assist their students in becoming an understanding of the learning and creativeand demonstrations. The knowledge students more courageous themselves. The rationale processes.retain, coupled with the professor’s enthusiasm, is quite simple: many choices—positive and
  5. 5. RJTHOMPSON CURRICULUM VITAE[ CURRICULUM VITAE ][ Objective ] [ Teaching Experience ]A position that enables me to prepare future designers for excellence in design practice and technique, design theory, design writing , and critical • Encourage conceptual and aesthetic innovation through process development while teaching students about practical industry needs.thinking through the instruction of the fundamental principles of graphic design theory and visually-driven problem-solving. To communi- • Develop course assignments with emphasis on both traditional print and digital media.cate the value of design to a myriad of professions, students, and applications using sound program development, design theory and history, • Build relations with the graphic design industry professionals to ensure practicality of projects.methodology, typography, in-depth research, business practices, and the social roles of designers in culture. To become a mentor and re- • Focus on strong foundation of the elements and principles of design as they apply to visual problem-solving.source to students that will enable the creation, fostering, and promotion of skills that students need to succeed. • Lead position in the development and formation of on-campus graphic design studio. • Oversee student graphic design club (Praxis) and secure memberships for with AIGA, American Advertising Federation,[ Education ] and Pittsburgh Advertising Federation.Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design [ expected graduation Summer 2010 ] • Supervise selection of non-profit organizations for select students, Praxis and the design studio.Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA • Require students to develop original imagery and construct pencil concepts before moving into the digital designing process.Thesis: The perception of ideal physical beauty as it applies to women in history and contemporary society contrasted with the promotion • Conduct student advising , portfolio reviews, and recruitment activities.of the perceived idealistic state of World War II propaganda communication– and the devastating consequences of both. • Proficiency with Macintosh and PC platforms and industry standard graphic design software.Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design [ August 2007 ] [ Course Instruction ]California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA • Multimedia One: Web Design [ Dreamweaver ]Associate Degree in Specialized Technology: Graphic Design [ December 2005 ] • Digital Fine Art [ Photoshop ]International Academy of Design and Technology, Pittsburgh, PA • Graphic Design One • Graphic Design Methodologies[ Academic Positions ]La Roche College | School of the ProfessionsDepartment of Graphic & Communication Design, Pittsburgh, PA• Adjunct Professor [ June-August 2009 ]• Visiting Professor [ August 2009 - present ]
  6. 6. RJTHOMPSON CURRICULUM VITAE[ CURRICULUM VITAE ][ Administrative Experience ] [ Professional Memberships ]• Faculty Advisor, Professional Student Design Organization: “Praxis” [ September 2009 - present ] Board Member, American Institute of Graphic Artists, Pittsburgh [ July 2007 - present ] • Balanced Heart Healing Centers account [ October 2009 - present ] • Director of annual Designer Dialogues speaking series • Connor Michaelek Family [ November 2009 ] • Member of Young Professional and Student Development committee • Father Ryan Art Center [ January 2010 - present ] • Bridge the gap between student designers and industry professionals • Wildwood Country Club [ March 2010 - present ] • Student Chapter Leadership• Studio Director, La Roche College Graphic Design Studio [ November 2009 - present ] • Membership Drives• AIGA Student Chapter Faculty Advisor [ September 2009 - present ] • Program Management• Student Advising [ September 2009 - present ] • Reputation of design in Pittsburgh[ Curriculum & Program Development ] Member, Pittsburgh Technology Council [ September 2009 - present ] • Attend workshops and seminars specializing in technological and business topics• Member, Graphic & Communication Design Web Design Minor [ September 2009 - present ] • Attend networking events sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council• Course Development: GCD229 Multimedia One: Web Design, GCD 210 Design Methodologies, GCD 421 Design Studio, GCD400 SpecialTopics: Advanced Web Design [ March 2010 - present ] Member, Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project [ September 2008 - September 2009 ] • Inspiring young Pittsburgh professional to affect change in our community through civic engagement, professional development,[ Committee and Service ] recreation, and social networking.• Board Member, Coalition to Affirm Real-Estate Management [ January 2010 - present ]• Member, Faculty Development Committee [ September 2009 - present ]• Member, Graphic Communications & Design Web Minor Committee [ September 2009 - present ]• Volunteer, Bishop Leonard / Saint Mary on the Mount Academy [ January 2010 - present ]
  7. 7. RJTHOMPSON PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE[ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ]Zola Design, LLC California University of PennsylvaniaPrincipal, Art Direction and Design [ August 2008 - present ] Graphic Designer [ January 2005 - October 2007 ]• As Principal, responsible for day-to-day operations– including management of equity, client contracts, and contracts with freelance • Design and maintenance of promotional materials across multiple academic departments. designers, programmers, and photographers. • Advertising for and photo documentation of art gallery shows in the Manderino Art Gallery.• As Art Director, oversee the quality of work completed by freelance contractors and guide their work to meet or exceed client expectation. • Implementation of original photography for use in all promotional materials.• As Designer, create quality design work that meets or exceeds personal standards and client expectation. Prepare files for print and • Postcard designs for potential students with multi-thousand print runs. communicate with printers on standards for each individual project. • Logo and identity design for Cal U Career Services.• Attend networking events to potentially build client base.• Attend business, marketing, and design workshops and seminars. Dymun + Company Intern [ December 2006 - May 2007 ]Prisma Inc. / H.J. Heinz Company • On-Site and off-site designer for California University of Pennsylvania account.Graphic Designer [ October 2007 - present ] • Photography used in academic magazines and promotional materials for Cal U.• On-site designer at H.J. Heinz Company • Designed digital billboard campaign for Dollar Bank account.• Responsible for creating marketing materials for brands such as T.G.I. Fridays, Jack Daniels, Boston Market, Bagel Bites, and the Heinz • Signage design for Kennywood account. stable of products. • Booklet designs for Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation.• Specialized in branding design for various internal and external corporate programs.• Art director for photography vendors– photo manipulation and color correction. Blair Corporation• Physical mock-up construction of conceptual Heinz products. Freelance Graphic Designer [ August 2005 - January 2007 ] • Creation of promotional product graphics used in online stores and catalogs.Pennsylvania Educational Publishing Association • Page layout design for promotional magazines and flyers.Graphic Designer [ June 2007 - October 2007 ] • Color correction on promotional photography to reflect versatility of products.• Design, layout, production, writing, editing, and interviewing for Y-PA Magazine. • Maintenance of advertisements and signage used in in-store promotions.• Developed print materials from concept to completion for outside clients. • Searched, edited, and relocated images for Lagos image library.• Design, implementation, and maintenance of company and magazine web sites.• Managing writers and designers.• Responsible for in-house printing of client projects.
  8. 8. RJTHOMPSON PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE[ VOLUNTEER ] [ EXHIBITIONS + AWARDS ]• Bishop Leonard / Saint Mary on the Mount Academy [ January 2010 - present ] AIGA Pittsburgh | Context 2010 [ March 2010 ] [ Awards & Publications ] • Revitalized Identity Design and Website Implementation Entry: “25 Book Covers” Logo Lounge | 2010• Balanced Heart Healing Centers [ January 2010 - present ] AIGA Pittsburgh | Ho Ho No Logo 2009 [ January Logo Lounge Master Library: Animals and Mythology • Revitalized Identity Design and Website Implementation 2010 ] “Hillview Tavern Logo” Entry: “Gallery Espresso”• C.A.R .E. - The Coalition to Affirm Real Estate Ownership [ January 2010 - present ] AIGA Context| 2009 • Board Member AIGA Pittsburgh | Context 2009 [ March 2009 ] Design Excellence Award • Identity Design and Website Implementation Entry: “Thompson Design Methodology” “Thompson Design Methodology”• Cystic Fibrosis Foundation [ July 2008 - present ] AIGA Pittsburgh | Ho Ho No Logo 2008 [ December GDUSA Magazine | 2006 • 65 Roses Ride 2009 ] Best of In-House Graphic Design • 65 Roses Baseball Club Entry: 52 for 51 logos Publication Date: July 2006 • 65 Roses Sports Auction “Underground Cafe: Two Work Studies Short of a Clue, • Casino Royale California University of Pennsylvania, Manderino Gal- CD” • Couples For A Cure lery | The Intercollegiate [ April 2005 - 2007 ] • Great Strides Entries: Underground Cafe Warren Art League | 2005 • Three Rivers Underground Brewers Three “1st Place Awards” California University of Pennsylvania, Vulcan Student Category: Graphic Arts and Photography• AIGA [ July 2007 - present ] Gallery | Vector Show [ February 2007 ] “Doctor Octopus” • Designer Dialogues Entries: Underground Cafe “Ainao the Amazing” • Portfolio Show Notes: Exhibition creation and management. “Secretina” • Context • Pecha Kucha Night Jozart Studios | Idea-Mechanics [ May 2006 ] • Xposed Studio Tours Notes: Exhibition creation and management.• Warren Public Library [ December 2005 - August 2005 ] Warren Public Library | Works of RJ Thompson and • Gallery and Computer Maintenance Maria Papalia [ August 2005 ]
  9. 9. RJTHOMPSON REFERENCES / COURSE EVALUATIONS[ REFERENCES ] [ COURSE EVALUATIONS ]Richard Helfrich, MFA John Riley , BFA “RJ taught the Multimedia for Web Design class that I took this past summer. I had limited experience in designing for the web previously,Department Chair Art Director and the class gave me a better understanding of how to use web design software efficiently and effectively. RJ was extremely helpful in theAssistant Professor of Design Prisma / H.J. Heinz Company classroom, always available before or after class if his students had questions or needed additional help. He made sure that class was purpose-La Roche College Pittsburgh, PA ful, engaging and fun.“Pittsburgh, Pa [phone] 412.237.0119[phone] 412.847.252 [e-mail] “I attended Professor Thompson’s Web Design course, which I found to be one of the most informative and productive classes I have ever[fax] 412.536.1093 [web] taken. His past design experience allowed him to share a wealth of information with his students, both related to the course, and also to the[e-mail] entire design profession. I personally feel he helped me tremendously with my web design, and as a graduating student, what to expect as I[web] Doris Short, BFA started my professional design.“ Creative DirectorTrudy Abadie, MFA GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare “Professor Thompson is a very relatable and approachable teacher, who is always ready to share a new idea or suggestion to improve anProfessor of Graphic Design 1000 GSK Drive :: Moon Township, PA 15108 existing design with his students.“Savannah College of Art and Design [phone] 412.200.3425[phone] 904.654.2745 [web] “RJ will bring a unique perspective to La Roche because he is a young professional with his own business. This means he keeps current on the[e-mail] [web] information he is teaching because he uses it every day. In Multimedia I, we were given exposure to different professional tools and tricks of the[web] trade that we may not have learned otherwise. RJ is a good teacher and a hard teacher. He gives an abundance of information and actually Dennis Moran, MFAGreg Harrison, MFA 352 Urquhart Road expects his students to learn it, as well as to take initiative and experiment on their own. RJ always took time to help us, even extending classDepartment Chair, Professor Scenery Hill, PA 15360 hours and coming in especially for us at the end of the semester to make sure we had all the help and understanding we needed for the final proj-California University of Pennsylvania [phone] 724.945.5600 ect. RJ is always available, even if he’s had a rough day or is very busy, to talk or answer questions about design, whether they’re related to his classPittsburgh, PA [web] or not. I would consider it a privilege to take another class with RJ, as I believe it would greatly enhance my professional development.“{phone] 724.938.5751[fax] 724.938.4279 “RJ’s class Multimedia I was amazing. Previously, I had no experience with Dreamweaver, or web programming at all. Through the course of[e-mail] the class, he challenged and taught us. I learned so much! Now, I can create websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, I can upload sites[web] to servers, and redesign sites for better functionality and design. One of the best things about RJ is that he is very close with us students and easy to interact with. He understands our problems and what we are dealing with in terms of homework, stress, and projects. He is also an ex- ceptional designer and very open to helping students. He has personally helped me with several outside projects as well as my portfolio and resume. I highly recommend him and think the staff of La Roche College would do very well to hire him as a full-time professor.“
  10. 10. RJTHOMPSON RESEARCH[ RESEARCH ] • Geolate iPhone Application [program patent pending] Purpose: Optical character recognition of foreign languages on printed materials Execution: iPhone users will be able to take a photo of printed materials written in a foreign language through the Geolate program, at whichCompare/Contrast: The perception of female beauty in history and present society contrasted against the perceived idealistic state of World point it translates the information into the language of the user in either text-to-speech rendering or vocal/audio output.War II propaganda. [ January 2010 - present ] Example: An English-speaking American person walks into a Starbucks in Japan. The menu, illegible to the American, is completely written in Japanese. The American person then launches the Geolate program on their iPhone and takes a picture of the menu. After a brief moment,Proposal: The proposed topic of research will primarily involve the perception of ideal physical beauty as it applies to women in history and Geolate translates the information into the English language. Once attaining the information on the menu, the user selects the translated textcontemporary society, as well as the promotion of the perceived idealistic state of World War II propaganda communication– and the dev- in the iPhone application and chooses “vocal output.” The audio is then played to the barista in their native language.astating consequences of both that occur/occurred as a result. Both subjects will be researched individually, then compared, contrasted, andunified into a cohesive result that will have specific emphasis placed on the choices made in both subjects that have long-lasting , • Match Your Story iPhone Application [program patent pending]yet ever-present effects on contemporary society. Purpose: Match Your Story matches your dilemma with someone else’s story (anonymously) so that you can find a happy ending to all of yourExecution: Thesis will be collected into book format available as a physical publication and digital download. problems.Entrepreneurship for the Post-Graduate Graphic Designer [ August 2008 - present ] Execution: Match Your Story, once launched on the iPhone will enable a person to review the dilemmas of others and allow you to interact with other users by offering sound advice or solutions. All interaction with Match Your Story is recorded and reciprocated into the websitePurpose: The seemingly constant occurrence of a fluctuating economy has greatly hindered the immediate post-graduate from attaining a equivalent of the application.graphic design position in the current job market. For all intents and purposes, the concept of freelance design is mostly suggested to be anextracurricular opportunity outside of a full-time design position. However, in the absence of secure design positions, freelance design is • iCF iPhone Applicationthe preferred option of generating revenue for oneself. This research project, known mostly as Zola Design, is an experiment that a graphicdesigner can act independently from the design job market, formalize into a state-recognized company, and attain business for themselves. Purpose: Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic disease that causes mucus to build up and clog some of the organs in the body, particu-The promotion of forming a business to the newly-graduated designer should be emphasized and supported in academia– this project is a larly the lungs and pancreas. Approximately 30,000 children and adults in the United States have cystic fibrosis. An additional ten millionresponse to the inclusion of such an education in graphic design programs across the world. more—or about one in every 31 Americans—are carriers of the defective CF gene, but do not have the disease. CF is most common in Cau- casians, but it can affect all races.Execution: Formalize freelance career into a state-recognized business. Attend business-creation seminars and become actively involved inSCORE: the Service Corps of Retired Executives. Attain the services of an accountant and lawyer to maintain proper business registration Execution: The iCF application will allow CF patients to access crucial information about their illness, their medications, and connectprotocols. Draft a business plan and marketing plan and fully integrate the plans of both into the business. Attend networking events, busi- them with other CF patients [as direct contact and/or space sharing with other CF patients is highly disallowed] through digital video,ness seminars, marketing seminars, and join professional organizations in order to potentially attract and subsequently gain business. Main- forums, and over the phone. Store all of your CF information in this app and back it up onto your computer, where it can be printed immedi-tain business through a concerted effort of maintaining excellent quality of work and customer service. ately for use in doctors appointments or clinical trials. Family members of those with cystic fibrosis can use the app to promote the search for a cure and donate money through the innovative new technology known as “Square,” an external device that plugs into the iPhone that allows for instant credit card swiping.