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Despite knowing what we want to accomplish,
we rarely look at the complexity of the issu...
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5 steps to build low code apps


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Five steps to build low code apps will take you through some of the essential steps in the app building process. For more information read the full blog at

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5 steps to build low code apps

  1. 1. Lorem ipsum KNOWING WHAT YOU NEED Despite knowing what we want to accomplish, we rarely look at the complexity of the issue.The best way to find out about the requirements for the application is to pitch it to your team members.They can bring valuable questions and insights to your project.When you find out what you will need from a coding platform, then you can start to search for one. Break down each element into the smallest parts you can, then try to solve individual problems. If you map all of these elements out, you should be able to develop an efficient workflow. 1 Now that you have a series of workflows, you can start working on your app. If you assemble your app using a modular structure,you can test individual aspects and work on each module separately without disturbing the others.This is crucial to ensuring your app's functionality. PIECE YOUR PLAN TO EVERY MODULE3 add/modify according to need5 make a layout of your needs2 push the app to test4 Testing is the most essential element to the success of any app. This is a meticulous, tedious process, though there are ways to gamify it so that it doesn't feel like such a grind. In any case, this is where you find and fix any bugs in your app and make sure that the entire product works as intended with no hiccups. You really can't test enough, in our opinion. Without iterating your app, it will quickly lose relevance, and all of your hard work will be for naught. Remember to never stop building! + STEPS TO BUILD LOW CODE APPS In the excitement of setting up a new business app, we often miss out on some essential steps. In our decade long journey with Zoho Creator, we have learnt quite a few tricks that can enhance your app buliding experi- ence. Scroll down to master them! 5 @zohodevs Have a question? Icons/images designed by Newelement/Freepik