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[Preview]Encountering the why leads to vision


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This is just a small intro to what currently I am writing " Encountering the Why? leads to Vision" Your honest feedback solicited.
Zohdi Rizvi

Published in: Business, Technology, Education
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[Preview]Encountering the why leads to vision

  1. 1. Encountering the <br />Why?<br /> brings vision<br />----x----x----x----x----x----x-----x-----x-----x-----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----<br />Author: Zohdi Rizvi, MBA in Marketing and e-business<br />Online Marketing Professional ,Entrepreneur<br />Why this book? Aka Preface<br />“I could have stated that because of technology, mind and an intention to reason the logical factors that governs your state of decision, would become a prime motive in streamlining my energy and effort to expose the intricacies involved in reasoning the unreasoned choice, is an answer to why I am penning down my thoughts that might shape into a book” – Zohdi Rizvi<br />Our life is surrounded by so many decisions, sometimes hard and sometimes easy-going. But the uniqueness to unplug it into an actionable outcome deserves a lot more attention in my view. What if you could have realized prior to what your mind would have decided for you, would eventually lead you into a state of control over your mind. This is really a tough nut to crack but not an impossible code to decode.<br />My only intention is to let you perceive the processing speed of your own mind that triggers zillions of instructions in the hundredth of second, for which trillions of dollars would be spent to measure the velocity of its impact on your whole body (Organization).<br />In this piece of text, I would honestly try to uncover the secrets of decision-making with respect to business-context, and how easily we pay the opportunity cost of neglecting the candidate outcome of your super-fast mind, just because your heart ditches your mind sometimes, as it sometimes gets seduced by emotions, or trapped with infatuation of promises or even it is poisoned into a sub-conscious state through hypnotized USP’s of a product/service or an opportunity!<br /> I am sure by the time I finish this guide book I would have answered many “why” in that passage of time, and probably the opportunity cost of losing my sleep, would cost me an embarrassment tomorrow..! But anyways let’s begin exploring why!<br />The Psychology of Why?<br />Have you ever realized what makes you reason or ponder upon any subject or choice? What kind of cognitive forces takes birth when you focus on a decision and continue to narrow down your choices into a limited set of options and finally you pick the one that resembles the exact image of need reflecting in that option. What if that was a mirage of reflection and in reality a refraction of your subdued focus or merely an affectionate intimacy with the choice since it apparently looks to you as satisfying your pre-determined sets of requirements?<br />Indeed the day when you master the art of questioning the why with how, you would soon get to know the underlying factors that grips your decision making process.<br />When you closely think for a decision, and discover the possible alternatives, between those stages you can question this “Why” with your “How”.<br />The Psychology of Why is to:<br /><ul><li>Reason the logic
  2. 2. Give birth to its child “How”
  3. 3. Build the foundation of your decisions
  4. 4. Show you the path to Success
  5. 5. And to become a torch-bearer in guiding you from failure</li></ul>To be continued…<br />(Please share your feedback)<br /> | twitter: @zohdi_rizvi <br />