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Nutrient management in degraded land


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Degraded lands effective managemnet

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Nutrient management in degraded land

  1. 1. Zohaib ur Rehman Bughio By
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Loss of economic value of land due to combined effect of environmental factors and human activities is called as land degradation. A land is so to be degraded when it fails to have any quality which is essential for land use. Factors involved are salinization , water logging , nutrient depletion , erosion and many others . Land Degradation
  3. 3. NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT Nutrient management involves managing the adequate amount of essential plant nutrients in a given piece of land. ‘Nutrients are the food for the crops and their deficiency at any level results in heavy yield losses. The required amounts u apply the best yields you get. Nutrient management is key for sustainable agriculture
  4. 4. SALT AFFECTED SOILS The most degraded lands in terms of nutrient managements. Methods to manage the nutrients in Salt affected soils • Use of acidic fertilizers. • Secretion of organic acids • Use of elemental sulfur • Foliar application of micronutrients • Applying fertilizers in small amounts and in bands.
  5. 5. SOIL EROSION Removal of top fertile layer by the action of wind water and ice. Management of nutrients in Eroded lands: • Maintaining crop cover. • Spring conservation practices. • Maintaining a proper soil structure • Providing adequate drainage.
  6. 6. WATER LOGGING The condition in which the soil is saturated with water is called as water logging. Methods for management of Water logging. • Foliar application of fertilizers. • Providing air channels for air exchange. • Site-specific nutrient management (SSNM). • Use of organic materials. • Use of fertilizers( Urea , Ammonium Nitrate , Ammonium Sulfate).
  7. 7. NUTRIENT DEPLETED SOILS Soils which have lesser amount of nutrients are called as nutrient depleted soils. Methods for nutrient management in Nutrient depleted Soils • Crop rotation. • Fallowing. • Application of Farm Yard Manure. • Mulching and Green manuring. • Integrated fertilization.