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#myeurope Instagram case study - bmibaby and The Rabbit Agency


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As presented at the Eye For Travel Social Media and Marketing Conference 2012 in Amsterdam. How bmibaby and The Rabbit Agency used Instagram to create #myeurope - an award winning social media campaign.

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#myeurope Instagram case study - bmibaby and The Rabbit Agency

  1. 1. and The Rabbit Agency
  2. 2. Today’spresentation• About bmibaby, #myeurope campaign & our awards• Instagram and the rise of the visual web• The brief fulfilled for #myeurope• About the #myeurope campaign• The results
  3. 3. bmibaby, were a small (fleet of 14) low fares airline based in the UK who flew to39 destinations around Europe. bmibaby’s last flight took place on September 9th2012Over their ten years as an airline bmibaby strived to use their size to theiradvantage, aimed to inject the fun in flying and always focused on theimportance of inspiring their customers to travel I’m Zoë Baker from Rabbit, bmibaby’s social agency - @zoewithdots An introduction to bmibaby
  4. 4. The awards• The #myeurope campaign has achieved: 1 award, 5 x finalists and 3 x nominations• Winner: • Econsultancy Innovation Awards for Innovation in Travel and Leisure• Finalists: • PR week - Most Innovative use of Social Media • New Media Age - Best Travel Campaign • Loyalty awards - Best use of Social Media to Enhance Loyalty • Revolution Awards - Best Use of Social Media in a Travel Campaign, Best Online PR Campaign• We are waiting the results of 3 industry awards nominations for Digital impact awards!
  5. 5. Instagram is a photo sharing social network it is also the worlds largest mobile only international social network with over 100 million users (only 16 million last December) Launched in Oct 2010, purchased by Facebook for $1bn in April 2012 Instagram integrates Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Posterous and Flickr Available on iPhone and Android devicesWhat is Instagram?
  6. 6. Users are engaged: Comscorerevealed last week thatInstagram has more daily usersthan TwitterUsers are spending over 50%more time on the networkthan Twitter users (that’s noteven counting image capture,seletion and editing!)Founder Kevin Systromrevealed at SXSW 2/3 of usershad logged in the previousday.Early adopters are not theusual social media suspects.Brands that were earlyadopters included Burberry,ASOS, Red Bull and bmibaby! Who uses Instagram?
  7. 7. Instagramers or‘IGers’• There are 330 Instagramer communities worldwide, so far - it’s a rapidly growing community.• Users identify themselves as part of this community by tagging their images eg. #IgersLondon• Coordinated by the main Instagramer feed and website run by @PhilGonzalez• Communities have presence on Twitter, Facebook, MeetUp & organise offline ‘Instawalks’• It is now common place for brands to work with these communities (but we were first!)
  8. 8. Creative challenges are commonInstagram is a photo sharing social network it is also the worlds largest mobile only international social network with over 100 Launched by users, million users (only 16 million last community feeds and December) brands Launched in Oct 2010, purchased by Simple, to avoid Facebook for $1bn in April 2012 language and tech barriers Instagram integrates Twitter, Facebook, Often hashtag lead Foodspotting, Foursquare, Tumblr, Posterous and Flickr Our favourite: Available on iPhone and Android devices @joshjohnsonCreative Challenges
  9. 9. Tumblr Instagram PinterestThe three social networks in the headlines this year have been visual
  10. 10. Already in the US and UK, most phones are smartphones In 2008, six megapixels were standard on entry level Creative challenges are cameras. Today’s iPhone has eight commonInstagram is a photo sharing social network it is also the worlds largest mobile only Phone calls the 7th most popular activity on international social network with over 100 Launched by users, media 2nd (02) 16 million last million users (only community feeds and December) brands Launched in Oct 2010, purchased by Digital cameraSimple, to avoidare downfor $1bn in April 2012 sales in the UK Facebook 29% (Mintel) language and tech barriers Camcorder sales are also downintegrates Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 21% Often hashtag lead Foodspotting, Foursquare, Tumblr, Posts on Facebook that includePosterous andpicture or an album, Flickr Our favourite: video increase engagement by 180%, 120% and 100% @joshjohnsonAvailable on iPhone and Android devices Pinterest - now the 2nd biggest driver of social media traffic to sites after FacebookThe visual web and mobile
  11. 11. The campaign
  12. 12. The Brief• Work together with our online community to inspire our customers to travel• Priority route focus• Work with international tourist boards• Airline first, in the increasingly competitive social space!• Cross platform & able to be brought to life offline• What better way to inspire customers to travel, than visually, using Instagram?
  13. 13. Getting started• Feed set up• Regular content• Follows of travel influencers on the network• Cross post to existing social channels• bmibaby community tag: #bmibabygram• Started building relationships with Instagram community managers
  14. 14. #MyEuropeCampaign Launch:• Stage One of the campaign: Instagramer challenge• Working with a different regional Instagramer feeds each month we ask the communities to help us create visual inspiration guides in exchange for flights!• Simple message (low barrier to entry): Tag the beautiful sights of Italy to win flights!• Each month a different priority route focus• Each month an inspiring visual destination guide created!
  15. 15. #MiaItalia6,400+ entries images tagged
  16. 16. #MyGermany 18,000 entries images tagged(11,000 since winner announced!)
  17. 17. #MyHolland1,800 entries images tagged
  18. 18. #MySwitzerland10,800 entries images tagged
  19. 19. #MyFrance11,000 entries images tagged
  20. 20. #MySpain7,700 entries images tagged
  21. 21. Who wins? The community decides!
  22. 22. #MyEuropeInstameet exchange• Stage Two of the campaign: Instameet Exchange• Embracing another Instagramers community trend - Instameets• Each month following the #MyCountry campaign leaders of the Instagramer group (huge influencers on the platform) and London Igers were flown to each others countries to attend local Instameets in each others’ cities• Each visit created another inspiring visual destination guide!
  23. 23. #MyLondon4,300+ images tagged & featured in The Daily Telegraph!
  24. 24. #MyVenice1,300+ images tagged
  25. 25. #MyAmsterdam1,350+ images tagged & featured in Reuters!
  26. 26. #MyAmsterdam1,350+ images tagged & featured in Reuters!
  27. 27. #MyEurope: Visual • Stage Three of the campaign: Visual destination guide hosted for eachdestination guide destination, country and city on the bmibaby blog
  28. 28. #MyEurope:spreading the word• Stage Four of the campaign: Ongoing PR opportunities• Campaign: world first and ongoing regional, social and travel angles• The UK’s first Instagram Exhibit• Campaign animation• Over 100 pieces of coverage, so far!
  29. 29. #MyEurope:winding down• Stage Five of the campaign: saying goodbye and thanking our community• We held one last competition: #myeurope, asking the community to tag images of Europe old and new for chance to win a limited edition photobook showcasing the best images of Europe collected from the whole campaign.• We wanted the community to have legacy and longevity so we invited the community to continue to the their images and hundreds new visuals are added each week
  30. 30. #MyEurope1,700 entries images tagged
  31. 31. Third most talked about airline Worldwide Almost 67,000 images tagged 100+ pieces of coverageThe results so far
  32. 32. What makes this campaign award winning?• Worked with existing community, longevity, extensions outside of Instagram, competitor benchmarks, priority route focus• Here’s what the judges had to say at the Econsultancy awards: “Rabbit started out by seeding the campaign among Instagram’s super users in Italy, Germany and Holland, who helped to raise awareness. This has resulted in more than 10,000 pictures being submitted to its destination guides. The offline aspects of the campaign were brilliant, with meetups and a photography exhibition that generated coverage in more than 100 publications.”
  33. 33. Think the visual web is not relevant to your industry? Think again!
  34. 34. Thank you!Find me online: • Twitter/IG: @zoewithdotsFind IG resources online: • www.therabbitagency.comFind this presentation online latertoday, on Slideshare: •