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Horror opening Question 6


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Horror opening Question 6

  1. 1. Media Horror Opening – Question 6 What we have learnt from various technologies
  2. 2. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process ofconstructing this product? When learning something new or creating a product you always learn new skills along the way, through this task we have learnt various techniques in media. We have learnt how to deal with specific camera shots, angles and movements through using a technical camera and new ways of presenting i.e. blogger, prezi, scribd. When editing and putting together findings from research we learnt how to use I movie when putting all of out information together. Whilst learning how to edit our horror opening we used Youtube to receive further tips and information to guide us, further using IMDB (internet movie database). Through these techniques and the knowledge gained we were able to create a final product to the best of our ability.
  3. 3. How have specifictechnologies helped you toresearch and plan, shootand edit your film? Camcorders and Tripods – The camcorder we used was the Toshiba H30 which is a fairly simple recorder but does the job well. To begin with we had a little play around to get used to the technology of it i.e. we investigated how to use the zoom lense, how to change colour of the recordings and to use slow motion. We wanted to think about stability and therefore worked out how to use the tripod. The camcorder which we used we found very helpful and easy to control however the battery was not very sufficient therefore we had to keep charging it up which slowed the shooting. Something I feel the camcorder was very helpful with was that you can view what you have just shot instantly therefore you can record it again if needed.
  4. 4.  Blogger- This website is a very efficient use of technology for us to put all of our work onto so others can view it and comment immediately. Through posting something onto your personal blog you can use various media types i.e. pictures, videos, essay’s, notes etc. This internet resource is a very competent way of receiving help from tutors, assistance and advice. It allows you to be independent but in a position where you can get help if needed. You are also able to personalise your profile which makes it your own, using it in both a professional and fun way. Through personalising your work it makes it unique so that you’re using media in a different way to everyone else.
  5. 5.  Camera Angles – Through learning how to use a camcorder we have developed skills on how to use various angles, shots and movements in effective ways. The main shots we used were: Close up – adding tension to the opening and allowing the audience to feel more involved. Long shot – allowing the audience to see the setting and receive more information about the shot i.e. the park, tree’s, playground. Over the shoulder – alike a close-up where the audience can see clearly the characters expression and emotion. Also demonstrating the relationships between the characters. Medium shot – mixing the close-up shot and long shot to get both a establishing view and character view. Extreme close up – a more intense version of a close-up demonstrating further tension and adding suspense. Establish Shot – a shot used to set the scene at the beginning allowing the audience to receive the bulk of the information. Perspective shot – this shot we used so that the characters reactions and characteristics were enhanced at the right moments.
  6. 6.  Camera Movement - As well as camera shots you need to understand how to move the camera in an effective way to get the best result. Some of the various movements we used are ones which we researched and experimented with. The main movements we included were: Panning – this is an easy way to move from place to place without leaving out any detail. Panning allows the audience to view the entire scene in one shot. We used various panning shots to enhance the suspense and build to the climax of the scene. Zoom –this allowed us to add the suspense in certain scenes especially when we wanted to focus on one character or one aspect of the scene. Handheld – this use of movement is very effective as it brings the audience into a very real life like situation, creating a sense of tension and horror. The handheld was used when we shot running scenes and scenes of panic.
  7. 7.  YouTube – Youtube is a very helpful way of receiving information on guidance with using certain websites, technology, programs and more. We typed into the search bar what we needed help with and various amounts of videos came up which offered guidance and specific information. We also used this internet page to research into various horror films. From using the internet as a research method we found that the costume used for the little girl in The Ring was a big inspiration for our villain in our opening. In addition the green light used helped us to think about making a murky and eerie effect in our scenes. Youtube further enabled us to find examples of music/sounds we could use in our opening to create the best effect. From using Youtube it deffinatly allowed us to learn further skills about technology.
  8. 8.  IMBD – This website can be used by anyone to gather information about any type of genre and any film. We specifically used the horror genre and researched about 5 various films. You can receive information about the target audience, ratings, reviews etc. From analysing the ratings and reviews we were able to work out what would work best for our opening and what would help to create the strongest outcome product. One film we researched and analysed was Paranormal Activity which had a rating of 6.5 and a gross earning of $193,355,800 worldwide. The budget of the film was $15,000 demonstrating this film was of a big success financially showing it was a well viewed film. We found out that the outcome was very strong and was well received by the public.
  9. 9. How we used AdobePremiere Elements This program was the main starting point for our editing, it is what we used at the beginning of our editing process. It allowed us to use things like; fading between the scenes, colour changes, sound effects, clip trimmers and various other technical edits. However due to the program not being strong enough to hold our opening and allowing us to use the editing techniques we needed we had to transfer to using a Apple Mac Book with the editing program installed. This program was a lot like Adobe Premiere however it allowed us to edit each individual scene with precise detail. We started off by making a list of the key elements we needed to edit and worked our way from that. With this program we were able to create a final product through high technology and a very effective use of editing software. Certain editing techniques we used were changing the entire colour of the opening into a more dull exterior, using fades and snap shot from one scene to another, editing in music and sound effect changing the volume, pitch and tone etc.
  10. 10. Other technologywe have used I movie – This was the program on the Mac which we had to adjust to. From this we learnt how to use special effects, fades, cuts and many more techniques. We learn how to change the colour of each shot/scene, how to import sound files, fonts for our title making it unique to our opening. The purpose of learning techniques helps us to have an overall strong horror and frightening effect towards the audience such as the lighting being abnormal, odd sound effects and chilling images. By use of these effects we were able to create a finished horror opening which was completed to the best of out ability.
  11. 11.  Prezi – This internet website is a very technical and media efficient way of producing work on a new level, it is recognised as a powerpoint/slide show. Once it was created then imported the embedded code onto blogger so others could view our work. Scribd – This internet program was a lot like Prezi as it allowed us to explore different media and more interesting way of presenting our work, instead of putting it onto blog as a word document. One by one you place it onto a scribd document and then put the embedded code onto blogger.