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Genre Study

  1. 1. Genre Study<br />Forms and Conventions<br />Zoe Skerrett<br />
  2. 2. WHAT IS GENRE?<br /> The genre of a film refers to the similarities in narratives and puts them into categories. Most of the theories about film genres are taken from literary genres in books. Genre is defined by the setting: the place where the story and action happens, the topic: the thought that the film revolves around, the mood: the feeling given by the story. Other factors that also help identify a genre could be: narrative events, recurring icons, props and actors. Further categorizing is comes down to the target audience. Some genres can be linked together to form hybrid genres, this includes romantic and comedy, forming a ‘romcom’.<br />
  3. 3. Comedy is the most popular and important category in cinema, it is used to evoke laughter and humour to the audience. <br />One recurring prop that features in comedies is alcohol, this allows the character to do and say funnier things than usual and gives the audience a laugh about the silly things that alcohol makes you do. Comedies such as The Hangover play on the after affects of alcohol and how that makes you feel.<br />The editing pace used in comedies is usually fairly constant, although if there was a piece of tension or action the speed would alter to fit the mood of the film.<br />There is no set location that is iconic to comedies, they could take places in school, offices or towns and cities. These locations are easily accessible and do not need a big budget.<br />The is usually more than one main character in a comedy, each of them bring a different side of comedy to the film. For example, in The Inbetweeners Will is the nerdy geek who people like to make fun of, Simon is a hopeless romantic, Jay lies about everything he has done and makes up funny sexual stories and Neil is clueless and will believe anything he is told. These characteristics clash together and form an unexpected friendship group which is a popular convention used in comedy. This can also be seen in the American Pie series.<br />COMEDY<br />The music used in comedy films is a soundtrack of upbeat songs that reflect the humorous mood of the comedy.<br />Sound effects that are used in comedy films emphasise the humour, for example if one character falls over there will be a loud, extravagant bang to make the actions seem more funny.<br />The dialogue spoken in comedy films are often witty one liners. Naive characters speak as if they are not ‘all there’ and could be classed as very ‘blonde’ and gullible. <br />
  4. 4. HOW I COULD USE THESE CONVENTIONS IN MY OWN FILM<br /> -The locations are easily accessible as my filming would take place in and around college which is often where comedies are filmed.<br /> -I am not old enough to purchase alcohol therefore this could be an issue and limit my use of props.<br /> -I know plenty of people who could work together in a clashing, humorous group.<br /> -It is quite easy to recording emphasising sound effects that could be used to promote the funny side of life.<br /> -I have access to a large music library using ITunes. <br /> -All the dialogue would have to be thought of by myself, I think it would be quite hard to think of so many funny lines to use in a trailer.<br />
  5. 5. A boy meets a girl. Under the circumstances they are torn apart. We follow the journey that proves they should be together.<br />Props are not always necessary in RomComs, you could use the odd traditional gesture of loves like a letter, box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. All of these are very easy to source.<br />The editing pace used in RomComs is generally slower than other films as it is seen as more romantic. It is common that a kiss will be shown so a slower pace would fit the moment better.<br />RomComsusually set their films in large, busy cities. This helps the audience to feel the lifestyle for the characters and imagine that the events could actually happen in real life in these settings. Another popular location used is in schools or colleges where young people meet new love interests.<br />The main characters in a RomCom are the couple who will end up together. They are usually of polar opposites and should not be together, until one thing chances and it all becomes right. The audience are able to connect and relate to these two characters and want them to end up together as a couple. <br />ROMCOM<br />The music is usually recent music that is easily recognised by the audience. It is often that the lyrics of the song can help to tell the story and set the mood.<br />Heightened sound effects similar to those used in comedies make the scene funnier and more realistic.<br />The dialogue spoken is also witty, there is also some soppy, romantic signals and words that bring the two main characters together. <br />
  6. 6. HOW I COULD USE THESE CONVENTIONS IN MY OWN FILM<br /> -Easy access to all locations in and around my local town.<br />-The props can be easily sourced from my local super market.<br /> -Subtle humour mixed with romance is easier to write as there isn’t as many comedy lines, clumsiness always looks funny in RomComs as the characters feel embarrassed and humiliated.<br /> -There would be a love scene which involves kissing, people may be reluctant to kiss someone they don’t know on camera.<br /> -I have access to a large music library by using ITunes.<br /> -The sound effects can be recorded easily using a microphone and edited into the video.<br />
  7. 7. Action films contain a hero who is liked by the audience and a villain who is despised. Who wins?<br />Propsthat are used in action films are guns, bombs, cars, planes, helicopters, boats and many more. As most action films have explosions and car chases it would make it almostimpossibleto recreate something on such a small budget.<br />The editing pace is a constant, average speed throughout the majority of the film, but when it comes to an action filled scene such as a car chase the pace dramaticallyspeeds up to fit the mood and set the dangerous scene.<br />Action films are usually located in the city as that is where more action is likely to take place rather than in the countryside. It is also known that action films often fly abroad to various other countries.<br />The main character in the film is tough, usually male. He often has a group of people around him, supporting and looking out for him. For example James Bond has secret agents who help him track down the ‘baddies’ but also escape danger. There is also avillainwho is theenemyof the main character, this character is usually killed by the main character and is seen as a hero. Women also play a big part in action films, they are usually seen as weak and helpless therefore the male characters have to save them, or they can be used as their love interest. It is becoming more common that women are also used as the main characters, for example in Tomb Raider, Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) plays theheroinecharacter.<br />ACTION<br />The musicis often fast pacedto fit the speed of the action, it reflects what is happening on screen and makes it seem more realisticto the audience.<br />Sound effects are a main part of action films, they are used for gun shots, explosionsand high speed car chases. Theloudsounds are used to shock the audience and keep themintrigued.<br />Thedialoguespoken in action films is usually threats and abuse towards the opposite side. This makes the audience fear for the ‘goodie’ as he is wanted by the enemies.<br />
  8. 8. HOW I COULD USE THESE CONVENTIONS IN MY OWN FILM<br />-I am unable to visit large cities with lots of action to film, but I could create my own in the locations I can go to.<br /> -Being on a small budget makes it impossible to source the props I would need such as guns, explosives and fast transport.<br /> -I would be able to find the music and sound effects I would need using the internet, however I cannot produce my own.<br />-There is a range of people I know from college that could fit the description I need for my main characters.<br />-My action film would be more humorous or maybe even a mickey take as I am unable to source the props it would be on foot, with no weapons.<br />-If I was to use real fights or weapons then someone may get hurt.<br />
  9. 9. In a horror you never know what will happen next, who is watching you or what is hiding in the shadows.<br />Props differ from film to film depending on the type of horror. Gory films tend to use knives, chainsaws, ropes and other weapons. Blood is also a common prop used in horror films to make it look more real and harmful, this can be easily done by clever make up. Cobwebs are another eerie way of creating fear.<br />The editing pace is often fast and jumpy, this makes it more scary and creates a tense atmosphere in the audience as they are unaware as what will happen next.<br />Horror films are usually located in scary, eerie places that don’t show much light. Haunted houses, woods, abandoned areas and alley ways a popular settings as they are always dark and cast scary shadows. <br />The characters you would expect to see in a horror film are a villain (ghost, killer, evil) The identity is not always shown of this character making it more mysterious and scary. There are also other characters, some who survive and some who don’t. <br />HORROR<br />The music that can be heard often suddenly changes volume making the audience unexpectedly jump. A gradual increase in volume is an effective way of building up the tension too.<br />Sound effects such as screams and shrieks of horror will be heard, sometimes these sounds are not coming from the characters you can see which makes the film scary and terrifying. Squeaking noises will be heightened when opening an old wooden door, this also suggests it is a derelict area.<br />The dialogue will usually inform the audience of how terrified the characters are, but also they may not speak as they want to keep their presence minimal. If the villain speaks his voice would be harsh and cackly to induce fear.<br />
  10. 10. HOW I COULD USE THESE CONVENTIONS IN MY OWN FILM<br />-There aren’t many locations I could set my film, but there are some woods and alley ways near my home and college.<br /> -It is the wrong time of the year for the weather to be stormy and scary.<br />-I have no access to weapons<br /> -It could be dangerous being alone in the woods or an alley way in the dark hours.<br /> -I could find scary music and sound effects on the internet.<br /> -It is easy to create a scary feel by a vice coming from nowhere, this is done by using a microphone and editing it into the film.<br />-My camera does not perform well in the dark.<br />