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Big data europe 2012 a4 12 p brochure screen spread 2


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Big data europe 2012 a4 12 p brochure screen spread 2

  1. 1. it.Protect it.Analyse it.Use it. created by19 - 20 September 2012ETC Venue St Pauls, London, UK
  2. 2. Top 10 reasons to attend Over 30 end-user case studies - more than any other European Big 1 Data event Understand how to take Big Data from science project to real 2 business application 3 Discover how to process data fast enough to meet demand 4 Learn how to reconnect with your lost customer through Big Data 5 Understand the role of the data scientist within your organisation 6 Learn how to build flexibility and security into your Big Data storage 7 Discover how to harness the value of social data 8 Understand how Big Data is transforming the role of marketing 9 Overcome the threats posed to your data sets 10 Obtain buy-in amongst the executive team for Big Data investment Big Data World Europe 2012 is the only European conference that brings together global thought- leaders shaping the present and future of Big Data, from storage and protection through to analysis and application. With more case studies from brands using Big Data than any other event, you will benefit from the innovations and solutions of over thirty global brands across all major industries. Discover the definition and true value behind the Big Data moniker and take practical solutions back to your View the conference website on your phone business. Scan this QR pattern with the camera on your smartphone to view the Big Data World website. Dont have a QR reader app? You can download one for free from the App Store. Dont have a smartphone? You can also visit the website on
  3. 3. Store it Protect it Katherine Fithen Alfonso Vasquez Michel Floyd Chief Privacy Lead IT Strategy Global CTO Officer “Terrapinn have done a fantastic Architect YouGov The Coca Cola O2 UK job creating an agenda packed Company with global thought-leaders” Nilan Peiris | Chief Marketing Technology Officer | Holiday Extras Ahmed Soliman Stewart Marshall Britton Murray Associate, IS Enterprise Senior Counsel: Global IT Architect Privacy Director Oxfam Hilton Worldwide RW ArmstrongKeynotes Analyse it Sarah Phenix Head of Group Privacy Programme Barclays Professor Nigel Amy O’Connor Use it Shadbolt Mike Bugembe Senior Director, Professor of AI Head of Analytics Analytics University of JustGiving Nokia Southampton David Boyle Helen Kellie SVP, Consumer Simon Hania CMO Insight Director of Privacy BBC Worldwide EMI Group and Data Protection TomTom Dr Neel Arup Joydeep Sen Sundersan Mukhopadhyay Sarma Senior Director and EVP, Head, Former Data Head Consumer Banking Peter Crayfourd Infrastructure Lead eBay Research Abu Dhabi Group Head of Facebook Max Kelly Labs Commercial Bank Customer Lifecycle Managing Director Strategy Virgin Insight Orange – France Telecom David Oliver Jeremy Waite Mok Oh Head of CRM, Head of Social Anne Brunsdon Chief Scientist Emerging Markets Nilan Peiris Media Customer PayPal Viasat Chief Marketing Phones4U Marketing Director Broadcasting Technology Officer Carphone Holiday Extras Warehouse “I can’t wait to see how others are using Big Data to Alok Benjwal fundamentally and permanently Vice President, Roman Zykov Dr Enrico Bertini Iain Welsh Ash Mahmud change their businesses” Digital Insights and Research Associate Head of Information Head of CRM, UK Head of Analytics Alfonso Vasquez | Lead IT Strategy Architect | O2 UK Analytics University of Delivery & IE Wikimart JP Morgan Chase Konstanz RBS Groupon & Co Register now Register now
  4. 4. Day One Wednesday 19th September 201208:50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Stream A - Store It OR Stream B - Analyse It OR Stream C - Use It Brian Hopkins 13:30 How can Big Data drive your storage 13:30 Mining multiple angles of the social 13:30 Who owns your data sets? Principal Analyst Forrester technology strategy? media world to create business value Tony Fish Alfonso Vasquez Jeremy Waite Founder & CEO Lead IT Strategy Architect Head of Social Media AMF Ventures O2 UK Phones4U Morning Plenary09.00 The challenge of achieving analytic 14:00 Your Big Data is tall, mine is wide! 14:00 How to make best use of data, 14:00 I want to hold your hand: how proficiency Overcoming the challenges of large location-based analytics and the third music people and data people came dimensionality phase of mobility together to drive change at EMI Chuck Hollis VP, Global Marketing CTO Michel Floyd Amy O’Connor David Boyle EMC Corporation Global CTO Senior Director SVP, Consumer Insight YouGov Analytics, Nokia EMI Group09:30 Seize the data: building success with 14:30 Networking Break 14:30 Networking Break 14:30 Networking Break Big Data 15:00 Underpinning business growth with 15:00 Analytics accuracy in a Big Data world 15:00 Turning data into value while the Dr Neel Sundersan an agile IT infrastructure whole world watches Senior Director and Head Ed Wrazen eBay Research Labs 15:30 Private, public, community or hybrid VP Marketing, International David Wormald Trillium Software cloud – what should influence your Head of Information & Media Sector UK MarkLogic decision?10:00 Grasping the relationship between analytics, productivity and Ahmed Soliman profitability to create data driven Associate, Global IT Director 15:30 Understanding “learning” in order 15:30 Linking the brand, the social profit RW Armstrong to implement efficient visualisation community and the commercial methods interest through data John Pomeroy 16:00 Networking Break VP EMEA Andy Kirk Helen Kellie MarkLogic 16:30 Big Data: what you don’t know can Founder CMO hurt you Visualising Data BBC Worldwide10:30 Networking Break Rob Anderson 16:00 Networking Break 16:00 Networking Break11:00 Defining the role of the data scientist EMEA Chief Technology Officer within your organisation EMC Isilon 16:30 Merging data analytics with 16:30 How to forge brand loyalty interactive visualisation to enable throughout the customer lifecycle Mok Oh complex data analysis problem- with intelligent data use Chief Scientist 17:00 Mapping out the migration path: how solving PayPal to make the move to cloud Peter Crayfourd Dr Enrico Bertini, Group Head of Customer Lifecycle Strategy Stewart Marshall Research Associate Orange – France Telecom11:30 Big Data versus lots of data IS Enterprise Architect University of Konstanz Oxfam 17:00 How to bridge departmental silos in Martin Willcox 17:00 Five big questions about Big Data order to yield multi-faceted customer Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, EMEA insight Teradata Corporation 17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Luke Lonergan Chief Technology Officer, VP and Co-Founder Max Kelly 17:40 Drinks Reception Greenplum Managing Director Virgin Insight12:00 Speed Networking 17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks12:30 Networking Lunch 17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 17:40 Drinks Reception 17:40 Drinks Reception
  5. 5. Day Two Thursday 20th September 201208:50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Stream A - Protect It OR Stream B - Analyse It OR Stream C - Use It Morning Plenary 12:00 How to generate an ROI through a 12:00 How to build success with advanced 12:00 How to deliver a common information positive approach to data privacy architecture and internal collaboration delivery service09.00 How to obtain buy-in amongst the executive team for Big Data investment Britton Murray Joydeep Sen Sarma Iain Welsh Senior Counsel: Privacy Former Data Infrastructure Lead Head of Information Delivery Hilton Worldwide Facebook RBS Alok Benjwal Vice President, Digital Insights and Analytics JP Morgan Chase & Co 12:30 How to leverage the cloud whilst 12:30 Big Data in the world of TV - monetise 12:30 How to apply real time analytics to complying with EU regulation data and gain customer insight react to the demands of your customer09:30 Structured and unstructured, big and Paolo Balboni Mark Lieberman 13:00 Networking Lunch Executive Director Chairman & CEO small: how to draw and combine European Privacy Association TRA Global 14:00 Your brand as a concierge: leveraging insight from differing data sets Big Data to make holidays hassle free 13:00 Networking Lunch 13:00 Networking Lunch10:00 Networking Break Nilan Peiris 14:00 Taking a holistic approach to a group- 14:00 How to gain insights into your Chief Marketing Technology Officer10:30 Reconnecting with your lost customer: wide privacy campaign customer with behavioural economics Holiday Extras how ‘midata’ will build trust and create business value Sarah Phenix David Oliver 14:00 How to measure your brand influence Head of Group Privacy Programme Head of CRM, Emerging Markets to help data-driven decision-making Professor Nigel Shadbolt Barclays Viasat Broadcasting Professor of Artificial Intelligence 15:00 Networking Break University of Southampton 14:30 How to tackle the challenges of 14:30 The total cost of ownership of Big Data implementing ‘privacy by design’ analytics 15:30 How to build a Big Data led retention11:00 Data-driven innovation with Amazon framework to transform loyalty Web Services Katherine Fithen Dr. Flavio Villanustre percentages Chief Privacy Officer VP, Infrastructure and Products The Coca Cola Company HPCC Systems Matt Wood Anne Brunsdon Technology Evangelist Customer Marketing Director Amazon Web Services 15:00 Networking Lunch 15:00 Networking Break Carphone Warehouse11:30 Networking Break 15:30 Big Data, APTs and managing the risk 15:30 How to leverage Hadoop to mine and How Big Data enabled business 16:00 to your organisation exploit hidden customer insights processes transform organisations Michael Paisley Roman Zykov Guarav Verma Head of Information Risk, UK Head of Analytics Senior Director Product, Industry and Field Marketing EMC Santander Wikimart Information Intelligence Group 16:00 From discovery to recovery: how to 16:00 How to apply machine learning to Big 16:30 Networking Break construct a successful breach strategy Data to unlock deep data insights 17:00 Applying your data to achieve a 360° 16:30 Networking Break 16:30 Networking Break customer view 17:00 How can the regulator aid the growth 17:00 Unlocking generosity with analytics: Paul Cook of open data and transparency? How Big Data is helping the world Head of Global Insight Just-Eat Steve Wood Mike Bugembe Head of Policy Delivery Head of Analytics 17:30 Beyond a service: Has Big Data led to ICO JustGiving an evolution of CRM? 17:30 Building value between consumer, 17:30 Using behavioural and predictive Ash Mahmud corporation and government with Big analytics to drive customer loyalty Head of CRM, UK & IE Data Groupon Arup Mukhopadhyay Simon Hania EVP, Head, Consumer Banking 18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Director, Privacy and Data Protection Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank TomTom 18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 18:10 End of Conference The earlier you book the more 18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 18:10 End of Conference you save. 18:10 End of Conference
  6. 6. 6 targeted streams and 2 strategic plenary sessions spanning topics from storage to application The earlier you book the more you’ll save. Over 50 sessions across two days packed It’s really easy to register online. full of content User the brochure code BM3003 with our online Over 30 targeted end-user case studies calculator will ensure you take advantage of the best from brands across all major industries deal. Over 10 hours of networking time including Go to and hit register now. exclusive drinks reception Who should attend Who should sponsor Mining & Data Scientists I supply data solutions Profile Marketing Data Marketing Software Business Analytics Data Analysts Management Directors Intelligence Solution Software Cloud 29 June 2012 10 August 2012 7 September 2012 After 8 September 2012 Software Providers Computing 2 day Conference Register IT Directors Solution before £1345+20% VAT £269 = £1495+20% VAT £299 = £1570+ 20% VAT £314 = £1645+ 20% VAT £329 = Heads of Data £1614 Save £300 £1794 Save £150 £1884 Save £75 £1974 CIOs Warehousing Providers Data Analytics Storage Data CMOs Chief Privacy Solution Providers Visualisation Officers experts I use data solutions Providers 29 June 2012 10 August 2012 7 September 2012 After 8 September 2012 Register 2 day Conference before £595+20% VAT £119 = £660+20% VAT £132 = £695+20% VAT £139 = £725+20% VAT £145 = £714 Save £1,050 £792 Save £985 £834 Save £950 £870 Save £920Key Themes Why sponsor? * Your booking is not confirmed until you have received confirmation from Terrapinn, all bookings are subject to Terrapinn approval. VAT is added and charged at the current rate and subject to VAT legislative changes.Store your data practically and efficiently To be seen as a leading solution and service provider to All bookings will be invoiced at the rate applicable when the booking is made.Protect your data and ensure privacy adherence the world’s most forward thinking companies To establish credibility for your product or serviceAnalyse your data with the latest strategies andtechnologies To create awareness, raise your profile and get your brand, product or service in front of mind with keyUse your data to enable intelligent business practice decision makers Demonstrate the power and success of your product in Register now and get the offer price - on your phone Remember to quote front of an international audience Scan this QR pattern with the camera on your smartphone to register at the special offer price. voucher code BM3003 Dont have a QR reader app? You can download one for free from the App Store. when booking to get the Dont have a smartphone you can also register and get the offer on our website:Fast meetings leading to lasting connections exclusive price On-site meetings - quote voucher code BM3003. Over 15 hours of face-to-face meeting time with prospective clients. All facilitated by a dedicated Networking ManagerDon’t leave meeting the best attendees to chance.Contact attendees before, during and after the event BOOK NOW To claim your discount quote voucher code BM3003 when booking.using our online private networking platform Bring your team. Go to There’s so much great content, you can’t possibly cover it all alone! Bring your team. and click register now. The earlier you book the more you save Limited sponsorship opportunities Reserve your place now Contact Zoe Diggins on +44 (0) 207 092 1123 or There are special group packages available call +44 (0) 207 242 Or call +44 (0) 207 242 2324 2324 for more details or go to
  7. 7. 2012 sponsors & exhibitors Lead Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Exhibitor Special Guest Chair Media Partners Contact us TODAY for a tailored sponsorship package to meet your business objectives. Contact Zoe Diggins +44 (0) 207 092 1123 or