Agame: Have fun playing taxi truck


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You should visit agame’s official page to enjoy the Taxi Truck right away. But you may also enjoy it and other agame games at other pages such as

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Agame: Have fun playing taxi truck

  1. 1. Agame:Have Fun Playing Taxi Truck
  2. 2.  Who said a taxi can not be a funny game? With theawesome creativeness of flash game maker, any normalthing can be much more interesting and exciting. We can easy list the top online flash games providers asthe descending order of total company revenue: Nintendo(6,799 billion USD), Activision Blizzard (4,279 billionUSD), Electronic Arts (3,728 billion USD), Agame (1,914billion USD), Microsoft (1.741 billion USD), Konami (1.594billion USD), Ubisoft (1.429 billion USD), Take-TwoInteractive (916 million USD), Square Enix (916 millionUSD). That is the top 10, there are at least 15 other gamecompanies with the total revenue go up to hundred millionUSD. These are real dream for most of companies in theworld.
  3. 3.  No pain no gain. These gamesproviders are really creative,hard working to release thegames that attract peoplearound the worlds of allcountries, culture and agegroups. The creativenesssometime makes people sosurprised. For example, no one believe thatriding a taxi is funny in the reallife but the game designers give us Taxi Truck inwhich people will take a ride in amonster truck taxi. That is sodifferent from your everydayexperience of riding in which youdrive the car to get yourpassengers to the setdestinations as soon as possiblesafely.
  4. 4.  Most of these trips are inthe city with flat road. Thatseems to be so boring?Riding a monster truck taxiis quite different, you willhave a passenger butmore challenging missionthat is to drive the carthrough bumpy roads witha wide range of obstacles. Performing jumps is amust to get over theseobstacles but the ridersmust also keep thedirection and stability.
  5. 5.  Like other games, Taxi Truckcontains different level withvery distinct difficulty. Thescore you catch in the earlylevel will decide you willcontinue to the next level ornot. The only experiencedand skilled racer will havechance to enjoy the top level. It requires players a lot oftime on the game to improvetheir off-road driving skill.The obstacles are not theonly challenge, rider mustrun against the set time tofinish the mission before timeup. So racers must run asfast as they can to take thepassengers to the destinationin the set time and too manycrash are not allowed.
  6. 6.  You should to enjoy theTaxi Truck right away. But you may also enjoy itand other agame games atother pages, such as
  7. 7.  You should to enjoy theTaxi Truck right away. But you may also enjoy itand other agame games atother pages, such as