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Zobble Solutions Corporate Profile


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Zobble solutions is a leader in providing customized and innovative elearning solutions. We provide various services through which can make learning effective, affordable and highest reach. The various solutions we provide are Mobile Learning, Learning Management System, Game Based Learning, 2D Animation, Web based applications and portal development.

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Zobble Solutions Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Table of Contents 03. About Us………………………………………………. 04. Our Services………………………………………….. 05. Our Esteemed Clientele………………………… 06. Our Products…………………………………….…….. 11. Project Life Cycle……………………………….……... 12. The Approach……………………………………….…. 16. Template-driven approach………………………….... 18. Assessment Strategy…………………………….…… 20. Development Tools and Technologies…………..….. 21. 2D Animation movie………………………………... 22. Gaming Portal………………………………………. 23. Game Based Application …………………………. 25. UI Design……………………………………………… 27. Contact Details………………………………… This document and the information contained herein is confidential to, and the property of Zobble Solutions, and is made available to Zobble Solutions employees and others acting on behalf of the company for the sole purpose of conducting Zobble Solutions’ business. 2
  2. 2. About Us Zobble Solutions provides unique and innovative training solutions to customers in various industry segments, such as, Education (K-12 and Higher Education), Airlines, Healthcare, Publishing, Banking and Finance, Application training, Logistics, and Telecom. We specialize in Content development (custom content development, content re- purposing, and courseware production), Game development and Application development. Apart from custom application development expertise we also have our own products such as: Learning Management System (On-demand and SAAS model) Assessment Management System Office Manager-MIS System Lead Management System Elearning Course Shell Framework 3
  3. 3. Our Services Custom Course Development Zobble expertise in converting your existing manuals, power points and classroom seminars into standalone or blended learning programs. These courses meet usability and accessibility standards, such as AICC, SCORM, Section 508 and can be been successfully deployed on any LMS. Through the use of narration, iconography, illustration and animation our training developers will bring your content to life, highlighting the learning objectives of your training program. Assessments: Our assessments are created to test the learner on all the levels of learning, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Depending on the level of learning to be tested, assessments range from the simple Multiple Choice questions to those requiring decision-making skills of the learner, such as subjective questions, decision trees, and others. Media development: Our media development team specializes in graphic design, Illustration, Iconography, animations and audio-video recording, editing and optimization. These immersive 2D and 3D animations ensure effective comprehension and retention of the learning content. Simulations: With simulations, we create a plausible environment where learners can experience real-time situations at close quarters. We create custom simulations using Flash Action Script or Adobe Captivate. The simulations provide learners with an interactive practice platform. Globalization-at-Source: This methodology helps enhance global user experience, compress release cycles, and reduce the cost of creating courseware in multiple languages. Learning Games/Game based applications: We have conceptualized and developed highly interactive games to help engage learners and thereby aid learning. These include stand-alone games as well as educational games to supplement a training program. Custom application development: Our customized applications make Zobble a one-stop-shop for all your Elearning needs. Key applications developed: Learning Management System Assessment Engine 4 Corporate gaming portal
  4. 4. Our Esteemed Clientele Partial list of clients: JP Morgan Chase Reliance Consumer Finance Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. SBI Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd. TAJ Hotels and Resorts. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Birla Sun life Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Tata Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd. Azim Premji Foundation Gelnova Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. EduRiser - An SBU of Trinity Academy of Corporate Training Ltd. 3view Group Pte. Ltd. JetKing Infotrain Ltd. Comat Technologies Ltd. Lionbridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 5
  5. 5. Our Products - Learning Management System We’ve applied our extensive domain knowledge to create certain off-the shelf products. Our best offering, GuruLMS is the Powerful & flexible Learning Management System with high utility and low cost of ownership. Key features: Clean, clutter-free interface developed in Flash Customizable look-and-feel, and branding Integrated assessment engine Easy administration Easy report generation Exporting to several different formats 6
  6. 6. Assessment Management System Zobble’s Assessment engine is a Web-based application that enables the management and delivery of online tests/assessments. The assessment engine provides valuable feedback which helps management test, evaluate, track and reward the level of learning achieved by the end users. Key features: Assessment scheduler Question bank management Assign assessment to multiple users Report generation 7
  7. 7. Lead Management System Zobble’s Lead Management System offers automated end-to-end solution to all your Business Development needs. It will help you maintain and track a detailed profiles of your prospective clients. It will help you organize and manage your business development team by assigning leads to the business development executive. An executive can record logs of all the follow ups made with his clients. Sales leads can be followed up, tracked and monitored until Closing. Manage and monitor all your sales team’s activity, time-stamped logs of user activity, take complete control over user access rights Key features: Client management Multiple lead assignment Sales Lead management Lead status tracking Lead dashboard Report generation 8
  8. 8. Customer Service Simulator Zobble presents its Customer Service Simulator, which is targeted at front-line customer service professionals. With our scenario-based approach, we provide the learners with multi-faceted problems and help them to resolve these problems. These courses provide specific, measurable and result- oriented skills to the learners. Some of its features include: Demonstration mode - is a self-running animation of the steps in a transaction or procedure. Practice mode - the learner gets ample opportunity to practice what has been demonstrated. 9
  9. 9. Office Manager Zobble’s Office Manager offers automated end-to-end management of employee time and performance. It integrates a wide range of data collection devices and applies extensive work rules and benefit policies, to generate detailed management reports and process data for export to various internal functions. Its base system and modular functionality options allow you to configure the solution you need, at competitive prices. Key features: Resource Management Attendance Management Client Management Project Management Information Management Report Generation 10
  10. 10. Project Life Cycle Zobble Solutions follows the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) model for content development services. Zobble has customized this model to follow a three-step approach, namely, Design, Development, and Integration and Delivery. Phase-wise deliverables: Phase Deliverables Training need analysis Audience analysis Technical specifications Approach document Analysis Project schedule and team description Design Risks and Defect management control document Instructional design document Design Visual design document Technical design document Storyboards Graphics & animations Development Development Use cases for unit testing Test Plans Alpha Delivery Implementation Integration and Final Course delivery Evaluation System Test Plan & results Final 11
  11. 11. The Approach Zobble Solutions believes in applying an active learning methodology, which promotes learner control. The user is in complete control of the learning process and is not being tutored in the conventional sense. This leads to a greater level of involvement and an enhanced learning experience. Zobble applies an approach that blends traditional theory, such as Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction, with modern instructional design principles, such as those advanced by Merrill and Clark, to yield a more effective and higher quality learning product. Bloom’s taxonomy provides the framework for designing and building assessments. It describes six levels of cognitive learning - Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, and Synthesis. Most courses are designed at a minimum Bloom’s taxonomy level 3 – Application. In effect, learners are expected to apply values learnt in their day-to-day functioning. Instructional elements: The following instructional elements help impart an engaging learning experience for the user. Central character (Mascot/Avatar): A character lends credibility to the training. Moreover, it motivates and educates the learner, while ensuring that it exudes trust in the content covered. Characters can also create interest and inject humor into an otherwise dry subject. 12
  12. 12. Audio: Most of our courses are audio- based to support. Embedded video: Certain domains, such as airlines, use videos that simulate the actual environment for the learner. Performance Support Materials: In Gagné’s terms, performance support materials promote “learning retention and transfer” to the work environment. Zobble uses the following aids singularly or in combination for certain training programs. Printable References: Information that is useful to the learner, but not vital, is available in the form of printable resources on specific screens. 13
  13. 13. Resources: Additional training material and reference links are available as down able resources globally or on specific screens. Use of visuals: Depending upon the target profile and age group of the audience, certain courses are visually driven, as opposed to information-heavy screens. The use of media elements, such as filmstrips in case of scenarios, retains learner attention. 14
  14. 14. Self-checks: Periodic self-checks are provided to help learners assess their understanding and correct misconceptions and errors. These are in the form of: a) Role-plays b) Scenario-based questions c) Crosswords and other word puzzles Bookmarking: Most courses support the bookmark feature. While viewing a module, the learner can choose to exit the course. When the learner returns, s/he has an option of returning to the last page visited or viewing the course menu. Glossary: Unfamiliar/ tricky terms appear as hyperlinks with text on screen or their meaning can be found using the glossary button available at all times in the course. . 15
  15. 15. Template-Driven Approach Content is authored and delivered through a preset format that specifies the amount of text, the size of the graphic, and functionality, if any, for the screen. Once a template is created, it can be used repeatedly across the course. This approach automates the production of creating screens. Besides ensuring consistency across screens, the user becomes familiar with screen layouts and is not presented with new formats for each screen. Based on the course content, we typically use five categories of templates: 01. Expository Templates These templates present content through non-interactive screens. Information is provided in paragraph(s) supplemented by an image, animation or illustration. 02. Interactive Templates Interactive templates encourage interaction with a problem statement or a scenario. These templates include filmstrips, scenario based role-plays, drag and drop activities, and crossword puzzles. 16
  16. 16. 03. Exploratory Templates These templates help enhance recall for a concept. The user explores various parts of the screen to locate additional information. These are typically click-and- reveal templates. 04. Simulation Templates This category of templates simulates an application or scenario. Users see screenshots of the actual application and are required to carry out a procedure. Step-by-step instructions tell the user how to proceed. In case the user is unable to perform a particular step, feedback is given to help him/her continue. This involves high user interaction. 05. Question Templates These templates are used to test concepts learnt in individual modules. 17
  17. 17. Assessment Strategy Self-check Questions: These questions appear at the end of a sub-module/concept to test the learner’s understanding of concept. Although these questions are not scored, elaborate feedback is provided to the learner to explain incorrect answers and restate correct answers. Assessment questions: At the end of each topic, the learner needs to attempt the assessment. Questions in this section map directly to the topic objectives. These questions are scored and a passing score leads to certification for certain courses. Some of the examples of assessments are as follows: 01. Single Select Questions Questions of this type have multiple answer options and only one correct answer. 02. Multiple Select Questions Questions of this type have multiple answer options and more than one correct answer. 18
  18. 18. 03. Drag and Drop These templates help enhance recall for a concept. The user explores various parts of the screen to locate additional information. These are typically click-and-reveal templates. 04. Game based Assessments These templates help in assessing the adult learners in a game like environment and take away the boredom and stress of being assessed. Scoring Strategy: The scoring strategy depends on the weight age assigned to each question.. As feedback, a recommended list of topics the learner should revisit, is displayed. A passing score may lead to certification; in some cases, the score is emailed to the learner’s supervisor who can decide the next course of action. 19
  19. 19. Development Tools and Technologies We build our courses using the latest of tools and technologies. Languages JavaScript, ASP, PHP, .Net, HTML, DHTML, XML Databases SQL, MySQL, and Access Design tools Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Max, CorelDraw, Macromedia Fireworks Authoring/Programming tools Adobe Authorware, Adobe Flash MX, Adobe Director, Adobe DreamWeaver, Lectora and Toolbook Instructor Audio/Video Software Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffects Compliance AICC/SCORM & Section 508 for accessibility compliance Delivery modes: Zobble Solutions can deliver training programs in the following formats: • CD-ROM / DVD /VCD for Standalone delivery • LMS Deployment(For any proprietary SCORM/AICC Compliant LMS) • Online Hosted on GuruLMS • Web (Deployed on client’s internet/intranet servers) 20
  20. 20. 2D Animation movie Such 2D animated movie training module used a story format with a touch of humor bringing in spoofed characters from hugely popular bollywood movie industry. Three scenarios on bomb blast, fire and earthquake situation were woven into one story. The animations were developed entirely in Flash which was later modified to Windows Media Player format for CD-based training. Some of its highlights are: The animation features the most popular bollywood actors which appealed to a large audience. Smart of a screenplay to convey the safety training objectives. 21
  21. 21. Gaming Portal Zobble’s Gaming portal is a learning platform for all employees and prospective employees of a company to learn through play. The core objective is to hone up ones skills by practicing through the game site and learn through personal experience. The platform enables the individual to go through learning process on his own. Some of its highlights include: Gives the spectrum of employee who have basic schooling and a nature to help others Provides limitless opportunities to rehearse , review and take creative criticism from the site Serious class room trainings is replaced with true interest of the individual being the motivation. 22
  22. 22. Game Based Applications Vertical Unlimited (Form filling simulator) Vertical Unlimited provides an ideal Practice Platform to the learner to identify all the possible errors that a customer makes while filling a form. Multiple customer profiles are covered across forms. This kind of practice enables the learners to become ‘experts’ in spotting any errors when they receive the filled form from the customer. Vertical Unlimited is not about a set of general knowledge questions, neither is it any kind of quiz. It is about applying one’s job skills to the game while playing it. A considerable number of target participants were not very comfortable with computers and online training. This made the game design more challenging as the game needed to be intuitive and simple, else the learners would find it complicated to play. Insurance Ka Genie (Assessment Engine) The game is an IC33 mock exam simulator based on IRDA regulated course content . The client wanted an assessment engine, where their candidates aspiring to become Insurance advisors can practice on questions from a pool of 600 questions. The game blends the assessment engine into a theme where the player has to answer a genie’s questions to reach to a hidden treasure. Such a game theme holds the players attention throughout the game and helps him in getting ready for the actual exam. The immediate benefit of the game was the increase in the number of passing percentage of the advisors . 23
  23. 23. Game Based Applications Chase Your CK Adventure (Game on American Culture) The client, JP Morgan Chase, operates a contact centre in India to service customers in the United States. The centers are staffed almost entirely by Indian nationals unfamiliar with the social norms and realities in the US. For example, it is rare in India for a high-school student calling up for a credit card, but the same is common in the US. The client therefore wanted an e-learning course that would give their India contact centre staff a strong knowledge of social and economic norms in the US society. The game familiarizes the Indian staff with the milestones in the life of an average American and their financial needs at each such milestone, so that the Indian staff can respond appropriately to US customer requests and enquiries. The game is based on the famous board game “Game of Life”. Zobble developed a custom car circuit on which a 3d car ran on the basis of the number reflected on the spin wheel. 24
  24. 24. UI Design as per Usability Concepts User Friendly Interfaces: Our design team takes into consideration various psychological aspects of human behaviour, while designing an interface. These are the psychological effects of interface components, such as colour and visual objects. We design user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate, while at the same time appealing and identifiable for the course audience. Sample GUIs with all the standard features like Print,Glossary,Learning resources (downloadable word, pdf files),Transcript ,Volume Control, Animation Slider,Replay,Menu (Sliding & popup) 25
  25. 25. Client Testimonials Gurmeet Bhatia - Vice President Sales & Distribution (ICICI Prudential Insurance Company), speaking about the game based learning applications deployed at ICICI Prudential Insurance. “This game (Vertical Unlimited) provided a good visual interface & opportunities for our sales force to practice application form filling in a simulated environment. “ Agnelo Joseph - AVP – HR (Reliance Consumer Finance), speaking about the scenario based course on Performance Management Systems deployed in their organization. “We are proud of our association with you all. Thank you for the effort which is highly appreciated We continue to look forward to close working relationship with Zobble.” Jyoti Tiwari- HR (Saint-Gobain India), speaking about the scenario based course on Code of Conduct deployed in their organization. “We thank you and your team for the considerable effort that has been put to bring up our E-learning module: Saint-Gobain India Code of Conduct, Saint- Gobain India to its current shape. This module was recognized and awarded a Star in our Global Star Communication Awards for the articulation and treatment of each element”. Conrad Serrao- Training Manager (JP Morgan Chase card services ), speaking about the Game based learning application and induction course deployed in their organization. “It was a pleasure working with the Zobble team and the projects were delivered as per expectations. I do appreciate the flexibility of your team towards ever changing timelines & specifications which still were dealt with patience and catered to as requested. I do look forward to the partnership in 2010 for some more upcoming projects”. 26
  26. 26. Contact Details Mr. Gunjan Gupta Founder Address: 301, Almar Arcade, Fr. Justin D’Souza Rd., Orlem, Malad(W), Mumbai – 400 064, India . Tel: +91-22-3050 4215 Cell: +91-99873 17744/ +91-99873 19944 Email: Website: 27