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Team spoor partners


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Learn more about TeamSpoor partnership.

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Team spoor partners

  1. 1. TeamSpoor Partners Unlimited Opportunity
  2. 2. TeamSpoor What'sThis? TeamSpoor is an enterprise tool to automate on-field staff reporting, which includes Distance Traveled, Meeting Duration, Travel Time, Productive Hours & Attendance. TeamSpoor also provide real-time capabilities to track on- field staff, route taken by them,location of meeting attended & client visits.
  3. 3. TargetAudience TeamSpoor is meant for businesses those who have on- field sales or service force and want to streamline the reporting part for their employees to increase the overall productivity for them as well as for their reporting managers.
  4. 4. What'sInFor Partners? No company can grow alone & that's why we too need solid partners those who are: 1. Passionate about growth of their own. 2. Have decent corporate portfolio. 3. Infrastructure to manage clients. 4. Zeal to earn more.
  5. 5. Investment How much partner has to invest to start?
  6. 6. Investment NothingMonetary
  7. 7. Investment Depends On How Much You Want To Earn Time & Hardwork
  8. 8. PartnerLevel Level Deposit Discount Copper $1 to $1000 10% Silver $1001 to $2500 20% Gold $2501 to $5000 25% Diamond $5001 to $10000 30% Platinum $10000 & above 40%
  9. 9. PartnerBenefits DIAMOND PARTNER ▪ Listing on our website as Diamond partner. PLATINUM PARTNER ▪ Listing on our website as Platinum partner. ▪ Company email access to send proposals. ▪ Leads from the company for designated areas.
  10. 10. EarningPotential PARTNER LEVEL: COPPER Partner Commission: 10% of sale* amount Approximate Earnings: 1000 * 12.99 * 0.1 = $ 1,299 per month PARTNER LEVEL: SILVER Partner Commission: 20% of sale* amount Approximate Earnings: 3000 * 12.99 * 0.2 = $ 7,794 per month
  11. 11. EarningPotential PARTNER LEVEL: DIAMOND Partner Commission: 30% of sale* amount Approximate Earnings: 5000 * 12.99 * 0.3 = $ 19,485 per month PARTNER LEVEL: PLATINUM Partner Commission: 40% of sale* amount Approximate Earnings: 10000 * 12.99 * 0.4 = $ 51,960 per month
  12. 12. Assumptions & Notes: • Per licenses cost: US$ 12.99 • Sale revenue without any government taxes. • One license is equal to one user who can be tracked or use our application on his mobile. • Partners will automatically upgraded to higher slab once the cross the deposit limit of the specific slab and their commission rate will increase accordingly. • Partner slab will be calculated on the basis of amount deposited with us.You can start as a diamond partner from day one by depositing $5001 with us and get the benefit of higher margins & website listing. • All discounts mentioned here are only applicable on list price of the product.
  13. 13. WhoCan BecomeA Partner? ▪ Any registered company who have been in business for at least 2 years. ▪ Individuals who are in to consultancy and running their business for at least last 2 years.
  14. 14. What's Next? Register as a partner: Have more questions?: Website: Learn More: or Contact