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Move Cloud to the Core of your Business Strategy


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In this joint webinar by IBM & ZNetLive, the IBM and ZNetLive experts discussed how you can move Cloud to the core of your business strategy, meet customer's expectations and increase your revenue by selling IBM's advanced cloud solutions. You will also get to know how you can benefit from the new IBM-SoftLayer datacenter opened in Chennai - both performance and costing POV. Visit ZNetLive at

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Move Cloud to the Core of your Business Strategy

  2. 2. OVER $100 BILLION OPPORTUNITY AWAITS IN THE CLOUD Investment in cloud by SMBs in 2015 Investment in cloud by SMBs in 2018 Global distribution of investment by SMBs in cloud from 2015 to 2018
  3. 3. THE FAST GROWING CLOUD MARKET IN INDIA 106.6 B 207.4 B 2015 2018 Expected Cloud Growth Rate in India From 2015 – 2018 25 % CAGR
  4. 4. Quality 1 Options Control Transperancy 2 3 4 How to choose the right Cloud Service Provider
  5. 5. © 2016 IBM Corporation Transform your business with IBM Cloud Ashwin Sundarajan IBM Cloud Specialist
  6. 6. © 2016 IBM Corporation Digital Businesses Innovate 6x Faster Than Their Peers Lead with a compelling customer experience Accelerate introduction of new innovative business models Operationalize for speed and flexibility
  7. 7. A compelling customer experience Sources: 1. Accenture, “Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries”, 2015 2. Redefining Boundaries, Insights from the Global C-suite Study, IBM Institute for Business Value, 2015 3. Deloitte, “Corporate accelerators: Spurring digital innovation with a page from the Silicon Valley playbook”, 2016 New innovative business models Fast and flexible operational processes 80% of CxOs are experimenting with different business models or thinking of doing so2 100+ Global enterprises have launched internal incubators in the last 3 years, including Airbus, Barclays, Telstra and Target3 81% of companies place the personalized customer experience in their top three priorities, with 39 percent reporting it as their top priority1 In today’s race to succeed, leaders create
  8. 8. © 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud is designed for public and hybrid
  9. 9. Guiding principles define the IBM Cloud platform Choice of Infrastructure DevOps Tooling Integration and API Management Web Data Mobile AnalyticsCognitive IoT Security IBM Cloud Platform Client Data Center + Choice of Run-Time Environments Your Own Hosted Apps / Services Rich Catalog of Application & Data Services + + + + Instant Runtimes Containers Virtual Machines Blue box SoftLayer Data Infrastructure & Data Centers + Guiding Principles DevOps Productivity Hybrid Integration Powerful, Accessible Data and Analytics Cognitive Solutions Choice with Consistency
  10. 10. • Over 45 global cloud centers • Open, secure, and scalable • Secure, high-speed network IBM SoftLayer: Total Access, Control and Transparency • Expert services and tools • Secure integration to on-premises
  11. 11. SoftLayer supports “build your own” cloud environment From private dedicated servers (including bare metal) to shared (public) multi-tenant.
  12. 12. 1. Dedicated servers (bare metal & virtual), Virtual Servers (Private or Public Shared multi-tenant ) - Build Your Own Cloud 2. Every monthly server comes with storage and outbound bandwidth included (250GB/month for virtual, 500GB/month for bare metal). 3. Choose a virtual server for your variable or short-term workloads, and you’ll be provisioned on nodes with 2.0GHz or faster cores. 4. A network of networks—public, private and management—links together global data centers with security and efficiency. Get all services with unlimited inbound and private network traffic. The power of IBM - Softlayer 5. Pay-per-use billing, by the hour or the month, with ability to instantly scale up and down, including storage, bandwidth, and support for total visibility. 6. Global, highly secure, agile IPv4 & IPv6 networks end-to-end (Triple Network architecture), with local and global load balancing. 7. Common x86 hardware architecture for all SoftLayer cloud models – ease of scalability and adoption of other models. 8. Flex Images™ image management - capture an image —physical or virtual— provision or migrate between technologies. 9. All of this – at Indian datacenter.
  13. 13. IBM Softlayer’s new Indian Datacenter – What does it mean for you? Chennai
  14. 14. ZNetLive empower s its par tner s to sell IBM – Softlayer on: 4 KEY FRONTS AUTOMATION SUPPORT MARKETING PRE-SALES
  16. 16. Your Ready Made Website Your Admin Panel Your Client Panel 1 2 3 45
  17. 17. Marketplace
  18. 18. Order Process
  19. 19. Customer Panel
  20. 20. Admin Panel
  21. 21. Ready-made Website Sales and Marketing Support and CRM Billing and Pricing Inventory and Assets Customer Panel Business Intelligence
  22. 22. SUPPORT 2  White – labelled Support, or the way you like.  Support via phone, email and tickets.  Well-defined SLAs.  Customer self – service from panel.
  23. 23. MARKETING  Joint Events  Digital Marketing Initiatives  Resource center – readymade mails, PPTs, PDFs.  Brand Outreach  Financial Assistance 3
  24. 24. PRE-SALES 4  Pre-sales assistance  Technical Support  Solution Consultancy  In-person meetings  Round Table Conferences
  25. 25. Webinar Offer! Get 15% OFF on your dedicated servers and cloud till 30th Sept. Q & A SUCHIT SHARMA – | +91-8875002200 DAKSHESH VERMA – | +91-8003912111