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Control Panel Tour- ZNetLive's Web Hosting Affiliate Program


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Quick go through to theWeb Hosting Affiliate Control Panel provided by ZNetLive to all its affiliates

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Control Panel Tour- ZNetLive's Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. 1. TM ZNetLive’s EASY Affiliate Program Control Panel Tour
  2. 2. Dashboard Take a quick overview of your commissions and website traffic Your affiliate URL Reach out to us
  3. 3. Reports > Traffic Traffic details Filter by time period
  4. 4. Reports > Sales Sales via your URL Filter by time period Sales via your URL
  5. 5. Reports > Commission Your commissions Filter by commission status Filter by time period
  6. 6. Reports > Ledger Complete financial history of your affiliate account with ZNetLive
  7. 7. Reports > Payout Withdraw commissions at click of a button Transfer cash to your account Use the amount to purchase services from ZNetLive
  8. 8. Reports > Banners & URLs Generate code for embedding the banner on your blog/website with your affiliate ID Banners bifurcated by services
  9. 9. Discounts & Commissions > My Commissions See the commission slab you’re currently in View the commissions by billing terms
  10. 10. Discounts & Commissions >My Discounts Product on which discount is applicable Request a new discount Time period during which discount is applicable Your unique discount URL See special discounts you sought for your customers
  11. 11. Affiliate Guidebooks Tips and tricks to increase revenue via affiliate program
  12. 12. My profile > Personal Details Enter your personal information Enter your personal information
  13. 13. My profile > Payment Details Enter your payment details
  14. 14. Have questions? Your dedicated affiliate manager is your single point of contact for all your affiliate queries. Drop an email at and we’ll get back to you right away!