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MY new portfolio

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  1. 1. !"#$%&'()* University of Cincinnati Industrial Designer School 2363 W Clifton Ave Cincinnati, OH 419.276.7334 Permanent 18707 Hilt Rd Bowling Green, OH 43402
  2. 2. +,-#"./)* Honors [2005] Top 25 Focus Art Show Bowling Green FFA State Degree [2005 - present] Cincinnatus Scholarship UC Dean’s List all quarters [2007 - 2008] Captain, UC Hockey Activities [2001 - 2005] FFA [2005 - present] UC Honors Scholars Program Navigators Campus Ministries [2006 - present] UC Club Hockey National Honors Society Cincinnati Serve Beyond Cincinnati service organization
  3. 3. 0)12$+34&1/&*#& MTS Seating Temperance, Michigan [Summer 2007] Design Intern Designed custom seat backs for stack and banquet chairs and developed concepts for the hospitality seating market. US Air Force Research Laboratory [AFRL] Dayton, Ohio Winter 2008 - Summer 2009] Government Contractor; Design Intern Battlefield Air Targeting, Man-Aided kNowledge [BATMAN] Materials & Manufacturing Facilities Management program: Assist in the production and development of items for use by the USAF and AFRL. Worked closely with engineers, USAF personnel, government & outside contractors. Service Project - Hope, Life, Water Kumbo (and surrounding villages), Cameroon [Winter 2008-2009] Along with eight other students raised over $10,000 to support the building of a gravity-fed water pipeline in the village of Reh, Cameroon. Was in-country nearly three months.
  4. 4. 5-.-1&6)74-.&1 Create a sustainable computer for the 2012 marketplace.
  5. 5. Taking cues from automotive design and modern architecture, the sketches of this computer clearly illustrate how the ideas are straying from standard computer design and approaching it in an organic and futuristic ideal.
  6. 6. Nearly 100 percent Transparent Organic Light Emit- recyclable ting Diode display Zero toxic chemicals from cradle to grave
  7. 7. 89$:)'&,)
  8. 8. ;/1$5)1#&$<&(&"1#=$>"?(
  9. 9. Man-wearable communications system with quick-snap connection and wrist- mounted PC. @;:A;%$91)B1"7
  10. 10. HMD Comm System Wrist PC
  11. 11. Do to restrictions from a chest-mounted PC, normal magazine pouches are inadequate. Problem. MagMount swings forward to clear PC
  12. 12. Holster mounts on soldier’s torso
  13. 13. Facilities Management Furniture and displays located outside the coporate development office
  14. 14. 1. In/Out box 7 2. Lighted sign 2 3. Doors conceal- ing shelves 4. Table top 6 5. Dry-erase glass board 6. Storage shelves 7. Brushed metal flashing with light 5 8. Glass display shelves 1 4 8 3
  15. 15. Installed final product
  16. 16. Senior Capstone US soldiers can carry up to 160lbs of gear using the MOLLE system. APEframe
  17. 17. Full-scale sketches and digital model. Articulated Pad, Exter- nal frame
  18. 18. Fit examples
  19. 19. Shoulder pads and pack are attached with straps APEframe
  20. 20. Model created by milling UHMW plastic
  21. 21. C-7?1"$>)-*B&1
  22. 22. Form/idea development along three families of large scale seating products. Focus on using wood, metal, and concrete while creating a comfortable and relaxing reclining expericence.
  23. 23. e arms of the chair were produced using laminated hardwood cut with a Komo CNC router.
  24. 24. Hand-cut bent plywood seat
  25. 25. !"#$%&'()"*+,%
  26. 26. She has walked at least one kilometer to gather water out of a contaminated river for 60 years. 9=).)($D1)7$6"7&1))*
  27. 27. is is a gas station
  28. 28. For the first time ever, they had running water.
  29. 29. !"#$%&'()