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Section B G322 Magazine Terminology


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Section B G322 Magazine Terminology

  1. 1. DefinitionsL.O. To understand new media terminology
  2. 2. Web 2.0• Web 1.0 was the first version of the Internet – a one way communication, from the sender to the receiver• Web 2.0 is what we know the Internet to be now – a two way communication between the sender and the receiver
  3. 3. ‘Prosumer’• A ‘prosumer’ is a combination of the words: – Producer – Consumer• With the advancements of technology it is possible for us all to be film producers and distributors (Youtube)…because of this we ask more and expect more from media texts…• You need to be able to discuss how NME and Metal Hammer allow audiences to be prosumers…
  4. 4. Convergence• Technological Convergence: Convergence of technology occurs when multiple products come together to form one product with the advantages of all of them.• Magazine Example: NME website; you cannot only read articles from the physical magazine (which have converged onto the internet) but you can also listen to NME Radio station (this is a multiplatform approach).• Real Video in print• Media Convergence: When old and new media intersect in such a way that the way in which media producers and media consumers interact changes.• Magazine Example: ‘Communities’ have been created on websites to share tips, stories, reviews and experiences of music and upload photographs. Consumers can become prosumers and actuall y be part of the construction of the magazine
  5. 5. Synergy• Synergy: The interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. In the context of the media it can be the promotion and sale of a product (and all its versions) throughout the various subsidiaries of a media conglomerate. For example, films, soundtracks or video games. To give a detailed example the Spider-Man films had toys of webshooters and figures of the characters made, as well as posters and videogames, this resulted in the creation of more revenue for the creators of the Spider-Man franchise than if they had just released the one film.• Magazine example: NME Radio Station/sponsorship of festivals and events = synergised marketing• The advancement of technologies has also allowed for greater synergy. For NME, the tweets and Facebook updates and RSS feeds encourage listeners of the podcast. The podcast drives subscribers to the website. The website drives fans to the free information. The links among all these activities become the synergy where activity in one area improves the entire experience.
  6. 6. Viral Marketing• Viral Marketing Definition: A marketing technique aiming at reproducing "word of mouth", usually on the internet and through existing social networks. • Signs • Texting and Driving
  7. 7. Guerrilla Marketing• Guerrilla Marketing Definition: The use of unconventional and low cost marketing strategies to raise awareness of a product. E.g. Putting up ‘wanted’ posters/commissioning works of graffiti
  8. 8. UGC• UGC – USER GENERATED CONTENTContent that has been generated be theuser/consumer.Magazine example: music reviews; forums;vlogging; podcasting
  9. 9. USP• Unique Selling PointMaking a product different from acompetitor/another product in the samemarket; making it unique
  10. 10. POD• Point of DifferenceDifferentiating a product from another; making itunique; the actual way in which a product is differentfrom another in the same marketExample sentence; the USP and perhaps the POD ofNME compared to Metal Hammer is that they offer amulti-platform website that allows consumers to surftheir site; whilst listening to their radio station andwatching their TV channel.
  11. 11. UPB• Unique Perceived BenefitWhat the consumer believe they will get fromthat product; what do the consumers believethey will gain/benefit from using the product?This could be linked to mainstream/nichemagazines; the community created throughforums etc; therefore resulting in loyalconsumers
  12. 12. Terminology• Loyal Consumers/Brand loyalty:Consumer commitment to re-purchase the same brand/the same magazine; NMEconsumers are extremely loyal and trust the brand to be truthful and to meet theirneeds• Proliferation Definition: A rapid increase in the number of a certain type of product.• Multi-platform A multi-platform series is a form of entertainment where the story is told over a range of media platforms; such as magazines, radio station, videos, podcasts• Vertical IntegrationAbsorption of several firms into a single firm involved in all aspects of a productsmanufacture from raw materials to distribution. For example; Rockstar Games havebecome a vertically integrated company by buying developers they have previouslyworked with, such as DMA Design who became Rockstar North and Angel Studios whobecame Rockstar San Diego. By doing this Rockstar have control over development,funding and marketing of their products.
  13. 13. Exemplar Response• As you did for section A you need to highlight where you find the three marking criteria.• EAA (Explanation, Analysis, Argument)• EX (Example)• T (Terminology)
  14. 14. Homework• For next lesson:• Revise terminology for test• Add examples/statistics for your future postsusing the links from the PP I just showed you• Highlight the marking criteria in the exemplaressay and publish it on a posto EAA (Explanation, Analysis, Argument)o EX (Example)o T (Terminology)