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Section B Essay Structure and Past Question


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Section B Essay Structure and Past Question

  1. 1. Essay StructureL.O.1-To create an opening and closing paragraph for section B of the examL.O.2-To develop understanding of how to respond to past exam questions
  2. 2. Opening Paragraph• Begin with a clear argument about the new challenges facing the magazine industry incorporating how much audience consumption has changed due to digital technology/new media technologies/the development of the internet (Web 2.0)• You must state what area of the media industry you have studied – this can be embedded within your paragraph or state it obviously.• “Technology is shifting power away from editor’s, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite, now its the people who are taking control” (Murdoch, 2006)
  3. 3. Example Paragraphs• “In recent times the media industry has witnessed meteoric rise in new technologies. The advancement of the internet, for example, as it entered its second phase (web 2.0) enables consumers to access media in new and unparalleled ways. For the magazine industry, this has presented both challenges and opportunities.” (taken from exemplar essay)• The magazine institution Future PLC describes prosumers as “enthusiasts who’s passion for their hobby makes them more like professional consumers” (Future PLC, 2010)• The media landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade due to advancements of digital technology, and this has directly impacted on media institutions, both the way in which they construct and produce their media texts as well as the form in which to present them. Consumers are now more powerful than ever before and magazines such as NME (IPC Media) and Metal Hammer (Future PLC) have had to respond to the new emerging needs and demands of their audiences in order to survive; “Technology is shifting power away from editor’s, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite, now its the people who are taking control” (Murdoch, 2006).
  4. 4. Closing Paragraph• Draw all of essay together in one sentence, refer back to opening paragraph• What is the Future of the magazine industry?• Personal insight/opinion
  5. 5. Example Paragraphs• Overall techno convergence is important as consumers needs alter and change but for the magazine industry to survive they must make any technological advancements not a replacement for the hard copy of the magazine as Future have so far successfully done. As online advertising reached 18% for future it is important. (taken from exemplar essay)• We are now living in exponential times (M. Wesch, 2008) and the use and potential of Web 2.0 is unknown. The way in which media texts are produced by everyday ‘average’ humans and the ways in which this travels around the globe must impact on the magazine industry and media industries alike. Will magazines survive? In my opinion they will; they have proven they can adapt successfully within this changing climate but the extra content offered to consumers via convergences in technology, could replace the magazine itself. They may well survive and continue to evolve but their use, construction and media form in which they exist will inevitably change.
  6. 6. Exam Question • QU - Discuss the issues raised by an institution’s need to target specific audiences within a media industry which you have studied• Using your own words, Reword this question• What is this question actually asking you to discuss?• In pairs make a list of the issues you could discuss
  7. 7. Essay Structure• Introduction• Prosumers, UGC, Uses and Gratifications theory*• Mass Vs Niche – loyalty, audience behaviour and audience targeting• Convergence• Synergy• Advertising revenue and targeting• Printing• Production and printing• Future
  8. 8. *Example of Application of Uses and Gratifications Theory• This online community adds to the experience as users can interact with like-minded people, voting in polls such as “who has the best slipknot mask?” (, giving users the sense that they are contributing to a community (Uses and Gratifications theory, 1974). They are also educated and entertained (Use and Gratifications, 1974) with video exclusives, Metallica Live