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Plato Cave Theory


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Plato Cave Theory

  1. 1. Plato<br />Allegory Of The Cave<br />
  2. 2. Phase 1: <br />Inside The Cave<br />Scenario: Prisoners are held in a cave since childhood, they are completely immobilized, every aspect of their body is held in place only their eyes can wander slightly looking at the wall in front of them.<br />Behind them is a giant fire. Between the prisoners and the fire is a walkway. Ever day men walk past on the walkway, their shadows cast on the wall in front of the prisoners and their sounds echoing throughout the cave.<br />
  3. 3. Phase 1: <br />Release From The Cave<br />If one of the prisoners were to be freed and were to see the men that cast the shadows they would not believe them to be real, as to them the shadows were real objects. He would not see reality as it is, only as he has known, the same if he saw the fire, it would be too bright and hurt his eyes, he would be forced to look back at the cave wall to protect his eyes.<br />Having witnessed the light from the fire, the man is now dragged forcibly from the cave to see the sunlight. He is angry to be dragged towards something he see’s as painful and untrue to his reality, it is not what he knows, he can no longer even see shadows or anything resembling the cave wall he has faced for years, this causes him much distress.<br />
  4. 4. Relation To Media<br />If a child was brought up watching a certain news broadcaster, such as Fox News, they would be more than likely more inclined to believe in Republican political views.<br />However if they were to be exposed slightly to The Washington Post now being delivered to his house, the child would then see more liberal views he wouldn't understand or have heard of, to him it may come across as untrue as it contradicts what he has been lead to believe by Fox News.<br />If then his parents stopped him from watching Fox News and made him watch CBS News instead, he would be confused by the amount of liberal views and coverage in the news, the views would anger him and unsettle him as he has been brought up to believe the polar opposite from watching Fox News.<br />
  5. 5. Allegory Of The Cave<br />The Fire/ The Washington Post <br />(slight exposure)<br />The Cave Wall/ Fox News<br />Passageway to sunlight/CBS News (Full Exposure)<br />