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  1. 1. C Carrie COLEMAN Carrie Coleman, 19, one of the youngest solo indie pop artists has amazed us all these past few months. After just one week of releasing her second single “Take a Look Now” it hit the charts at number one. Also, at the Brit Awards last week her fans were going crazy for her. There was such a positive vibe being given out from her and her fans. It seems everyone can’t get enough of her. She’s young, talented, and strong. Is stronger person. She’s smiling and her enthusiasm is shining through. Carrie tells Supremacy how she felt when her stepfather released the drug filled childhood stories about her. “I was mortified, torn into pieces in fact. But at the same time, I knew it was coming. I wouldn’t put anything past him, he’s a nasty piece of work”. She experienced many unpleasant ‘ ‘ IT’S BEEN TOUGH, BUT I WON’T LET ANYTHING STOP ME situations after her stories had been there anything more she could possibly released, achieve? “People would stare, shout and surround Last month, Carrie released her debut album me in public places. I once had an elderly “Life story”; including her first two singles lady approach me in the street and began “Wow” and “Take A Look Now”. It suddenly hurling abuse at me” soared up towards the top of the charts and “I soon realised after this that you can’t still remains now at number two today. afford to care what people think. Everyone Despite her success Carrie has struggled has their opinions, that’s life” enormously. At Christmas time, last year, Carrie tells us her plans for this year are Carries step father, Gary Truman released about not forgetting her past but focusing shocking stories of drug uses and Carries on the future childhood to the press. It can’t be easy for “I can’t forget my past, my past makes a anyone to have their heart wrenching past part of me and a part of who I am. It keeps brought up and told to the world. The me determined to move forward” papers were vicious and cruel and tore “It’s been tough, but I won’t let Carries dignity into pieces, releasing anything stop me” truly heartbreaking pictures. Carrie Carrie is a fine example that you can had no choice but to deal with it do anything if you keep strong and spend her Christmas alone. and put your mind to it. She is This month we speak to Carrie a true inspiration for young and see how she is coping. women everywhere. Looking at Carrie now we can see she Image by Sian Gilbert has become a Words by Sian Gilbert18 SupremacySIAN GILBERT FEATURE 1 30/3/10 13:18:03