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Quebec astronomy project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Quebec astronomy project

  1. 1. • On March 13, 1989 the entire province of Quebec, Canada suffered an electrical power blackout.• The Quebec Blackout was different from regular ones in North Canada because this one was caused by a solar storm.
  2. 2. • A sunstorm is scientifically known as a geomagnetic storm.• A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of the Earths magnetosphere caused by a disturbance in the interplanetary medium.• The increase in the solar wind pressure initially compresses the magnetosphere.• The solar wind magnetic field will interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and transfer an increased amount of energy into the magnetosphere.• This may be due to Coronal Mass Ejection.
  3. 3.  On Friday March 10, 1989 astronomers witnessed a powerful explosion onthe sun. Within minutes, tangled magnetic forces on the sun had released a billion-ton cloud of gas. The storm cloud rushed out from the sun, straight towards Earth, at amillion miles an hour. The solar flare that accompanied the outburst immediately caused short-wave radio interference, including the jamming of radio signals from RadioFree Europe into Russia. On the evening of Monday, March 12 the vast cloud of solar plasma finallystruck Earths magnetic field. The violence of this geomagnetic storm caused spectacular AuroraBorealis . Just after 2:44 a.m. on March 13, the currents found a weakness in theelectrical power grid of Quebec. There was a 12-hour blackout that followed.
  4. 4. The After effects• The 13 march 1989 sunstorm caused major and drastic side effects.• There was a half a day power blackout in Quebec.• In space, some satellites actually tumbled out of control for several hours.• Across the United States from coast to coast, over 200 power grid problems erupted within minutes of the start of the March 13 storm.• A sensor on one of the tanks supplying hydrogen to a fuel cell in the Space Shuttle Discovery was showing unusually high pressure readings on March 13. The problem went away just as mysteriously after the solar storm subsided.
  5. 5. • In 2008 the five THEMIS spacecraft of NASA detected a breach in Earth’s protective magnetic field four times wider than the Earth itself.• This will cause major geomagnetic storms in the future.• This can cause northern lights (aurora borealis) in Mexico.
  6. 6. The End Hope you have enjoyedthe presentation.
  7. 7. Created by : Voyager 2 Class VI Dps Dwarka Image Source : Google Images NASA website Information (partly) :Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (website) Future Predictions Info. (partly) : NASA website Quebec Blackout Info. (partly) : Daily Science (website)