Work package 4 - INVOLEN project


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This presentation was used to describe the 4th work package of the INVOLEN project which deals with intergenerational learning for nature conservation volunteers.

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  • But do we actually deliver on this if we keep focusing only on verification?
  • There are not too many areas, but we are going to get 2 more in this year (Kure Mountains and Dzukija) and there are more potential PAN Parks There are a few countries where having PAN Parks wilderness is not possible, but there is wilderness The Million Target
  • Some wilderness values that can be experienced in PAN Parks
  • Ways to explore PAN Parks
  • Other special exciting activities in PAN Parks
  • Local tourism partners are not that much different in more and less developed countries. They struggle very similar problems and need very similar trainings.
  • Work package 4 - INVOLEN project

    1. 1. Soomaa NP © Arne Ader
    2. 2. Paanajärvi NP © Viktor GritsukINVOLENWP4Zoltán Kun, Executive DirectorPAN Parks Foundation
    3. 3. Paanajärvi NP ©Viktor GritsukWP4 Pilot testing the learning method• the WP is linked to WP3 and WP6• the aim is to pilot the learning methodology• the experience will be taken to WP6 helpdesk• project partners will do piloting in 5 countries: GR, SI,FR, IT, HU
    4. 4. Paanajärvi NP ©Viktor GritsukWho we arePhoto: Simon Kertys© Bruno D’AmicisPAN Parks is the only European-wide organisationfocusing on the protection of wilderness areas
    5. 5. ©iStock/Graeme PurdyEuropean Parliamentspecial report onwilderness• adopted on 3 February 2009• PAN Parks is quoted as bestpractice example to combinewilderness management andtourismOur achievements
    6. 6. Majella NP © Barbara MayerEC PresidencyConference in Prague,May 2009• adopted the Agenda forEurope’s wilderness with 24recommendations• Policy• Awareness building• Information needs• Supporting capacityOur achievements
    7. 7. TheEuropeanWildernessPreservation SystemWhat is PAN Parks?
    8. 8. Majella NP © Bruno D’AmicisHow to implement WP4Selecting locations for thecourses are crucial• N2000 sites prefered! Varioushabitat types! Areas with HRcapacity and visitor centre• HU: Fertő-Hanság NP• SI: Triglav NP / Solina NR• IT: Majella NP• FR: Les Cevennes / Vercors• GR: ? (marine)• local NGO partner?
    9. 9. Soomaa NP © Arne AderWe need to collectinformation about similarprojects across Europe• Europarc: Youth Rangerprogramme• Wilderness Foundation UK:Duke of Edinburgh Award• any other example?How to implement WP4
    10. 10. Oulanka NP © Paavo HamunenEach course will have 6units (organised in aweek)• Unit 1-4 classroom meetings• needs assessment from PAs!!!• Unit 5: conservation activity (oneday out)• Unit 6: game development (basicsdone on-site, but work mightcontinue online!) http://gotomeeting.comHow to implement WP4
    11. 11. Majella NP © Bruno D’AmicisThere are 4 outputs• the 5 pilot courses organised inthe countries• five online mobile games (6languages)• online database with seniors’stories• report of the results (includingevaluation questionnaires)How to implement WP4
    12. 12. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, PinterestYoutube.comUSE various social media platforms
    13. 13. Fulufjallet NP © Vitantonio Dell’OrtoParticipating partners• PAN Parks: LEADING• Prisma: Kick-off andreporting• national courses: LALIGUE,IBIMET, NEC, HOS,PANPARKS• implemented in 6 months(between 12 and 17)How to implement WP4
    14. 14. Questions which require clarification• ownership of mobile games (definition of game)• why not using international groups• web development must be simple (eg. Use Google drive toshare/store docs)• needs assessment from parks• why having difference days for the 4 national partners (muchless for HOS)• possibility of sponsorship• agree with the suggested locations?• how to involve local NGOs?Oulanka NP © Paavo HamunenHow to implement WP4
    15. 15. www.panparks.orgTHANK YOU!