Wilderness guidance for Natura 2000 sites


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this presentation was used at CEEWEB conference on forestry and wilderness organised in Blagoevgrad on 12-14 September (co-financed by the European Commission)

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  • Wilderness guidance for Natura 2000 sites

    1. 1. EU PROCESSES ADDRESSING FOREST CONSERVATION: THE WILDERNESS MANAGEMENT GUIDELINE Zoltán Kun, Executive Director PAN Parks Foundation FulufjälletNP©VitantonioDell’Orto
    2. 2. What is PAN Parks? SoomaaNP©MatiKose
    3. 3. What is PAN Parks? PAN Parks works to protect Europe’s wilderness, the continent’s most undisturbed areas of nature. ArchipelagoNP©ANPArchives The only European-wide organisation focusing on the protection of wilderness areas.
    4. 4. KüreMountainsNP©AykutInce What is PAN Parks? Although it is a registered foundation, but we rather like to call it as a movement Our partners are 40+ protected areas 10+ conservation organisations 50+ tourism and other entrepreneurs
    5. 5. The European Wilderness Preservation System
    6. 6. The political context CentralBalkanNP©EvgeniDinev
    7. 7. The political context The two nature directives (Bird and Habitat) provide the framework for designating and managing N2000 sites but there are several challenges such as - Interpretation of FCS - N2000 vs national designation - Planning and managing ... OulankaNP©PaavoHamunen
    8. 8. November 2008 over 100 organisations signed a resolution (citizens’ call) on wilderness submitted to the EP 3 February 2009 the overwhelming majority of the EP adopted the Resolution on Europe’s Wilderness Peneda-GeresNP©MarcosVeiga The political context
    9. 9. RilaNP©EvgeniDinev EC Presidency conferences: - Prague May 2009 conference on wilderness and wild lands resulting the Agenda for Europe’s Wilderness with 24 recommendations - Brussels November 2010 Restoring the Wild Heart of Europe (EU 2020 Biodiv Strategy) - Westport May 2013 wilderness restoration on modified landscape The political context
    10. 10. EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy includes wilderness linked to forestry EC management guidance recently approved Wilderness register covering the EEA countries (draft expected by October 2013) CentralBalkanNP©PetarPaunchev The political context
    11. 11. Beyond the biodiversity and social arguments, there is a moral obligation as well to protect wilderness for future generations OulankaNP©KimmoSalminen The political context WILD10 how far can we go with our vision? Wilderness Convention at COE or.... European Citizens’ Initiative
    12. 12. Wilderness Guidance trying to avoid anecdotes! SoomaaNP©ArneAder
    13. 13. Guidelines on Wilderness in Natura 2000 sites Management of terrestrial wilderness and wild areas within the Natura 2000 Network Alterra, Eurosite, PAN Parks SoomaaNP©ArneAder Wilderness guidance Downloadable from EC DG Environment website!
    14. 14. Defining wilderness in a European context A wilderness is an area governed by natural processes. It is composed of native habitats and species, and large enough for the effective ecological functioning of natural processes. It is unmodified or only slightly modified and without intrusive or extractive human activity, settlements, infrastructure or visual disturbance MajellaNP©BrunoD’Amicis Wilderness guidance
    15. 15. KüreMountainsNP©AykutInce Wilderness guidance Understanding the difference between rewilding (verb, restoration process) and wilderness (noun, status mainly focused on management)! Rewilding the hearts and minds of people Rewilding an area might end up with wilderness
    16. 16. The purpose of this document is to guide the management of those areas in Natura 2000 where the objective of management is to preserve wilderness qualities and consequently the chosen management method is non-intervention or set aside and to present the current knowledge on the benefits of such an objective as well as the consequences... The document does not suggest more wilderness! PaanajärviNP©ViktorGritsuk Wilderness guidance
    17. 17. Chapter 1: review of literature and definition Chapter 2: EU policy framework Chapter 3: ecosystem resillience and pressures for wilderness Chapter 4: best practice examples Chapter 5: stakeholder involvement Borjomi-KharagauliNP©KoteGabrichidze Wilderness guidance
    18. 18. Bark beetle Forest fires Reindeer grazing KüreMountainsNP©AykutInce Wilderness guidance Several best practice examples are submitted and attached to the document
    19. 19. Examples collected from over 1/3 of habitat types RetezatNP©FelkKienas Wilderness guidance
    20. 20. 31% of habitats are forest, but not exclusively! RetezatNP©FelkKienas
    21. 21. Wilderness management can be implemented throughout Europe not only in East or North! It is bound by and faithful to the EU directives It is not legislative It is not promoted specifically Cepkeliai-DzukijaNP©EugenijusDrobelis Wilderness guidance The NGO sector should promote the document!
    22. 22. PAN Parks works to protect Europe’s wilderness, the continent’s most undisturbed areas of nature GET INVOLVED! Facebook Twitter / Vine Pinterest LinkedIN Youtube / Vimeo Google+ zkun@panparks.org